Brighton, MI – June 2017 – Lingenfelter Collection

As part of the weekend long ‘Eyes on Design’ car show the Lingenfelter Collection had an open house. Owned by Ken Lingenfelter, who runs a business that specializes in engineering high performance automobile modifications.

The collection included a number of Ferrari’s, a Bugatti, and numerous Corvettes. It was held in their garage in an industrial park in far suburban Detroit.

2017 06 17 59 Brighton MI Lingenfelter Collection.JPG


2017 06 17 60 Brighton MI Lingenfelter Collection.JPG


2017 06 17 64 Brighton MI Lingenfelter Collection.JPG


2017 06 17 68 Brighton MI Lingenfelter Collection.JPG


2017 06 17 73 Brighton MI Lingenfelter Collection.JPG


2017 06 17 84 Brighton MI Lingenfelter Collection.JPG

Buffalo – May 2017 – Pierce Arrow Museum

The Pierce Arrow Motor Car Company was one of the first luxury cars ever built. They were so well known for luxury William Howard Taft ordered two as the first presidential vehicles.

George Pierce had started out building bicycles in the 1890s before moving on to cars. He also ended up building motorcycles and trucks in addition to the cars.

The Pierce Arrow Museum was opened in 2001 in an old Mack Truck showroom. A new expansion recently completed has the full size Frank Lloyd Wright design filling station


The entrance to the new section

2017 05 13 105 Buffalo Pierce Arrow Museum.JPG


The drum from the company band in the early 1900s

2017 05 13 113 Buffalo Pierce Arrow Museum.JPG


Two famed Pierce Arrow hood ornaments

2017 05 13 114 Buffalo Pierce Arrow Museum.JPG


Artwork in the bicycle section

2017 05 13 123 Buffalo Pierce Arrow Museum.JPG


One of the recently donated Corvettes

2017 05 13 133 Buffalo Pierce Arrow Museum.JPG


The filling station

2017 05 13 151 Buffalo Pierce Arrow Museum.JPG


2017 05 13 169 Buffalo Pierce Arrow Museum.JPG


A couple of classic Auburns.

2017 05 13 184 Buffalo Pierce Arrow Museum.JPG

Columbus – April 2017 – Wagner Hagens Auto Museum

German Village in Columbus is a great neighborhood with mostly small brick houses, on very small lots, situated on small brick streets. Because of the demand for space in German Village I was amazed when I came across an article that talked about an ‘auto museum’ in the neighborhood. This is not a neighborhood where you would expect something like this.

2015 05 31 27 German Village Walking Tour.JPG

The Wagner Hagens Auto Museum was listed as being open by appointment, with a phone number listed. Once I called I spoke to Steve, who said we could come over that morning.

We arrived right as another group was leaving, and was able to find parking on the street just down the block. The garage door was open and we walked in to find a great collection of cars jammed in the garage.

2017 04 29 1 Columbus Wagner Hagens Auto Museum.JPG


Steve welcomed us, and proceeded to tell us about he and his business partners passion of collecting, including not only the cars but a significant amount of memorabilia.

2017 04 29 8 Columbus Wagner Hagens Auto Museum.JPG


Up front was a great collection of 50s ‘Detroit Iron’, a Nomad, Edsel, and many others. Towards the rear was a collection of Packards.

2017 04 29 16 Columbus Wagner Hagens Auto Museum.JPG


While the 50s cars were nice, nothing compares in style to the Packards.

2017 04 29 19 Columbus Wagner Hagens Auto Museum.JPG


Also throughout was Steve’s collection of unique license plates, which included many hard to find plates.

2017 04 29 32 Columbus Wagner Hagens Auto Museum.JPG


Best of all were the stories that he shared on not only the acquisition of the cars, but also of the history of the cars themselves.

2017 04 29 35 Columbus Wagner Hagens Auto Museum.JPG


Situated in an old auto shop garage, with most everything in original state, a visit to the Wagner Hagens Auto Museum is well worth the time. And it was topped off with a bratwurst sandwich at the nearby Mohawk Restaurant, what a perfect morning.

Dayton – April 2017 – British Transportation Museum

Our primary destination in Dayton on this beautiful Saturday was to visit the British Transportation Museum. Located in a former grocery store warehouse the volunteers here are passionate about restoring British vehicles, and sharing the stories behind them. While there are many automobile museums in flashy buildings, or with larger collections, the people we met here were some of the friendliest.

2017 04 08 58 Dayton British Transportation Museum.JPG


I found this place on an internet search, and a couple hours after sending an email to the contact person (Pete) I received a reply welcoming us to come by the next day.

2017 04 08 65 Dayton British Transportation Museum.JPG


They have a nice collection including Mini’s, Jaguar’s, Austin’s, Triumphs and many others. The old building gives a true motor head feel to the place.

2017 04 08 76 Dayton British Transportation Museum.JPG


We were even treated to a tour of the auxiliary building where they store some of their overflow, as well as renting out space to others to store cars, as well as giant rolls of rubber/plastic seals for who knows what. What it did do was give one the ‘found a classic in a barn’ feel.

2017 04 08 75 Dayton British Transportation Museum.JPG

For every Nethercutt I will take a trip to places like the British Transportation Museum in Dayton.


Dayton – April 2017 – America’s Packard Museum Revisited

Since we were running ahead on our day in Dayton, we made a return visit to the America’s Packard Museum. We had visited this museum a couple of years ago and were pleasantly surprised to see they had completely rearranged the automobiles on display, swapping out many of them for others in their collection.


2017 04 08 102 Dayton Packard Museum.JPG



The post war collection has been greatly enhanced as well.

2017 04 08 111 Dayton Packard Museum.JPG


2017 04 08 117 Dayton Packard Museum.JPG


As always with Packard’s there is an amazing collection of hood ornaments.

2017 04 08 137 Dayton Packard Museum.JPG


Located in a former Packard Dealership in downtown Dayton, the entire place gives off a feel of travelling in time (luxury time travel at that). There are few locations that are as good to visit a second time, but the Packard Museum is one of them.

2017 04 08 84 Dayton Packard Museum.JPG

Dayton – April 2017 – Porsche Gathering

We found ourselves in Dayton on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, checking out another transportation museum (in other posts), when someone came in looking for an event hall. He explained to the ladies at the counter he was late for a Porsche Club gathering.

Having heard that there were ‘a hundred’ Porsche’s just parked on the street a block away we headed down. And it was true, there were Porsche’s everywhere in the old Dayton neighborhood surround Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School.

2017 04 08 151 Dayton Porsche Gathering.JPG


2017 04 08 153 Dayton Porsche Gathering.JPG


2017 04 08 157 Dayton Porsche Gathering.JPG


2017 04 08 160 Dayton Porsche Gathering.JPG