Tucson – January 2023 – Sculpture Park

In addition to the sports parks and equestrian center, Brandi Fenton Memorial Park in Tucson has a sculpture park. The park has a mix of permanent and temporary pieces.

The area was originally a ranch set out in the middle of the desert. Today the ranch house remains, serving as the offices for the park.

The pieces located near the house are permanent.

As you make your way to the rear of the property you find the temporary exhibits that are for sale.

(All details are provided by the program provided by a docent) – This piece is title ‘The Joy of Desire’ by Phoenix artist Eugene Strickland.

This sculpture is known as ‘The Strength of the Sky’, and is dedicated to the first Native American in space John Herrington. It was completed in 2016 by Tucson artist Jimmy Descant.

Another flight based piece is ‘Swifts in Joyful Flight’. This steel piece is by Greg Corman.

The description of this piece names it ‘Sigillaria’, a stainless steel piece over 8′ tall.

Title ‘Self Made Woman’, the artist Adam Homan states it is about claiming your freedom despite the appearance of seemingly rigid constraints.

‘Interplay’ is an interpretation of artist Pamela Ambrosio’s own painting.

Artist Kerry Cannon’s statement in the guide of this piece (Aorian Slugs) states that it is an Ode to Joy.

Leaving the garden area behind, we return to the back side of the house for the last couple permanent pieces.

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