Cumberland, Maryland – Late Fall 2016 Road Trip – Day 1

With the Veterans Day holiday I figured out I had enough vacation time for a week long road trip, deciding to take a road trip visiting Washington, D.C., the Eastern Shore, the Outer Banks, and back through North Carolina, Tennessee and eastern Kentucky.  We were able to leave home mid afternoon, making it to Cumberland, Maryland by 7 PM. As we were checking in the Fairfield Inn we asked the desk clerk for a restaurant recommend; his was the Ristorante Ottavianni on Center Street

2016 11 04 6 Cumberland MD.jpg

After a nice walk along the canal trail to the restaurant we enjoyed scallop pesto linguine with the best scallops ever, along with a chicken parm meal. After dinner we returned along the canal trail seeing an old canal boat docked behind our hotel.

2016 11 04 14 Cumberland MD.jpg

Historically, Cumberland was known as the “Queen City,” as it was once the second largest city in the state.  Due to its strategic location on what became known as the Cumberland Road through the Appalachians, it served as a staging point for westward migrations after the American Revolution into the settlement of Ohio Country.

For us it meant it was a good place to stop for the night just a couple of hours from DC.

2016 11 04 11 Cumberland MD.jpg

Troy, OH Area – October 2015 – Airplanes and Airstreams

With a few 2015 vacation days left I opted to take a Thursday off and head back out to western Ohio for a couple of unique stops. First on the agenda the Waco (pronounced like taco) Aircraft Museum in Troy, Ohio. Waco produced planes between 1919 and 1947, starting as the Weaver Aircraft Company, hence Waco. Once they began they became known as manufacturers of reliable, rugged airplanes popular with postal services, explorers and others.

Their first closed cabin models began in the 1930s, before that they were all open cockpit bi-planes. During the second world war they made a number of gliders, as well as some trainers. The museum celebrates all of the above with a nice collection of artifacts and complete airplanes situated along side a grass runway.

The initial building contains models, small artifacts, a library and a couple of planes. The second building contains some beautifully restored wooden airplanes, as well as a aviation fuel truck from the ‘teens’.

2015 10 30 30 Troy OH WACO Airplanes Museum.jpg



On the way to our final stop of the day we passed through a small town called Lockington. It is named so after a series of locks that were built between 1833-1845 on the Miami and Erie Canal, consisting of seven locks along with a turn around basin, unique for the time. The locks stretch for almost 4 miles.

There are three in the Ohio Historical Site in the town.

2015 10 30 64 Lockington Locks OH.jpg


Our final stop for the day was the Airstream Factory in Jackson Center, Ohio. Airstream has been building RV trailers here since the 1950s after starting out in California in the 1920s. After hanging out in the service counter lounge for about 30 minutes our tour of about 12 people took off, lead by two retired workers who had worked for Airstream for 40+ years.

We happened to be there on a day there was no production, which was disappointing in some ways but worked out in others as we could go into each work space and inspect the process closely, just not live. Unfortunately they are fairly restrictive on photographs as well, but did permit any you liked outside, and a few locations inside.

They walked us through the entire manufacturing process, showing us the rolls of the famous silver aluminum, the framing process, quality control and finally the interior fit out. Across the street is another factory that they build out the motorhomes based on a Mercedes Benz van chassis. All in all it was very interesting, free, and a good way to spend a couple of hours. I look forward to going back some day when production is running.




Akron – August 2011 – Aeros Minor League Baseball

A beautiful sunny weekend day with nothing else to do – time for some baseball. A quick trip to downtown Akron brought us to Canal Park, yet another in the retro style stadiums that have been built since the 1990s.

As the name suggests this park sits next to the old 1800s canal that still exists through Akron.

2011 08 28 Akron Aeros 5.jpg



The stadium itself is nice, with a red brick exterior.

2011 08 28 Akron Aeros 9.jpg



The play was good.

2011 08 28 Akron Aeros 16.jpg




2011 08 28 Akron Aeros 22.jpg



2011 08 28 Akron Aeros 18.jpg


The entertainment amusing – especially sumo football.

2011 08 28 Akron Aeros 19.jpg




2011 08 28 Akron Aeros 20.jpg


2011 08 28 Akron Aeros 24