Finding Your Way

This posting is an aid to the overall blog, with 2 Google Maps with thousands of markers. Some zooming in and out will be required.

The first map is a collection of points that reference the individual blog postings. If you see a point that sounds interesting, this map will take you to the postings. Because an individual posting usually has more than 1 location associated to it, there will be multiple corresponding points on the map.

The second map is my comprehensive map of places I want to see, or have already seen (currently North America only). There are over 5000 places on this map.

Please note this is not an attempt to be comprehensive in any category, just the places that I want to see that you might find interesting. If you have followed this blog you will know I enjoy National Parks, Architecture, things that fly or drive, and the weird little roadside attractions of the world. If you don’t find your town’s impressive old church or amazing historic site, c’est la’vie. I do however welcome suggestions.

I hope this helps you find something fun to go see and do.

The legend for both maps:

Nature – Including Parks, Natural Scenery, Animals
Architecture – Including Buildings and other infrastructure other than bridges
Transportation – Trains, Plains, Automobiles, Bicycles, Boats, etc. Full size or models. Includes transportation infrastructure like roads, bridges and rail stations.
Roadside America and Atlas Obscura – All that other cool, strange and unusual stuff that doesn’t fit any of the other categories
Major museums – Think the Met in Manhattan
Minor museums and artwork – think the Pencil Sharpener museum in Logan, Ohio
Sporting Events and Venues
Historic Sites
Factory Tours
Really Smart People – Think NASA and MIT

The Blog Postings Map

Things to do in North America

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