New York City – November 2017 – Tourist Day in Manhattan

With a day to spend in Manhattan with nothing special planned we wandered the city and checked out some of the non tacky tourist spots (i.e. Time Square)


Bryant Park Ice Rink and the Main Library

2017 11 10 2 New York City.JPG



Entrance to Rockefeller Center

2017 11 10 23 New York City.JPG



Statue and Flags at Rockefeller Center

2017 11 10 24 New York City.JPG


The Oculus

2017 11 11 63 New York City Oculus.JPG



Central Park West View

2017 11 11 71 New York City.JPG



A stop at the Met.

2017 11 11 86 New York City The Met.JPG



Ornate apartment building on Fifth Avenue.

2017 11 11 122 New York City.JPG



Where do they put the prisoners?

2017 11 11 123 New York City.JPG




2017 11 09 24 New York City.JPG




Driving in India – November 2017 – Bangalore and Hyderabad

Having the opportunity to spend a week in Bangalore and Hyderabad India I took the opportunity to get some photos of the everyday life on the streets of the cities.

It should be noted that while it is very different from North America and Europe in terms of driving/walking ‘protocol’, it seems to work for India. I saw amazingly few dented cars despite the constant tight traffic.


Why take the walkway when you can dodge traffic.

2017 11 14 7 Bangalore.JPG



Home Depot was apparently out of trucks.

2017 11 14 11a Bangalore.JPG



The random high rise cow.

2017 11 15 6 Bangalore.JPG



In 120km of riding around the city I saw 1 traffic light, which can explain some conflicts at the intersections.

2017 11 15 9 Bangalore.JPG



Hang on buddy.

2017 11 15 13 Bangalore.JPG



The no horn sign is easily the most ignored sign in all of India.

2017 11 15 17 Bangalore.JPG



What is the record for people on a scooter, why 4. Although the 3 on the other scooter is a close second. It should be noted that they have a helmet law for drivers – but not apparently for children or adult passengers.

2017 11 17 123 Hyderabad.JPG



Drive thru fruit stands.

2017 11 17 127 Hyderabad.JPG



I was amazed at the side saddle riding balance.

2017 11 17 134 Hyderabad.JPG





Columbus – October 2017 – A Day at the Zoo

The Columbus Zoo was sponsoring a car show, which seems a bit strange, but then again they do commercialize a lot of things.

The cars were quite nice, and with the water park and other amusement rides providing interesting backgrounds, it was a good day for a car show. Plus there were animals later.

2017 10 01 88 Columbus Zoo.JPG



2017 10 01 112 Columbus Zoo.JPG



2017 10 01 118 Columbus Zoo.JPG



2017 10 01 124 Columbus Zoo.JPG



2017 10 01 128 Columbus Zoo.JPG



2017 10 01 136 Columbus Zoo.JPG



2017 10 01 164 Columbus Zoo.JPG




Tacoma, Washington – September 2017 – LeMay Auto Collection

Harold LeMay made his fortune hauling garbage in Tacoma, Washington, but his passion was cars. At his death he owned a record 3000 cars. Today the collection is split into two separate museums.

The first is housed at a formers boys school with a number of buildings.



The gymnasium make a great setting.



Sliding doors!





The had cars stacked 3 high in some places.



The second museum was in downtown Tacoma and was more formal.





A Rambler with a Ferrari engine.


Columbus – July 2017 – Smokin’ Saturday Evening

Each July there is a car event in Columbus called the ‘Goodguys’, which attracts thousands of classic cars to town. After the event on Saturday many make their way to the Polaris area where they gather in a parking lot for Quaker Steak and Lube.

2017 07 08 148 Columbus.JPG


There was a large collection of (mostly) Harley Davidson motorcycles

2017 07 08 152 Columbus.JPG


Nearly all of the vehicles were extensively customized.

2017 07 08 155 Columbus.JPG


2017 07 08 162 Columbus.JPG


The police were on hand – not to give out tickets – but to rate their burnouts.

2017 07 08 159 Columbus.JPG

London, OH – June 2017 – Cobra Club Gathering

In the early 1960s small British car manufacturer AC partnered with famed automotive genius Carroll Shelby to build the Cobra. This fabulous 2 seater has remained to this day one of the best examples of a sports car ever built.

A series of events over the years has lead to a large ‘replica’ market. We caught up with the Cobra Club at a truck stop near an interstate west of Columbus as they prepared to parade into the small town of London. With nearly 100 Cobra’s it was impossible for me to find the replica’s from the originals. Either way it was an impressive site, these spectacular sports cars gathered amongst the trucks.


Cars were from all over the U.S. and Canada.

2017 06 24 4 London OH Cobra Club Gathering.JPG


A Daytona – original or replica???

2017 06 24 8 London OH Cobra Club Gathering.JPG


The parade awaits…

2017 06 24 23 London OH Cobra Club Gathering.JPG


They are off…

2017 06 24 32 London OH Cobra Club Gathering.JPG



2017 06 24 36 London OH Cobra Club Gathering.JPG


Some proud Canadians…

2017 06 24 40 London OH Cobra Club Gathering.JPG


An unusual site for those not expecting it, these classic cars sailing across the Ohio soybean and cornfields.

2017 06 24 48 London OH Cobra Club Gathering.JPG