Tombstone, Arizona – April 2023 – People of a Parade

The town of Tombstone is like many other small Arizona towns, except they have a dirt main street full of tourists shops, and a plethora of tourists coming to see ‘the old west’, at least the version that Hollywood made.

One of the highlights of the town is the worlds largest rose bush/tree. To celebrate this once a year they have their Rose Parade, which is nothing like Pasadena or even Portland. In true Tombstone most of it is the old west look, with a dose of patriotism.

There were multiple color guards.

The workers from the Bird Cage Theater checked out the scene.

Many of the Tombstone regular actors took part.

Dorothy and Friends were there! Not sure where they have been all these years.

A motorcycle preacher.

My personal favorite participant, whom I believe we saw in the Pet Parade in Tucson a few weeks ago.

These young ladies were part of the community church group.

The parade was sponsored by a women’s club in Tombstone, who specializes in dressing up like the late 1800, early 1900s.

Dorothy is looking for a ride out of town.

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