Tucson – December 2022 – 4th Avenue Art Fair

For more than 100 years 4th Avenue in Tucson has been a center of commercial activity.

Twice a year the street is shutdown for a large street art fair. You can’t miss the omnipresent Tiki Man at the corner of 4th and 8th Street. Tiki Man had for decades watched over a putt putt course a few miles away, but when it closed, he was rescued and relocated.

With it’s location just northeast of downtown and southwest of the University of Arizona, it is the street for quirky shops and restaurants.

The street was filled with artist tents.

The local shops added to the overall vibe of the event.

While the official event occurred in the middle of 4th Avenue, it seemed every parking lot along the way had their own unofficial extension of the show.

Murals are all along 4th Avenue and in the nearby alleys.

Nearby is a container park, with shops, restaurants and another great mural. It seems Arizona has all sorts of uses for containerized cargo units, some better than others.

The event brings vendors from all over the west, and beyond. A nice way to spend a Saturday morning.

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