Tucson – November 2022 – Car Shows

Because of the mild temperatures in Tucson throughout the winter, the car show season here is in full swing.

The snowbirds have arrived.

A local exterminating company has a fleet of VW Beetles for company cars, but only 1 stretch limo Beetle.

A wagon complete with matching picnic set and golf bag.

One of the shows was called Cops and Rodders. I was expecting a number of old police cars, but there was only one.

One of my pet peeves is most car show participants leave their hoods up to show off the detailed engine. Great for seeing the engine, but takes away from the lines of the car for photographs.

Hydraulics at it’s finest.

Imagine how challenging it was to cross the desert in the heat back in the days before most roads were paved. Extra water for the radiator was a must.

The second car show of the weekend featured Pontiacs.

And to think I learned to parallel park with a car this long – over 220 inches (5.5 meters) long.

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