Plano, Illinois – October 2017 – Farnsworth House

The Farnsworth House is an architectural icon built along the Fox River near the small town of Plano, about an hour and a half from downtown Chicago. The house was designed by Mies van der Rohe for Dr Edith Farnsworth in the late 1940s, and was completed in 1951.

As Mies stated, it is designed to be ‘almost nothing’, a basic, yet elegant design of glass and steel.

2017 10 13 2 Plano IL Farnsworth House.JPG



As with many famed architects and clients, Mies and Edith battled over many features. One was that Mies said there should be no curtains, Edit won.

2017 10 13 17 Plano IL Farnsworth House.JPG


Another is there is very little storage in the house, as it was designed to be a weekend retreat.

2017 10 13 20 Plano IL Farnsworth House.JPG


The house has had three owners since it was built. Since the early 2000s it has been owned by a trust.

2017 10 13 24 Plano IL Farnsworth House.JPG


The flooring is Italian Travertine.

2017 10 13 25 Plano IL Farnsworth House.JPG


While the owners have had their own furnishing in the house, it is currently set with stunning mid century modern pieces.

2017 10 13 29 Plano IL Farnsworth House.JPG


While in the house, you feel as though you are still outside.

2017 10 13 49 Plano IL Farnsworth House.JPG


Our tour included a number of European architects, who were ecstatic to be in the presence of greatness.

2017 10 13 53 Plano IL Farnsworth House.JPG


Simple, elegant and stunning; the Farnsworth House is an American classic.

2017 10 13 55 Plano IL Farnsworth House.JPG


Cleveland – September 2017 – Lego Convention

The new downtown Cleveland Convention Center was the site of a Lego fan convention called BrickUniverse. This show featured a number of Lego artists, as well as vendors with a large collection of specialty pieces.

As we entered the hall we were greeted by Jonathan Lopes, who had a number of very large pieces. Jonathan, a San Diego resident who used to live in Brooklyn, which was featured extensively in his grouping.


2017 09 30 5 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG



2017 09 30 12 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG



2017 09 30 15 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG



Nearby was Lia Chan who specialized in Air & Space.

2017 09 30 50 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG



2017 09 30 125 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG



There were a number of ‘paintings’ made of Lego throughout the exhibit. The detail was amazing.

2017 09 30 51 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG


A 12′ long model of the USS Missouri had thousands of small sailors, as well as the table and dignitaries that signed the surrender terms ending World War II.

2017 09 30 84 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG



Displayed nearby was a large collection of famed military leaders.

2017 09 30 87 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG


Eventually I pulled out the zoom to get close ups.

2017 09 30 97 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG


The tallest building in Cleveland is the nearly 1000′ high Key Tower. For this show King Kong was on top.

2017 09 30 103 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG



The Eiffel Tower.

2017 09 30 117 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG



Another of Lia’s pieces up close showing the details.

2017 09 30 123 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG



The Moulin Rouge complete with Can Can Dancers.

2017 09 30 135 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG



2017 09 30 129 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG



Finally a close up of Jonathan’s Woolworth Building, showing the amazing detail on the cornices.

2017 09 30 137 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG





Cleveland – September 2017 – Chess Collection

A visit to Cleveland with some extra time lead us to go into the Cleveland Public Library’s Main Building on Superior Avenue in downtown Cleveland. The sign in front advertised a Superman exhibit (detailed in another post), but on the 4th floor in the Special Collections area was an amazing collection of books and periodicals on chess, as well as a great chess board/pieces collection. This collection is the largest in the world!

John G White was born in 1845, living until 1928. As an attorney and an avid reader he donated 60,000 books to the Cleveland library upon his death. Included in those were thousands on chess. To compliment these the library has a great collection of chess boards and pieces on display.

2017 09 30 178 Cleveland Main Library.JPG


2017 09 30 179 Cleveland Main Library.JPG


2017 09 30 180 Cleveland Main Library.JPG


2017 09 30 181 Cleveland Main Library.JPG


2017 09 30 182 Cleveland Main Library.JPG


2017 09 30 184 Cleveland Main Library.JPG


2017 09 30 189 Cleveland Main Library.JPG





Seattle – September 2017 – Museum of Pop Art

The Museum of Pop Art in Seattle started life as a tribute to Jimi Hendrix by Paul Allen, one of the founders of Microsoft. Recently they rebranded themselves and have some nice other exhibits.


The guitar collection was amazing.









The Hendrix area





A large area for sci-fi














Everett, Washington – September 2017 – Boeing Factory Tour

Boeing Airplanes are built (among other places) in Everett, Washington in what is billed as the World’s Largest Building by volume.

We took a tour in which they did not permit any camera’s at all inside, however someone on the internet obviously violated this rule so to give an idea of what it looks like I borrowed theirs!

boeing interior.jpg


There are 6 large bays, 3 for the assembly of the 747 and 767, the other 3 for the 777 and 787. The doors are immense.



The 787 has parts flown into Everett on modified 747s.



Planes with their green vinyl wrappers awaiting paint jobs.



The visitor center included the ‘Future of Flight’ museum.





Even the hotel is in the airplane theme, with an old wing and part of a fuselage for a canopy.