Tucson – January 2023 – Boneyard Safari

There is a group of aviation enthusiasts that have an organization called the Boneyard Safari, some of whom are located in Tucson. On a monthly basis they offer tours of a facility known as Aircraft Restoration and Marketing. This facility is located next to, but definitely not part of, the famed Davis Monthan Air Force Base boneyard.

The tour started early on a cold Saturday morning. Our docent Ramon lead us around the facility where most of the aircraft are not in flying condition, but this was expected.

With the early start we were there as the sun rose providing interesting lighting.

We wandered around some old Boeing 727, C130s, DC3 and others.

Many weren’t even complete aircraft anymore.

They will sell any part of an airplane to anyone with the money. This included some company that makes luggage tags out of old airplane skins, hence the plethora of small rectangular cutouts on the fuselage.

This cross section clearly shows the makeup of the tube that is an aircraft.

What happens to the cockpit of a 747 that sits in the desert for years? It becomes home to a bunch of weeds (and likely pack rats, snakes and other critters)

More pieces/parts.

A poor effort to mask the tail number.

In addition to the aircraft there were other varied and sundry items around the facility.

A few more looks at the aircraft. While Ramon was an excellent docent, and it was amusing walking around the boneyard, the cost seemed excessive for what was there (compared to the numerous other types of events like this I have attended).

If you are really into aircraft, or quirky photography, this could be an event for you.