Casa Grande & Tucson, Arizona – November 2022 – Neon Lights

The town of Casa Grande, Arizona has a small park that features a collection of neon signs that they collected as old business buildings were demolished over the years. They participated in a contest to win a grant from American Express, and came in 2nd place – winning enough money to restore the signs and create the park.

The signs were sent to Tucson for restoration, and updated in 2017 and 2018, with the installation occurring in 2019.

Just around the corner from the park is the Paramount Theatre, with a great old sign for the entrance.

Tucson is clearly a center of neon signs, with the Ignite Sign Museum (, but also with a great collection of signs still in use on local businesses, as well as the iconic Welcome to Tucson sign.

The Pima Community College branch on Drachman Street also has a collection of signs for former businesses.

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