Tucson – May 2023 – Pima Air & Space Museum Abstract Airplanes

A revisit to the Pima Air & Space Museum with a new lens resulted in different views than the standard ‘documentation’ looks. The goal is to see the abstract art in the airplanes, rather than just a profile photo.

Note the reflection of the DC-10 sitting next to this De Havilland Australia DHA-3 Drover.

The coverings on the windows to protect the interiors from the sun gives this aircraft a ghostly look.

A plane that will never fly again looks longingly at the contrail of the passing flight.

The missing engines makes it look like it now has giant mouse ears.

The wide open mouth of this fighter airplane with red lipstick on it’s lips.

A long grounded TWA Constellation, continuing to fade in the sun.

The United States of America collection.

Two aircraft with widely different noses.

The rear view collection.

The pilot tube is the focus of this photo.

The nose collection.

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