Maricopa, Arizona – August 2022 – Honey I Shrunk The Car

Driving through the Arizona desert we were headed for a unique place. Once we arrived the initial thought was ‘this is just a collection of rusted cars’. Cool, but not what I was expecting.

After wandering the ‘collection’ we approached a garage.

Inside we met Ernie Adams and two of his sons.

Since the mid 1960s Ernie has been making scaled down versions of fully functional automobiles. Dubbed ‘Dwarf Cars’, Ernie now has a collection of these in his shop in the desert about an hour south of Phoenix.

Today his sons work with him on this quirky, but very cool, collection. The irony of photography is unless you have a person (or some other object) nearby for scale you can’t really tell they are shrunk down versions. Fortunately there were some people milling about, including Ernie’s wife.

A big shout out to Ernie and his sons for welcoming us into their garage and showing us around!

Tucson – August 2022 – Ignite Sign Art Museum

In a non descript building in a non descript light industrial area of Tucson you will find a collection that will light up your day, the Ignite Sign Art Museum.

The museum is owned by Jude and Monica Cook, who have had a local sign company for over 40 years. They have amassed a great collection of historic signs from Tucson and beyond.

Outside is a collection of larger signs.

Inside is where the collection really shines.

In the back of the museum they offer neon making demonstrations.

The Ignite Sign Art Museum is well worth the stop.

Tucson – May 2022 – A Close Look at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum was established in 1952 as a zoo, botanical garden, natural history museum and art gallery.

While there are a few animals in enclosures there, the highlight of the grounds is the botanical gardens. Most of the shots here were taken with a 400mm Canon lens, showing the amazing detail of the blooms of the desert vegetation, as well as close ups of the birds and butterflies.

Tucson – May 2022 – Pima Air and Space Museum

The Pima Air and Space Museum is one of the largest non government sponsored airplane museums in the country. While much of their collection is military, with a mix of commercial, I (as usual) focused on the abstract views, rather than document the collection.

Part of the collection has been used as blank canvases for ‘The Boneyard Project’, where they used the old planes for their art.

Tumacacori National Historic Park Arizona – April 2022 – Oldest Mission in Southern Arizona

The Spanish Colonial Jesuits missionaries established numerous missions throughout the area that is now Arizona in the late 1600s. The Mission San Jose de Tumacacori was established in 1691, with the existing church’s construction being started in the 1750s.

The grounds are now owned by the National Park Service.

Tucson – March 2022 – Old Pueblo Trolley and Bus Museum

There is a garage in Tucson that hold a labor of love for the volunteers who work on the equipment that make up the Old Pueblo Trolley and Bus Museum.

But it take more than love to restore them. It takes time and money.

Some arrive looking like this…

Some are in a bit better shape….

But with effort they end up looking brand new…

Well done to the volunteers of the Old Pueblo Trolley and Bus Museum