Columbus – December 2017 – Revisiting the Chinese Lantern Festival

December has brought the Chinese Lantern Festival back to town. Celebrating the art and craft of Sichuan, China, the lanterns are a beautiful combination of fabrics and light.

As you enter the grounds you are immediately greeted by a canopy of lanterns.

2017 12 03 67.JPG


The displays are very large – the one below is approximately 50′ across by 15′ high.

2017 12 03 81.JPG



Many dealt with wildlife, most coming from the Chinese Calendar.

2017 12 03 93.JPG



More nature is celebrated with giant flowers.

2017 12 03 99.JPG



The Lovers arches.

2017 12 03 128.JPG



This year the entertainment was moved inside, avoiding the extreme cold that often occurs in December in Ohio. These young ladies had amazing agility and strength.

2017 12 03 148.JPG



The face-changing actor was the only return act from last year  – still amazing.

2017 12 03 159.JPG



The plate spinners. While we don’t often repeat activities the Chinese Lantern Festival will be an annual event.

2017 12 03 172.JPG






Columbus – February 2017 – Closed for the Season

To me there is nothing sadder looking than an amusement park closed for the winter. Today while leaving the Fairgrounds we saw the equivalent, the Chinese Lantern Festival decorations just stacked back in the corner of the grounds awaiting shipment or storage.

We went to the Chinese Lantern Festival in early December and it was beautiful

2016 12 10 92 Columbus OH Chinese Lantern Festival.JPG


On this day though the lanterns and other decorations sat forlornly along a fence, like discarded toys.

2017 02 25 25 Columbus Fairgrounds Chinese Lantern Storage.JPG


2017 02 25 27 Columbus Fairgrounds Chinese Lantern Storage.JPG


2017 02 25 28 Columbus Fairgrounds Chinese Lantern Storage.JPG


2017 02 25 31 Columbus Fairgrounds Chinese Lantern Storage.JPG