Chloride, Arizona – October 2022 – Art in Unusual Places

The dusty little town of Chloride is about 15 miles northwest of Kingman, just off the main highway. I had found a website detailing some interesting murals painted on the rocks and decided it would be a good stop to stretch the legs coming back from Las Vegas.

As we rolled into town it was immediate apparent the local folks have a unique approach to art.

Most of the town had something in their yards.

Even the abandoned gas station had character.

As we left the town we saw the signs for the murals….

We had been on a lot of dusty, bumpy dirt and gravel roads on this trip, but after a couple of miles we continued to run into washes and other challenges, eventually deciding we had made it this far without a flat tire, and now wasn’t the time so we turned back.

This website details the murals – hopefully you have better luck than we did and actually make it to them.

4 thoughts on “Chloride, Arizona – October 2022 – Art in Unusual Places

  1. Straight up thru town, , too bad you missed it. We saw it as a family in 2007. Don’t imagine it has changed much. Hopefully you will try again.


    1. We were certain we were on the correct ‘road’. It was just the road was getting really rough, and I even had a 4 wheel drive Ford Edge SUV. I just kept seeing a flat tire on the last day of a 10 day road trip.

      Maybe next time we are that way.


  2. I remember those rocks, a GPS took us down the road from the campgrounds up the hill. Did it in a rental car, I thought we was going to leave the car. We filled the holes in the road with rocks to go forward no way we could turn around. Near the end we saw the rocks in the road as pictured and just gave it the gas, never stopped. There was a guy there on his 4-wheeler and said he never saw a car make it thru there before. Those GPS can get you into big trouble in AZ. And that wasn’t the first time


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