Bryce Canyon National Park – September 2022 – Below the Rim

This posting is one in a series for a visit to Bryce Canyon National Park. When we visited in 2015 we stopped by for only a few hours, checking out the overlooks before moving on down the road.

This time we were fortunate enough to secure a cabin in the park for the night, so we had plenty of time for hiking, as well as well as experiencing a sunset and sunrise.

This posting highlights the views of the hike down into the canyon to the Queens Garden. This hike allows you get get up close to the famed hoodoos.

The hoodoos have been formed over millions of years by the deposit of rocks, uplift of the land and finally the erosion of the soft stone to create the interesting formations.

The variation in shapes are due to the slight variations in the amount of calcium carbonate each one has, and how it interacts with the rain.

Our hike took place in the northern section of the park where the hoodoos are the youngest, therefore most impressive having not been eroded away as much.

The path down was well worn, and while you see a number of people going in both directions, it is far less crowded than along the rim.

The hike up, while strenuous was ‘do-able’. In addition there were so many great places to stop and take photos the hike up went by fast.

As always the ‘windows’ are impressive features of the erosion process.

Part 2 of our visit in the next posting tomorrow is the sunset experience.

2 thoughts on “Bryce Canyon National Park – September 2022 – Below the Rim

  1. Well worth the trip – and only 1.5 hours to Zion and 3 hours to the north rim of the Grand Canyon, not to mention all the other amazing places in Southern Utah.


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