Cincinnati – August 2018 – 1940s Day at Lunken Airport

Lunken Airport is located in a valley on the east side of Cincinnati where the Miami River flows into the Ohio River. Because it is in a valley that has a tendency to flood it is known as ‘Sunken Lunken’.

In the early days of aviation it was the airport for Cincinnati, but in the late 1940s they moved to a much larger site across the river in Northern Kentucky.


2018 08 11 1 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



Lunken still is a very busy airport, serving corporate jets and other smaller private planes, while maintaining it’s classic art deco look.

2018 08 11 11 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



On this day the Cincinnati Museum group was hosting ‘1940s Day at Lunken’. Among the events was a ‘Rosie the Riveter’ photo shoot.

2018 08 11 46 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



Amazingly a couple of elderly women were on hand actually were ‘Rosies’ during the 1940s.

2018 08 11 43 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



People were encouraged to dress the era, and many did.

2018 08 11 47 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



The festival hosting a number of vintage airplanes and cars, and those that came in costume fit in perfect with the equipment.

2018 08 11 50 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



Either she is a spy or one of the museum workers.

2018 08 11 55 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



A Carmen Miranda look, minus the fruit.

2018 08 11 60 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



We saw a couple of ladies dressed in their ‘League of Their Own’ uniforms – a great touch.

2018 08 11 62 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



There was entertainment all day. The ‘Queen City Sisters’ acapella group were great singers, with style in their presentation.

2018 08 11 67 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



The umbrella served two functions this day – shade in the hot sun, then protection from the rain when a hard shower came through.

2018 08 11 73 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



She made a great entrance from the sidecar.

2018 08 11 75 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



As noted previously there were some vintage planes and cars, and this fire truck.

2018 08 11 79 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



They were very selective in the cars presented, all fitting the environment, if not exactly period perfect.

2018 08 11 85 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



Some Model A’s.

2018 08 11 86 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



Airplanes and a stylish dress and hat – how cool.

2018 08 11 105 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



A vintage Navy plane was on hand.

2018 08 11 118 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



I can see this being 1935 in Cincinnati.

2018 08 11 126 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



Molly Wellmann is a local tavern owner, and historian. She entertained the crowd with the history of alcohol production in Cincinnati (which is extensive).

2018 08 11 134 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



Meanwhile the contestants for the costume contest gathered.

2018 08 11 138 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



I suggested to these three they visit Twinsburg next year, they would be a hit there too.

2018 08 11 145 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



These ladies were also from the museum.

2018 08 11 146 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



The styles were great – without the people who came this would’ve been a mediocre event with a couple of planes and cars. With them it was fantastic.

2018 08 11 149 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



A vintage couple with a vintage hangar in the background.

2018 08 11 152 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



One observation I have made over the last couple of years that if you ask someone to take their photo and you have your phone or a point and click camera you don’t get much response, but if you have a SLR you get enthusiasm.

2018 08 11 156 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



While the dancing was occurring in another tent, this costume contestant decided to combine them.

2018 08 11 168 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



The pilots are ready for boarding.

2018 08 11 169 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



If this is the 1940s I need to time travel – what a great day.

2018 08 11 174 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg



And they danced the day away….

2018 08 11 181 Cincinnati Lunken Airport 1940s Day.jpg





Cincinnati – June 2018 – Hyde Park Blast

The Hyde Park Blast is a fundraiser for cancer research that has been held in this Cincinnati neighborhood for the last 17 years.

One of the highlights of the Blast is a day of bicycle racing.

 2018 06 30 101 Cincinnati Hyde Park Blast.jpg



While the racing takes place all day we were able to watch two of the 45 minute long races – including the Intermediate Men’s race.

 2018 06 30 111 Cincinnati Hyde Park Blast.jpg



The course was a mile loop up and down Erie Avenue, the main street in the neighborhood.

 2018 06 30 113 Cincinnati Hyde Park Blast.jpg



At the far end they made a turn through a couple of the side streets.

 2018 06 30 125 Cincinnati Hyde Park Blast.jpg



Hyde Park has always been one of the nicer areas of the city. Note in the background someone tore down one of the classic old houses to build a large modern house. While I love this type of architecture, there is a place and this clearly isn’t it – they must have thought they were in Seattle.

Still it makes a nice background for the racers.

 2018 06 30 126 Cincinnati Hyde Park Blast.jpg



Coming down the small hill and making the turn back onto Erie Avenue.

 2018 06 30 134 Cincinnati Hyde Park Blast.jpg


The racing was close throughout.

 2018 06 30 136 Cincinnati Hyde Park Blast.jpg



The intensity is shown on the faces of the racers.

 2018 06 30 144 Cincinnati Hyde Park Blast.jpg



And a final sprint to the finish.

 2018 06 30 156 Cincinnati Hyde Park Blast.jpg



The second race we saw was a women’s race, including the Ohio State championship.

 2018 06 30 167 Cincinnati Hyde Park Blast.jpg



One of the racers took off ahead of the pack and built a 20 second lead.

 2018 06 30 168 Cincinnati Hyde Park Blast.jpg



Only to eventually be caught.

 2018 06 30 170 Cincinnati Hyde Park Blast.jpg



This race too came down the the final sprint. The racer who had broken away only to be caught did manage to hang on and win.

 2018 06 30 174 Cincinnati Hyde Park Blast.jpg



But the real reason I wanted to check out the Hyde Park Blast was the Chariot Racing!

 2018 06 30 182 Cincinnati Hyde Park Blast.jpg



The Chariots  are pulled by two humans with one in the Chariot.

 2018 06 30 194 Cincinnati Hyde Park Blast.jpg



Costumes were encouraged.

 2018 06 30 198 Cincinnati Hyde Park Blast.jpg



There were two groups of Chariot Racers – social ones with better costumes, and serious runners who designed for maximum speed.

 2018 06 30 208 Cincinnati Hyde Park Blast.jpg



Although the various running clubs still had some style to them.

 2018 06 30 209 Cincinnati Hyde Park Blast.jpg



Clearly not one of the serious groups.

 2018 06 30 221 Cincinnati Hyde Park Blast.jpg



Sharks might be fast in the water, but not on the streets of Cincinnati. Still the Chariot Races made a great finish to a good day of the Hyde Park Blast.

 2018 06 30 223 Cincinnati Hyde Park Blast.jpg





Cincinnati – June 2018 – Lucky Cat Museum

Having been working on the Roadside America list for 4 years now we thought we had exhausted the list of those in Ohio, but we had at least one more classic one to see – the Lucky Cat Museum in Cincinnati.

Owned by Micha Robertson, she makes the trip over from nearby Northern Kentucky in her stylish little ride.

 2018 06 30 70 Cincinnati Lucky Cat Museum.jpg



Located in an old factory/warehouse that is now artist studios, her Lucky Cat Museum is packed with over 1000 items.

 2018 06 30 76 Cincinnati Lucky Cat Museum.jpg



From floor to ceiling…

 2018 06 30 78 Cincinnati Lucky Cat Museum.jpg



They seemed to be staring at me 🙂

 2018 06 30 84 Cincinnati Lucky Cat Museum.jpg



Micha was enthusiastic about us being there, and was happy to tell us about her collection.

 2018 06 30 85 Cincinnati Lucky Cat Museum.jpg



While we explored the extensive collection

 2018 06 30 88 Cincinnati Lucky Cat Museum.jpg



The expressions were great.

 2018 06 30 91 Cincinnati Lucky Cat Museum.jpg



In a variety of finishes.

 2018 06 30 93 Cincinnati Lucky Cat Museum.jpg



You can bet on the Lucky Cat Museum – totally worth a visit.

 2018 06 30 94 Cincinnati Lucky Cat Museum.jpg





Cincinnati – June 2018 – Flowering Competition

One thing is certain, there is competition for everything. On this hot Saturday we found ourselves at the Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati for the annual Daylily competition.

But first we checked out the rest of the historic conservatory.

 2018 06 30 8 Cincinnati Krohn Conservatory.jpg



The building is fairly small for a conservatory, however when it was opened in 1933 it was one of the best in the country. They do make great use of the space they have.

 2018 06 30 19 Cincinnati Krohn Conservatory.jpg



As with most conservatories, it was very colorful.

 2018 06 30 27 Cincinnati Krohn Conservatory.jpg



Normally when you go to a conservatory and go into the tropics areas you feel the heat and humidity, although on this day it was nearly 100 F in Cincinnati so it was actually cooler inside than out.

 2018 06 30 28 Cincinnati Krohn Conservatory.jpg



They had a great variety of plants.

 2018 06 30 33 Cincinnati Krohn Conservatory.jpg



The Daylily competition was held in the Bonsai room. Normally the bonsai trees are the center of attention, but not this day!

 2018 06 30 44 Cincinnati Krohn Conservatory.jpg



There was a separate competition for the centerpieces.

 2018 06 30 21 Cincinnati Krohn Conservatory.jpg



The colors were very vivid, with many reds and oranges not normally seen on daylillies.

 2018 06 30 38 Cincinnati Krohn Conservatory.jpg



While a competition, everyone there were very friendly and anxious to talk to you about growing the flowers, and encouraging you to join their club.

 2018 06 30 48 Cincinnati Krohn Conservatory.jpg



A beautiful start to our afternoon in Cincinnati.

 2018 06 30 53 Cincinnati Krohn Conservatory.jpg





Cincinnati – April 2018 – Terracotta Soldiers

The Cincinnati Ar Museum is hosting an exhibit of the Chinese Terracotta Soldiers. Included in the exhibit are 10 soldiers from the famed collection of Terracotta Warriors of the first emperor of China – Qin Shi Huang.

2018 04 21 1 Cincinnati Art Museum.jpg



The sculptures are over 2000 years old; serving as funerary art for the emperor to protect him in his afterlife.

They are part of a collection of an estimated 8000 soldiers, 130 chariots and over 500 horses.

While the lighting made photography tricky, it was an honor to be able to see these amazing sculptures in person.

The special exhibit area had a timed ticket admission policy to smooth the crowds wanting to view them. While busy it wasn’t jammed so you could enjoy them.

2018 04 21 89 Cincinnati Art Museum.jpg




The details are amazing.

2018 04 21 90 Cincinnati Art Museum.jpg




It seems obvious with the subtle differences in the faces that they were modeled after real individuals.

2018 04 21 91 Cincinnati Art Museum.jpg




The amazing collection was discovered in 1974 by a farmer digging a well.

2018 04 21 93 Cincinnati Art Museum.jpg




The 10 soldiers had a variety of poses.

2018 04 21 98 Cincinnati Art Museum.jpg




As the display makes it’s way around the world it is the most popular exhibit since King Tut.

2018 04 21 101 Cincinnati Art Museum.jpg




The life size figures made one feel as if they were looking at you.

2018 04 21 112 Cincinnati Art Museum.jpg




Standing guard for 2000 years.

2018 04 21 119 Cincinnati Art Museum.jpg





Cincinnati – October 2017 – Cyclocross

A ‘cyclocross’ (cross country bicycling racing) was held on a cold Sunday in the Cincinnati suburb of Fairfield. The event took place throughout the streets and fields of a park.

With teams from throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and beyond the pits were filled with an impressive collection of tents, trucks and bikes while the technicians readied them for the races.

2017 10 29 53 Fairfield OH Cincinnati Cyclocross.jpg




There were numerous classes, including this one the start of a multi-group female race. This race had under 23s and over 35s.

2017 10 29 66 Fairfield OH Cincinnati Cyclocross.jpg




Miles of blue tape outlined the course up and down throughout the park.

2017 10 29 78 Fairfield OH Cincinnati Cyclocross.jpg




Some racers were more bundled for the cold weather than others.

2017 10 29 81 Fairfield OH Cincinnati Cyclocross.jpg




Famed baseball player Satchel Paige had a quote ‘don’t look back someone might be gaining on you’ – clearly she didn’t head his advice.

2017 10 29 86 Fairfield OH Cincinnati Cyclocross.jpg




A sand pit results in some small jumps, although nothing like a BMX track would yield.

2017 10 29 98 Fairfield OH Cincinnati Cyclocross.jpg




It did however cause some of the racers to get a bit off course.

2017 10 29 99 Fairfield OH Cincinnati Cyclocross.jpg




Given Halloween is near a couple of riders dressed for the occasion, like the human taco.

2017 10 29 18 Fairfield OH Cincinnati Cyclocross.jpg




A few got hung up on a small hill and had to dismount.

2017 10 29 8 Fairfield OH Cincinnati Cyclocross.jpg




Racing to the finish.

2017 10 29 48 Fairfield OH Cincinnati Cyclocross.jpg




Cincinnati – July 2017 – Dangerwheel

While researching what to do for the year one event I found that was highlighted in red letters not to miss is Dangerwheel – Adult big wheel racing down a hill in Cincinnati!

East 12th Street in Over The Rhine is not the steepest street in town, but it is more than sufficient to get the riders moving quickly.

Aided by sometimes over exuberant pushers, the racers head down the hill.

2017 07 29 98 Cincinnati Dangerwheel



2017 07 29 101 Cincinnati Dangerwheel




Not satisfied with just going down a hill on a trike with no brakes or pedals, the audience pelt the contestants with water balloons.

2017 07 29 56 Cincinnati Dangerwheel


2017 07 29 68 Cincinnati Dangerwheel




The second round featured large balls in the course for the racers to ride through.

2017 07 29 143 Cincinnati Dangerwheel



Costumes, and props are encouraged.

2017 07 29 164 Cincinnati Dangerwheel




2017 07 29 174 Cincinnati Dangerwheel




Without brakes mayhem usually ensued at the bottom.

2017 07 29 81 Cincinnati Dangerwheel




2017 07 29 108 Cincinnati Dangerwheel



2017 07 29 117 Cincinnati Dangerwheel



In the end the entire event was great. We unfortunately were unable to stay to the end (they take about 7-8 hours to compete, we only had 4 hours) – next year we will spend the night in Cincinnati and stay for the entire event.

2017 07 29 132 Cincinnati Dangerwheel