Montreal – July 2019 – Random Views of the City

We end the visit to Montreal with the random views of the city starting with this stylish building – once a gas station designed by none other than famed architect Mies van der Rohe. Today it serves as a community center.

Montreal has an efficient subway system, built in the 1960s and 1970s. This station is on Ile Notre Dame.

This island, and one next to it (Saint Helen’s) were greatly expanded to be the grounds of Expo 67, a World’s Fair. Today it is the home to a very large Park Jean Drapeau as well as the Formula 1 race track.

The city has recently started tours of the island on electric carts. We opted for this tour where Sonya and Andre provided amusing and interesting information about the island, and Montreal in general. Unfortunately we didn’t get much over 20 MPH on the track.

Unlike most World’s Fairs, Montreal has retained many of the pavilions that were built. This one was the French and Quebec pavilions, and now serves as a casino.

This geodosic dome is known as the La Biosphère de Montréal. Today it serves as an environmental museum, but during the expo it was the U.S. pavilion.

From the island you have a nice view of downtown Montreal.

Montreal is the 2nd largest French speaking city in the world, and at times they like to take their cues from Paris – like this retro (but accurate) Metro sign.

We say adieu to Montreal with some random scenic views of the city.

Montreal – July 2019 – Vieux (Old) Montreal

Montreal is a very old city for North America, and as such has many outstanding vintage buildings. Most are in the Vieux (Old) Montreal section, but some, like the Mary Queen of the World Cathedral, is downtown.

The main train station has reliefs depicting Canada culture with the words of the National Anthem ‘Oh Canada’ written underneath.

There are numerous vintage buildings throughout the area, with the usual cool details.

The Old Montreal tourist area has numerous shops.

Some very narrow passages.

The Port of Montreal Clock Tower dates from the 1920s. It is also known as the Sailors Memorial Clock, dedicated to World War I Canadian Sailors.

The original sections of Bonsecours Market date from the 1840s. In addition to serving as a market, it also housed government functions.

Place Jacques-Cartier is the center of Old Montreal tourist activities.

Finally a stop at Notre Dame Cathedral, and an amazing (but brief) light show.

Looking for Something to Do

After hundreds of posts I have realized that it is at times difficult to find information about a particular location. I have attempted to simplify that by creating a Google Map with pins for all of the information in all of the posts.

A post might have multiple pins if different venues were featured. In some cases a single pin will have multiple posts as I have revisited many locations and featured them more than once.

There are pins throughout the US and Canada, as well as a a few in Europe, India and Argentina.

The link for the map is

Below is a screen shot of the map

Different browser behave differently when a pin is selected. In Chrome it brings up something similar to:

If you select the link it will bring up the posting.

IE brings up a different look. It has the link to the posting but includes additional links to photos off of Google as well. Other browsers may function altogether differently.

Good luck and happy travels.

Paducah, Kentucky – May 2019 – Flood Wall Murals

As with many towns Paducah, Kentucky has murals on their flood wall along the Ohio River. Unlike most towns, theirs is very well done and extensive.

The murals were done by Robert Dafford and team. They are the same group that has done murals in Portsmouth, Ohio featured in this posting

He also completed the ones in Maysville, Kentucky.

The Paducah Flood Wall Murals:

Not a mural of the Market.

Mural of the Market.

Mountain View, Missouri – May 2019 – Horsing Around at the Bank

The Landmark Bank is located in south central Missouri in the town of Mountain View. Situated approximately half way on our drive across the state it was the perfect stop to check out their metal sculpture horse herd.

The horses are made out of scrap metal such as barrels and a grill from an old tractor.

Time to continue the ride eastbound. It’s time to leave Mountain View (which I didn’t see any mountains, or even large hills, in Mountain View, Missouri).

Afton, Oklahoma – May 2019 – Darryl Starbird’s National Rod & Custom Car Hall of Fame

Darryl Starbird has been an innovative custom car designer since the 1950s. Originally from Wichita, Kansas, Darryl relocated his collection to this Grand Lake area of Oklahoma. His museum also includes some of the best from other amazing designers such as the George Barris.

The collection is amazing – and well worth the stop – say hi to Donna, Darryl’s wife who runs the museum.