Benson, Arizona – January 2023 – Train Park

The small town of Benson, Arizona is along the Southern Pacific lines about 60 miles east of Tucson. Amtrak trains stop here 6 times a week, 3 eastbound and 3 westbound.

Technically the official Amtrak station is a little metal shelter, but fortunately the town has built a replica of the original station, which is used as a visitor center.

The area on both sides of the visitor center serve as a small train park, complete with a caboose.

The wall that separates the tracks from the station and parking lot has a series of murals and emblems, mostly of railroad related items, but also some local history.

With more than 40 freight trains a day passing through town, it was inevitable one would provide a photo op.

The lady at the visitor center is enthusiastic and helpful, making a brief stop here worthwhile.

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