Virtual Travel – Alberta


Welcome to Alberta

2017 09 03 20 Southwest Alberta




Where the prairies meet the mountains.



Calgary is the largest city in the province.

2017 09 03 89 Calgary



Edmonton is nearly as large as Calgary. They have a strong hockey rivalry.

Oil is the business of Edmonton, and is reflected in the hockey team’s name.  (photos of Edmonton from Wikipedia)





Banff was Canada’s first national park, and remains a beautiful area.

2017 09 04 88 Banff Alberta




Lake Louise is renown for the turquoise water, and tourists.

2017 09 05 33 Lake Louise




The Icefields Parkway is a 140 mile long road from Banff to Jasper, passing numerous glaciers and waterfalls. It is one of the best drives in the world.

2017 09 05 181 Columbia Icefields Alberta




Jasper is home to Athabasca Falls. Tomorrow is our final stop in Canada – British Columbia.

2017 09 05 212 Athabasca Falls Alberta





Waterfalls Day, Alberta and British Columbia – September 2017

A drive through Alberta and BC turned out to be ‘Waterfalls Day’, but not before meeting some locals along the road.

2017 09 06 28 Maligne Canyon Alberta.jpg



First stop was Maligne Canyon, Alberta. This very narrow canyon featured a nice waterfalls with numerous erosion ‘pots’ along the river.

2017 09 06 20 Maligne Canyon Alberta.jpg



After crossing into British Columbia, we found Rearguard Falls. It is noted as the furthest into the mountains that salmon make it from the Pacific Ocean to spawn. Unfortunately we saw none, even though this is the time of year they migrate.

2017 09 06 37 Rearguard Falls BC.jpg



In Wells Gray Provincial Park we found Spahats Falls, taller than Niagara. We thought that was amazing until we continued on to….

2017 09 06 85 Spahat Falls BC.jpg



Helmcken Falls – 420′ high, nearly 3 times the height of Niagara, with great volume as well.

2017 09 06 62 Helmcken Falls BC.jpg



The water rushing over provided excellent visuals providing a great ending to Waterfalls Day.

2017 09 06 56 Helmcken Falls BC.jpg






Icefields Parkway, Alberta – September 2017

The trip continued north from Banff toward the Icefields Parkway, a 180 mile drive to Jasper that takes you past numerous glaciers on the mountains. But first we made a stop for an invigorating hike up Johnton Canyon. This hike included numerous catwalks suspended above the canyon floor, as well as traditional paths. The effort lead to two great waterfalls.

2017 09 05 4 Banff Johnston Canyon.jpg



Just before the start of the Icefields Parkway is Lake Louise, a popular tourist stop – so popular there are numerous attendants directing traffic through the entire town to get to the parking lots. We stayed about 30 minutes before leaving the crowds and heading on…

2017 09 05 31 Lake Louise.jpg



Because a short drive later you were on the Icefields Parkway and has better views with far far fewer people.

2017 09 05 44j Icefields Parkway Alberta.jpg



At the Columbia Icefields they offer an option to take a tour onto the Athabasca Glacier that included a visit to the ‘Skywalk’, a cantilevered walkway with translucent floors to see straight down 1000′.

2017 09 05 75 Columbia Icefields Alberta.jpg



The special Ice Coaches were constantly ferrying people onto the glacier. They made a point about how fast the glacier is receding, you would think all the traffic can’t be helping it.

2017 09 05 153 Columbia Icefields Alberta.jpg



But still, we got to go on a glacier.

2017 09 05 159 Columbia Icefields Alberta.jpg



Our day ended at Athabasca Falls, near the town of Jasper. I have had many spectacular drives, but the Icefields Parkway is easily one of the 10 best ever.

2017 09 05 206 Athabasca Falls Alberta.jpg






Banff National Park – September 2017 – Canada’s First National Park

Established in 1885 Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest. Set in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, the park itself it a natural wonder surrounding the town of Banff.

The town itself is nice, filled with the typical tourist shops, but kept nicer than most. A visit to Banff is highly recommended.


Views from Tunnel Mountain

2017 09 04 50 Banff Alberta.jpg



2017 09 04 70 Banff Alberta.jpg



The famed Fairmount Hotel

2017 09 04 82 Banff Alberta.jpg



The waters are turquoise due to mineral content.

2017 09 04 88 Banff Alberta.jpg



There were a few hoodoos.

2017 09 04 94 Banff Alberta.jpg



Lake Minnewanka provided the setting for a boat tour.

2017 09 04 149 Banff Alberta.jpg



2017 09 04 161 Banff Alberta.jpg



An eagle kept an eye over the boat tour.

2017 09 04 153 Banff Alberta.jpg









Calgary – September 2017 – Views of the City

Calgary, Alberta was the next stop, where we arrived right as the Pride Parade ended. People were in a festive mood.

2017 09 03 74 Calgary.jpg



2017 09 03 82 Calgary.jpg



There is a bluff just north of downtown Calgary offering a nice view of the downtown skyline.

2017 09 03 89 Calgary.jpg



The river was a favorite rafting spot.

2017 09 03 93 Calgary.jpg



The impressive pedestrian/biking ‘Peace Bridge’.

2017 09 03 109 Calgary.jpg



While there are some older buildings downtown, much has been replaced with new skyscrapers.

2017 09 03 122 Calgary.jpg



Calgary is famous for it’s rodeo, the Calgary Stampede. Part of the grounds is the arena, the Saddledome.

2017 09 03 144 Calgary.jpg



The city has been celebrating Canada 150.

2017 09 03 149 Calgary.jpg









Southeast British Columbia & Southwest Alberta – September 2017

The trip continued north into Far Southeastern British Columbia, where we found the town of Sparwood, which was a mining town. It is now home of the ‘World’s Largest Truck’!

2017 09 03 16 Sparwood BC.jpg



We continued on into Alberta and visited the site of Frank, Alberta. In 1903 the mountain gave way, burying much of the small town in rocks and mud. Today an interpretive center reminds all how mighty nature can be.

2017 09 03 33 Southwest Alberta.jpg



The road to Calgary took us back into the Prairies, but ran along side the Front Range of Alberta.

2017 09 03 41 Southwest Alberta.jpg



Farms were numerous until we reached Calgary.

2017 09 03 44 Southwest Alberta.jpg