Southeastern Arizona – September 2022 – Random Scenic Views

A collection of scenic views throughout Southeastern Arizona.

San Francisco Mountains along Arizona Highway 78 near the New Mexico border.

Huachuca Mountains. It is still very green from the robust monsoon season rains.

Rainclouds near the Chiricahua Mountains

A mountainous area known as the Cochise Stronghold. This area was where the native leader Cochise made one of his last stands to protect their land from the settlers.

2 thoughts on “Southeastern Arizona – September 2022 – Random Scenic Views

    1. The key to Arizona is elevation. Phoenix, at 1000′ is about 5 degrees hotter during the day in the summer than Tucson at 2200′. The nights in Phoenix are much hotter due to the urban expanse and (according to urban legend) all the swimming pools. The photos on this posting are from near Sierra Vista, which is at 5000′ – so their summer highs are in the low 90s with lows in the low 60s, even though during monsoon season the humidity is a bit higher (in the 30s, 40s and 50s). When monsoon season ends and the humidity goes back to single digits it is even nicer. I will take 90s and low to no humidity vs. the easts 80s and 90s and humid anytime!

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