Galveston, Texas – May 2019 – Beach and Bay

Galveston is located on an island, just off the Texas coast. While there is a major freeway crossing the bay onto the island, we chose the more interesting route by taking the ferry from the Bolivar Peninsula.

The Gulf of Mexico was angry this day, with a very rough surf, and red flag warnings for all to stay out of the water.

One the ocean side of Galveston there are the typical beach town activities such as an amusement pier.

One of the fishing piers shows how rough the surf was.

A monument to the victims of the 1900 storm is on the beach.

The bay side of Galveston is all business. An off shore oil rig construction company is located on the mainland side.

The Houston Ship Channel is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the country.

The tall ship Elissa is located in Galveston. Built in 1877 it sailed under Norwegian and Swedish flags before being located in Galveston and after extensive restoration, is used for tourist and training of young would be sailors.

Another view of Galveston Harbor.

Like Morgan City, Louisiana, Galveston has a historic offshore oil rig. Unlike Galveston, this one has much corporate sponsorship. We passed since we had seen the ‘real thing’ a couple of days earlier.

One harbor was filled with shrimp boats.

Galveston has always been a point of origination for cruise ships, as was evidenced as one was in port ready for departure.

Cove Neck, NY – May 2018 – Sagamore Hill

As American presidents go, none were more interesting than Teddy Roosevelt. Born and raised in New York City Teddy did as many wealthy people of the time did, he bought an estate in the country. In his case he purchased 155 acres along the North Shore of Long Island, near Oyster Bay. By 1887 a home was completed and Teddy moved in.




2018 05 28 66 Oyster Bay NY Sagamore Hill NHS.jpg



Today the estate is part of the National Park Service. As you arrive and park about 100 yards away at the visitor center, you approach the home from the rear therefore the first close up you get is of the ice house. Without refrigeration an ice house was an integral part of life.

2018 05 28 68 Oyster Bay NY Sagamore Hill NHS.jpg



Making our way around the exterior (once again we arrived somewhere that was closed to tours for the day) we were greeting with a view of an eagle sculpture on the side of the home.

2018 05 28 73 Oyster Bay NY Sagamore Hill NHS.jpg



When it was built in the late 1800s it was thought to be a very modern looking house.

2018 05 28 74 Oyster Bay NY Sagamore Hill NHS.jpg



On this closer view of the front you will note that a portion of the railing is missing. Teddy has this removed so he could more easily address crowds that regularly gathered on the front lawn.

2018 05 28 75 Oyster Bay NY Sagamore Hill NHS.jpg




The front porch is massive, and the awnings add to the comfort on a warm summer day even more.

2018 05 28 77 Oyster Bay NY Sagamore Hill NHS.jpg




The traditional entrance featured a porte cochere (carriage porch).

2018 05 28 82 Oyster Bay NY Sagamore Hill NHS.jpg



Our final view of the home provided an interesting perspective up the hill past the ice house to the main house. Note the numerous roof lines.

2018 05 28 92 Oyster Bay NY Sagamore Hill NHS.jpg



Nearby Teddy Roosevelt Jr later built his home.

2018 05 28 94 Oyster Bay NY Sagamore Hill NHS.jpg



The estate property goes all the way down the hill to Cold Spring Harbor. Sagamore Hill is a great place to spend a couple of hours – just try and time it when the house it open!

2018 05 28 95 Oyster Bay NY Sagamore Hill NHS.jpg