Columbus – July 2018 – The Color Run

A cloudy Saturday morning was perfect for a running/walking event in downtown Columbus called The Color Run.

Billed as the Happiest 5K on the Planet, the color run is all about having fun and being healthy (although breathing the dust is debatable).

At the start everyone was festive and clean.

2018 07 21 4 Columbus Color Run.jpg



After crossing the Broad Street bridge the participants went through the first zone of getting blasted with colored dust.

2018 07 21 17 Columbus Color Run.jpg




The volunteers enthusiastically douse the runners from large squirt bottles.

2018 07 21 23 Columbus Color Run.jpg



A cinematographer from a local TV station apparently got too close.

2018 07 21 26 Columbus Color Run.jpg



Most came through looking to add to their colorful collection on their previously white shirts.

2018 07 21 44 Columbus Color Run.jpg



Reactions varied!

2018 07 21 50 Columbus Color Run.jpg



Billed as ‘not a race’ some clearly were regular runners – although the red makes it looks like she is running from zombies in a George Romero movie.

2018 07 21 51 Columbus Color Run.jpg



The kids really embraced the event.

2018 07 21 53 Columbus Color Run.jpg


Another great form for getting powdered.

2018 07 21 55 Columbus Color Run.jpg



Many were taking selfies along the way.

2018 07 21 57 Columbus Color Run.jpg



The blue zone. Many participants wore bandanna’s over their noses to keep the dust out. The dust is a food grade corn starch.

2018 07 21 59 Columbus Color Run.jpg



I kept hearing the Pat Benatar song ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’ watching the people encouraging the volunteers with the dust.

2018 07 21 65 Columbus Color Run.jpg




You look good.

2018 07 21 69 Columbus Color Run.jpg



In the pink zone one of the volunteers was over enthusiastic in his delivery.

2018 07 21 78 Columbus Color Run.jpg



He was hammering people with the dust.

2018 07 21 82 Columbus Color Run.jpg



Resulting in serious clouds and coverage.

2018 07 21 84 Columbus Color Run.jpg



While other volunteers hurried to keep up refilling the bottles.

2018 07 21 92 Columbus Color Run.jpg



One lady had her dog with her – the dog came through it much better than she did.

2018 07 21 95 Columbus Color Run.jpg



Nearly all seemed to enjoy the event.

2018 07 21 101 Columbus Color Run.jpg




Many wore tutu’s – not sure why.

2018 07 21 104 Columbus Color Run.jpg




The Columbus Police have always worn crisp white shirts – probably not the best for the day. This young lady was asking for a hug – they agreed to a fist bump.

2018 07 21 112 Columbus Color Run.jpg



As they approached the finish line they ran through giant bubble machines.

2018 07 21 120 Columbus Color Run.jpg




Before arriving at the party area.

2018 07 21 124 Columbus Color Run.jpg



The skyline had a very colorful look today.

2018 07 21 129 Columbus Color Run.jpg



One of the sponsor was a laundry detergent company with a faux washing machine.

2018 07 21 132 Columbus Color Run.jpg



The DJ was throwing packets containing more colored dust to the crowd. About every 10 minutes he would encourage them to open them up and toss the contents into the air.

2018 07 21 134 Columbus Color Run.jpg



The results were spectacular.

2018 07 21 137 Columbus Color Run.jpg



The dog’s final look – a bit colorful but no worse for wear.

2018 07 21 139 Columbus Color Run.jpg



The participants were happy.

2018 07 21 140 Columbus Color Run.jpg



There were stations they could participate in – bouncing the dust off on trampolines.

2018 07 21 143 Columbus Color Run.jpg



All headed home happy.

2018 07 21 145 Columbus Color Run.jpg



Covered in colorful dust.

2018 07 21 147 Columbus Color Run.jpg




Hagerstown, Indiana – July 2018 – Wilbur Wright Fly In

The small eastern Indiana town of Hagerstown is the home of an annual small airplane ‘fly-in’. Home to one of the longest, nicest grass runways in America, it is the perfect stopping off point for the planes headed to the large show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

2018 07 17 269 Hagerstown IN Fly In.jpg



As we arrived and parked we passed by a number of vendor booths including this one manned by Bob, an elderly man who makes whirligig airplanes out of soda cans.

He is very skilled, and his touch includes having a picture on a can, if available to be the pilot.

2018 07 17 218 Hagerstown IN Fly In.jpg



When I was there he was making one out of Pepsi cans featuring Ray Charles – it was cool enough it now is proudly hanging in my garage!

2018 07 17 216 Hagerstown IN Fly In.jpg



But it was time to move on to the main display area. All of the planes were accessible to all who attended.

2018 07 17 229 Hagerstown IN Fly In.jpg



Many had open cockpits.

2018 07 17 241 Hagerstown IN Fly In.jpg



The pilots were on hand to answer questions about their planes.

2018 07 17 277 Hagerstown IN Fly In.jpg



All were magnificently restored.

2018 07 17 303 Hagerstown IN Fly In.jpg



It attracted photographers young and old.

2018 07 17 310 Hagerstown IN Fly In.jpg



The grass runway resembled a fairway on a golf course – bordered by the Indiana cornfields.

2018 07 17 311 Hagerstown IN Fly In.jpg



A sleek nose cone for the propeller.

2018 07 17 319 Hagerstown IN Fly In.jpg



They came in a variety of shapes and sizes.

2018 07 17 327 Hagerstown IN Fly In.jpg



The two bi-plane rides stayed busy throughout the afternoon.

2018 07 17 339 Hagerstown IN Fly In.jpg



With many excited and happy customers.

2018 07 17 350 Hagerstown IN Fly In.jpg



The weather was perfect, just a few puffy clouds far above where anyone was flying.

2018 07 17 356 Hagerstown IN Fly In.jpg



Some had creative designs.

2018 07 17 376 Hagerstown IN Fly In.jpg



While others looked like racing airplanes.

2018 07 17 392 Hagerstown IN Fly In.jpg



But eventually it was time to fly out of there. If you are an airplane fan, and can’t make it to Oshkosh, this is a good alternative much closer to home.

2018 07 17 409 Hagerstown IN Fly In.jpg





Chicago – July 2018 – Weekend in the City

With a chance to spend a couple of nights in Chicago, we went without any specific plans. Once we arrived in town late Saturday afternoon we headed out for a walk.

Our first stop was the beautiful marquee for the Chicago Theater on State Street.

2018 07 14 196 Chicgo.jpg



While Chicago is known for the El trains there are a couple that are underground downtown, including the Red Line.

The entrance to the subway station has a great art deco look to it – backed up by a mural of Muddy Waters!

2018 07 14 200 Chicgo.jpg



State Street had a number of public art features – this one backed by the former Marshall Field Department store clock.

2018 07 14 201 Chicgo.jpg



As we made our way to Millennium Park we heard music.

2018 07 14 218 Chicgo Symphony in the Park.jpg



And were pleasantly surprised to find a symphony playing music from Lerner and Loewe movies.

2018 07 14 224 Chicgo Symphony in the Park.jpg



On our walk back we had the fortuitous timing to be crossing the Michigan Avenue bridge just as fireworks started from the Navy Pier.

2018 07 14 231 Chicgo Navy Pier Fireworks.jpg



The view down the river framed the fireworks with the buildings.

2018 07 14 236 Chicgo Navy Pier Fireworks.jpg



The next morning we took a 4 mile walk up through River North and Rush Street.

2018 07 15 8 Chicago.jpg



Stopping at North Avenue Beach.

2018 07 15 15 Chicago Lincoln Park.jpg



Our walk continued through Lincoln Park, where they have made good use of dead trees.

2018 07 15 17 Chicago Lincoln Park.jpg



As we approached the zoo we saw a very large group of people – playing Pokemon!

2018 07 15 19 Chicago Lincoln Park.jpg



Eventually we made it out of the Pokemon crowd to a more serene part of the park, near Fullerton Street.

2018 07 15 41 Chicago Lincoln Park.jpg



Chicago even has skyscraper bird houses.

2018 07 15 44 Chicago Lincoln Park.jpg



We spent the rest of the afternoon back downtown at Grant Park for the Taste of Chicago.

2018 07 15 51 Chicago Taste of Chicago.jpg



They had cooking competitions. This one is a Puerto Rico – Chicago specialty – the Jibarito.

2018 07 15 57 Chicago Taste of Chicago.jpg



We finished the day walking along the river.

2018 07 15 81 Chicago.jpg



Often when I photograph Marina City I shoot up – totally forgetting that there is actually a marina in Marina City.

As always we had a great time in Chicago.

2018 07 15 83 Chicago.jpg






Sandusky, Ohio – July 2018 – Festival of Sail

Over the years we have had the opportunity to see a few ‘Tall Ships’ festivals, which is an event we always look forward to. This year they had a stop in Sandusky.

2018 07 14 18 Sandusky OH Festival of Sail.jpg



Sandusky is the home of Cedar Point amusement park, as well as a departure point to the Lake Erie Islands.

One of this years event was the ‘World’s Largest Duck’, which dwarfed the island ferry boat.

2018 07 14 22 Sandusky OH Festival of Sail.jpg



This festival had 5 ships: U.S Brig Niagara, Schooner Madeline, Appledore IV, S/V Denis Sullivan and the Nettie G. Howard.

2018 07 14 30 Sandusky OH Festival of Sail.jpg



The Niagara is the largest, with an impressive main mast and crows nest.

2018 07 14 69 Sandusky OH Festival of Sail.jpg



While all of the ships had professional pilots, much of the staff were high school students on a 4-5 week learning adventure.

2018 07 14 76 Sandusky OH Festival of Sail.jpg



These ships always have an amazing number of ropes.

2018 07 14 78 Sandusky OH Festival of Sail.jpg



The device below is not a table, it is basically used for leverage pulling heavy sails up and down.

2018 07 14 81 Sandusky OH Festival of Sail.jpg



We had purchased a 90 minute ‘sailing’ on the Nettie Howard.

As we waited to board we were amused as one of the trainee crew members struggled to grab one of the ropes.

2018 07 14 106 Sandusky OH Festival of Sail.jpg



Just before we left we were serenaded by an acapella group.

2018 07 14 112 Sandusky OH Festival of Sail.jpg



Once on board the crew pulled up a couple of the sails.

2018 07 14 119 Sandusky OH Festival of Sail.jpg



While others neatly stacked the ropes.

2018 07 14 123 Sandusky OH Festival of Sail.jpg



Our exit from the dock gave a great view of the Niagara.

2018 07 14 126 Sandusky OH Festival of Sail.jpg



The sails were impressive from the bottom.

2018 07 14 143 Sandusky OH Festival of Sail.jpg



One of the professional crew had started out a few years ago as a volunteer, and liked it so much he has made it a career.

2018 07 14 151 Sandusky OH Festival of Sail.jpg



Constant training occurred during our sail.

2018 07 14 159 Sandusky OH Festival of Sail.jpg



Our 90 minute sailing was slow, we never even made it out of Sandusky Bay, but did have a nice view of Cedar Point.

2018 07 14 176 Sandusky OH Festival of Sail.jpg




Before you knew it we were nearing the dock and the sails came down.

2018 07 14 179 Sandusky OH Festival of Sail.jpg



And they threw the ropes to the dock hands to tie us up.

2018 07 14 191 Sandusky OH Festival of Sail.jpg




Pittsburgh – July 2018 – Art of the Brick Revisited

The art of Nathan Sawaya is so amazing we decided that even though we had previously seen the Art of the Brick exhibit in Cincinnati, we would check it out again since the exhibit was in Pittsburgh.

Despite the fact that much of the exhibit was the same, the opportunity to photograph a second time was more than enticing enough to go. In addition either I had forgotten many of them, or Nathan has added new ones in the last couple of years.

The exhibit still opens with a short video along with a presentation of a hand holding a single brick – keeping with the theme it starts with 1 brick.

2018 07 08 45 Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center Art of the Brick.jpg



Many feature famed works of art including American Gothic. On this day I tried to vary the angles of the shots to give perspective to the brick work involved.

2018 07 08 48 Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center Art of the Brick.jpg



A section called The Sculpture Garden.

We were there on a Sunday morning and the place was empty – in part I believe in the additional cost, $20 over the normal museum entrance fee. But it made for great photos without people in them.

2018 07 08 67 Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center Art of the Brick.jpg



Tiki Man had interesting lighting for his close up.

2018 07 08 85 Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center Art of the Brick.jpg



There were some smaller pieces on display as well.

2018 07 08 88 Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center Art of the Brick.jpg



Ancient Egypt meets plastic bricks.

2018 07 08 89 Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center Art of the Brick.jpg



Exhibit Name: The Human Condition

2018 07 08 104 Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center Art of the Brick.jpg




The Lego people of the Human Condition.

2018 07 08 106 Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center Art of the Brick.jpg



A swimmer (and a voyeur?)

2018 07 08 120 Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center Art of the Brick.jpg



Note the amazing number of bricks to form the head.

2018 07 08 125 Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center Art of the Brick.jpg


The Artist’s Studio. Everything, including the paintings in the background are made out of Lego’s.

2018 07 08 129 Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center Art of the Brick.jpg



Through the Darkness.

2018 07 08 139 Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center Art of the Brick.jpg



This piece is normally used in all of the advertising.

2018 07 08 145 Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center Art of the Brick.jpg



Even a simple bucket is very cool when made out of Legos.

2018 07 08 151 Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center Art of the Brick.jpg



One great feature of the exhibit in Pittsburgh was a 2nd floor balcony where you could view many of the pieces from above.

2018 07 08 163 Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center Art of the Brick.jpg



Tiki Man is hollow!

2018 07 08 166 Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center Art of the Brick.jpg



The Human Condition being viewed by a human.

Art of the Brick is one of the best exhibits we have ever had the opportunity to view, and it was not disappointing the second time.

2018 07 08 173 Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center Art of the Brick.jpg





Pittsburgh – July 2018 – Back to the Furries

It’s July – It’s Pittsburgh – That can only mean one thing – THE FURRIES ARE BACK!


2018 07 07 116 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



You see them everywhere – in the hotel.

2018 07 07 118 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Wandering the streets.

2018 07 07 123 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Looking cool on the escalator.

2018 07 07 132 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Purrrrr (not so sure about the skeleton suit though – didn’t have the nerve to ask).

2018 07 07 139 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Where could all these furry people/animals be going?

2018 07 07 142 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Cramming into the elevator.

2018 07 07 145 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Calling their other furry friends.

2018 07 07 150 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Looking out for each other with giant eyes.

2018 07 07 151 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Hey lady – a little help with my tail please, I am in a hurry ….

2018 07 07 152 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



To gather together to get ready for the highlight – The Furry Parade! (to be fair I found this balcony where I could see them gathering and was promptly kicked out as they said it was off limits because furries don’t like to have their photos taken with their heads off 🙂

2018 07 07 154 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Kicked out of the overview, we made our way downstairs to find a good spot for the parade. A few furries were still making their way to the hall but still stop for photos.

It is immediately obvious if you are going to dress in a furry animal outfit you want your photo taken – so it is the easiest gathering anywhere to get people/animals/whatever to pose.

2018 07 07 162 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



And with that the lead furry bangs his symbol and the parade starts.

2018 07 07 167 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Strutting their stuff.

2018 07 07 175 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



High fives from this (fill in the blank – I don’t know)

2018 07 07 192 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Some came close by to say hi.

2018 07 07 195 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Ta- Da

2018 07 07 198 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



A paw wave was very popular too.

2018 07 07 207 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



More ‘Ta Da’

2018 07 07 213 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Hoping the rose wasn’t for me.

2018 07 07 228 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



Name that animal.

2018 07 07 234 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



The band (yes they were playing their instruments in their furry suits).

2018 07 07 241 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



This couple had matching wing suits. She (?) took a tumble and the crowd went ‘oohh’. When he (?) helped her (?) up they went ‘ahhh’. Fur Suit RomCom.

2018 07 07 249 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



A local.

2018 07 07 252 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg



There were a few ‘non furries’. While this, and other things we did this weekend, were repeats, they are totally worth seeing a second time. And thus began our repeat weekend in the Burgh.

2018 07 07 262 Pittsburgh Furries.jpg





Columbus – July 2018 – It’s Doo Dah Time Again

July 4th in Columbus can only mean one thing – It’s Doo Dah time again – let’s have a parade.

As usual there is some political satire.

2018 07 04 4 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



Some play on words (read the sign)

2018 07 04 15 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg




2018 07 04 19 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



Apparently now since Mexico is off limits we now get our weed from Canada

2018 07 04 33 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



The block party was going full tilt.

2018 07 04 42 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



More characters

2018 07 04 50 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



Primed for the parade.

2018 07 04 52 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



The toaster car lady in a moment of reflection.

2018 07 04 54 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



Clearly the saddest thing this country has recently done is the separation of children at the border – you knew this would be called out today.

2018 07 04 64 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



More characters.

2018 07 04 67 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



The wrestlers are here every year, but always welcome.

2018 07 04 68 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



For some it was just too much.

2018 07 04 85 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



The Grand Marshal.

2018 07 04 86 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg




An eclectic band.

2018 07 04 88 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



I think we missed her at the washboard music festival a few weeks back.

2018 07 04 95 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



One of the ‘art cars’

2018 07 04 116 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



Miss Liberty made an appearance.

2018 07 04 117 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



An alien made it across the border to join the band.

2018 07 04 121 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg




Even more characters.

2018 07 04 131 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg




Mixing sci-fi and political satire.

2018 07 04 141 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg




Mixing middle aged hula dancers with zombies.

2018 07 04 156 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



The neighborhood (Short North) is undergoing tremendous growth where they are tearing down 2 floor buildings along High Street and replacing them with 8-12 floor buildings. All of the construction is causing much chaos in the area, and making just walking around tough with all of the closed sidewalks.

2018 07 04 163 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg




Not really sure.

2018 07 04 175 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg




The whole stupid MAGA thing has spawned a number of parodies.

2018 07 04 183 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



They may protest but they are as patriotic as the rest of the country – they just believe it could be better for all.

2018 07 04 197 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



A dancer from the Rocky Horror Picture Show burlesque group.

2018 07 04 205 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



Even the Swing Dancers of Columbus were making statements this year.

2018 07 04 208 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



And with that the zombies headed home and the parade was done.

2018 07 04 215 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg