Dragoon, Arizona – March 2023 – Dinosaurs of the Desert

Not far from the Amerind Museum is the Rattlesnake Ranch. While we visited we didn’t see any live snakes, but did see plenty of dinosaur’s – giant metal sculptures.

The only snake we saw was this sculpture.

The sign said if the gate was open you were free to wander about – so we did.

Nearly all of the sculptures were done by Mexican artists.

The grasslands and mountains gave an aura of authenticity to the dinosaurs. Jurassic Park in Arizona.

Mixing ages with a horse against a dinosaur.

A true Arizona feature – a Gila Monster.

There are a few non dinosaur/animal sculptures around including this one honoring the Native Americans who once ruled this area.

If you ever find yourself traversing Southern Arizona on I-10, take a few minutes to check out this great roadside america item.

7 thoughts on “Dragoon, Arizona – March 2023 – Dinosaurs of the Desert

    1. Thanks for the comment. This small area of Southern Arizona has a number of cool, unique places that I have done postings for including the Donkey Sanctuary, a couple of true old west studio sets (not tacky Tombstone), the boulders at Amerind Museum, and about 50 miles from Chiricahua National Monument. All just an hour or two east of Tucson, with great lighting especially in the early morning and evenings – well worth the visit for any photographer. It sounds like a chamber of commerce ad, but it’s not 🙂


      1. Those would be really fun to see! If any of the places you listed are as cool as the dinosaurs, they would be well worth the trip. Thanks for telling me about them! 😁


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