Dayton – January 2018 – Airplanes as Abstract Art

With another exceptionally cold day greeting us, but wanting to keep up with the goal of 13,000 steps per day it was decided to make the hour trip back to Dayton to the US Air Force Museum. It is huge, it is inside and heated, and it is free.

Having been there a couple of times recently and taken photos, with a blog posting, I decided to focus on different views, which ended up what I am calling ‘Airplanes as Abstract Art’.

Rather than try to come up with profiles of each plane, I tried to combine angles, views and perspectives to come up with different views. With the very dark lighting throughout  it made it challenging, but also added an interesting effect.

First up, a Fairchild C119J Right Propeller and the vertical stabilizer for the Space Shuttle mock up (for some reason the USAF Museum did not get one of the original shuttles).

2018 01 06 24 Dayton USAF Museum.JPG



A North American Twin Mustang ‘Betty Jo’ and a collection of other tails and wings in the ‘Cold War’ section.

2018 01 06 76 Dayton USAF Museum.JPG


A General Dynamics F111 Aardvark nose backed by an Lockheed AC130A transport plane.

2018 01 06 94 Dayton USAF Museum.JPG



A Lockheed F117A Nighthawk ‘stealth’

2018 01 06 99 Dayton USAF Museum.JPG




Douglas C124C Globemaster cargo plane with the cargo loading door open, coupled with the very symmetric ceiling of the hangar. The cold kept most people away, this is one of very few photos from the day that ended up with people in them (barely visible in the interior of the plane).

2018 01 06 131 Dayton USAF Museum.JPG


Douglas B18 Bolo

2018 01 06 152 Dayton USAF Museum.JPG



Fokker DR1 Triplane from the early days of flight. This one is hanging upside down from the ceiling.

2018 01 06 171 Dayton USAF Museum.JPG


A Hawker XV6A.

2018 01 06 219 Dayton USAF Museum.jpg


Finally a Lockheed XR71 Blakbird. For many years it held records as the fastest airplane (well over 2000 miles per hour) and altitude, at over 80,000 feet. With our walking steps goal complete we headed back out into the cold.

2018 01 06 283 Dayton USAF Museum.jpg

Chicago – December 2017 – Architecture Biennial

The Chicago Architecture Biennial purpose is to “provides a platform for groundbreaking architectural projects and spatial experiments that demonstrate how creativity and innovation can radically transform our lived experience.”

As part of that this years exhibit includes an exhibit called “Make New History”. This exhibit features a number of architectural interpretations of a redesign of the iconic Tribune Tower.

Interestingly the venue for this very modern exhibit is the classic Chicago Cultural Center, including the stunning stained glass dome in the Grand Army of the Republic rotunda.

2017 12 26 51 Chicago.JPG



Before arriving at the main exhibit room we visited some displays of miniatures.

2017 12 26 21 Chicago.JPG



The details on most were amazing, although some of the more abstract ones looked like a discarded toy box. This model was an Asian interpretation of the Tribune Tower.

2017 12 26 28 Chicago.JPG



Full view of the Serie Architects ‘Far Eastern Headquarters’ model.

2017 12 26 34 Chicago.JPG



The Tribune Tower is a Neo Gothic building completed in 1925. The various interpretations varied greatly from that design.

2017 12 26 26 Chicago.JPG



6a architects view was meant to resemble a totem pole of stacked artifacts.


2017 12 26 30 Chicago.JPG



Architect and ‘urbanist’ Charles Waldheiim went even further with a number of interpretations of famous Chicago buildings including the John Hancock Center, Willis Tower, Marina City and the Thompson Center.

Called Heliomorphic Chicago it is set up in the classic Chicago grid street system.

2017 12 26 37 Chicago.JPG




Casey, Illinois – October 2017 – World’s Biggest Little Town

The small town of Casey, Illinois is about 30 miles west of the Indiana border along I-70, in other words in the middle of nowhere.

Given that I-70 is a major east-west interstate thousands of cars travel along the road each day usually only getting off the interstate for gas or lunch. Casey decided that they could attract some people to get off in their town by having a collection of the ‘Worlds Largest’ things.

It must work because we were there just before sundown and of the 10 cars along Main Street we saw license plates from Maine, Kansas, Pennsylvnia, Texas and California.

Strangely they all had biblical saying on them, which only added to the weirdness of it all. God must like things supersized in mid America.

First up – a wind chime (it does chime)

2017 10 16 164 Casey IL Collection of Worlds Largest Things.JPG



A rocker

2017 10 16 167 Casey IL Collection of Worlds Largest Things.JPG




2017 10 16 170 Casey IL Collection of Worlds Largest Things.JPG




2017 10 16 174 Casey IL Collection of Worlds Largest Things.JPG


A pencil

2017 10 16 175 Casey IL Collection of Worlds Largest Things.JPG




2017 10 16 176 Casey IL Collection of Worlds Largest Things.JPG


A golf tee at the local country club. They must have really large balls in Casey.

2017 10 16 178 Casey IL Collection of Worlds Largest Things.JPG



A pitchfork

2017 10 16 181 Casey IL Collection of Worlds Largest Things.JPG






Delaware, Ohio – October 2017 – Can’t Be Bored at a Gourd Show

The Delaware County Fairgrounds in Ohio was the host for the annual Gourd Show. Apparently a lot of people like making art out of gourds. With the results it is obvious there are some skilled gourd-artist around.

2017 10 07 3 Delaware OH Gourd Festival.JPG



2017 10 07 9 Delaware OH Gourd Festival.JPG



2017 10 07 13 Delaware OH Gourd Festival.JPG



2017 10 07 21 Delaware OH Gourd Festival.JPG



2017 10 07 36 Delaware OH Gourd Festival.JPG



2017 10 07 41 Delaware OH Gourd Festival.JPG


There was also entertainment. While we were there a band called the ‘Rum River Blend’ played a mix of acoustic rock, bluegrass and folk. Their fiddle player, Carl, was 95 years old (he was the 1948 Ohio Fiddle Champion)!

Let’s give it up for Carl!

2017 10 07 26 Delaware OH Gourd Festival.JPG

Columbus – October 2017 – Chalk Art

Easton is a very large ‘lifestyle center’ in Northeast Columbus. A lifestyle center is a shopping area built to resemble an actual town, with streets going through the shops, apartments and other less traditional mall features.

On Saturday they had a chalk art contest. We arrived early on Sunday morning before the stores (and therefore the people) arrived, giving plenty of opportunity for unobstructed views of the final work. The early morning shadows, however, proved to be tricky.

The art itself was excellent, with a variety of subjects and approaches to style.

2017 10 01 7 Columbus Easton Chalk Art.JPG



2017 10 01 10 Columbus Easton Chalk Art.JPG



2017 10 01 17 Columbus Easton Chalk Art.JPG



2017 10 01 24 Columbus Easton Chalk Art.JPG



2017 10 01 32 Columbus Easton Chalk Art.JPG



2017 10 01 33 Columbus Easton Chalk Art.JPG



2017 10 01 39 Columbus Easton Chalk Art.JPG



2017 10 01 42 Columbus Easton Chalk Art.JPG



2017 10 01 67 Columbus Easton Chalk Art.JPG

Cleveland – September 2017 – Lego Convention

The new downtown Cleveland Convention Center was the site of a Lego fan convention called BrickUniverse. This show featured a number of Lego artists, as well as vendors with a large collection of specialty pieces.

As we entered the hall we were greeted by Jonathan Lopes, who had a number of very large pieces. Jonathan, a San Diego resident who used to live in Brooklyn, which was featured extensively in his grouping.


2017 09 30 5 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG



2017 09 30 12 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG



2017 09 30 15 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG



Nearby was Lia Chan who specialized in Air & Space.

2017 09 30 50 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG



2017 09 30 125 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG



There were a number of ‘paintings’ made of Lego throughout the exhibit. The detail was amazing.

2017 09 30 51 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG


A 12′ long model of the USS Missouri had thousands of small sailors, as well as the table and dignitaries that signed the surrender terms ending World War II.

2017 09 30 84 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG



Displayed nearby was a large collection of famed military leaders.

2017 09 30 87 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG


Eventually I pulled out the zoom to get close ups.

2017 09 30 97 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG


The tallest building in Cleveland is the nearly 1000′ high Key Tower. For this show King Kong was on top.

2017 09 30 103 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG



The Eiffel Tower.

2017 09 30 117 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG



Another of Lia’s pieces up close showing the details.

2017 09 30 123 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG



The Moulin Rouge complete with Can Can Dancers.

2017 09 30 135 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG



2017 09 30 129 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG



Finally a close up of Jonathan’s Woolworth Building, showing the amazing detail on the cornices.

2017 09 30 137 Cleveland Lego Convention.JPG