Cleveland – November 2018 – A Traditional Zoo

The Cleveland Metroparks is one of the best parks systems in the United States, circling Cleveland in what is known as the Emerald Necklance

One of their main features closer into the city is the Metroparks Zoo, only 5 miles from downtown Cleveland.

2018 11 03 34 Cleveland Zoo.jpg



While much smaller than the more famous Columbus Zoo, in my opinion it is nicer in that there is far less commercialization.

The Metroparks Zoo does have a number of themed exhibit areas including the Rain Forest.  This building, as the name indicates, brings together the plants and wildlife of the jungles.

This little guy is a Golden Lion Tamarin, a highly endangered animal from Brazil.

2018 11 03 2 Cleveland Zoo.jpg



The bird below is a Scarlet Ibis. The zoo found it was losing it’s natural color, until they added shrimp to it’s diet.

2018 11 03 6 Cleveland Zoo.jpg



A Capybara. While he was in his controlled habitat here, we once had the opportunity to meet one up close in British Columbia. The Capybara is known as the world’s largest rodent, but they seem pretty cool to me.

2018 11 03 8 Cleveland Zoo.jpg



Bornean Orangutan. So much for that vegetarian diet keeping weight down – this guy can weigh over 300 pounds.

2018 11 03 14 Cleveland Zoo.jpg



The Emerald Tree Boa. 8 feet long with fang like teeth!

2018 11 03 29 Cleveland Zoo.jpg



We left the Rain Forest and headed up through the main section of the zoo, stopping to check out the elephants.

2018 11 03 41 Cleveland Zoo.jpg



Cleveland has some ravines, and the zoo is built in, and up above one. After the hike up the hill we made our way to the Primates, Cat & Aquatics indoor habitat (with some outdoor space as well).

The Mandrill below is a large monkey, weighing up to 80 pounds.

2018 11 03 68 Cleveland Zoo.jpg



One of the many Lemurs.

2018 11 03 70 Cleveland Zoo.jpg



This cat like animal is known as a Fossa, from Madagascar. Those in the animal business apparently debate if it is more like a mongoose or a cat.

2018 11 03 72 Cleveland Zoo.jpg



More Lemurs – the is time Ring Tailed. This is the most common Lemur.

2018 11 03 74 Cleveland Zoo.jpg



Another Lemur – I tried to have a staring contest, which I obviously lost.

2018 11 03 77 Cleveland Zoo.jpg



But it was time to move over to the Aquatic side of the house. Our first tank we came to gave us this great view!

2018 11 03 90 Cleveland Zoo.jpg



And more…

2018 11 03 95 Cleveland Zoo.jpg



We headed back down the hill to the African Savanna section for lions…

2018 11 03 102 Cleveland Zoo.jpg



And Zebras

2018 11 03 103 Cleveland Zoo.jpg



Our final section was the Wilderness Trek. As I always note on trips to the zoo, I am always torn by being in the presence of such great animals, and the fact that they are stuck in cages. But as with the Tamarin without some conservation some breeds would be totally lost.

2018 11 03 114 Cleveland Zoo.jpg




Macedonia, Ohio – September 2018 – Wizard of OzFest

The small Cleveland suburb of Macedonia held a ‘Wizard of Oz Fest’ in the town park. Being in the area we decided to stop by.

Generally the festival was a bust, with just a few vendors peddling Wizard of Oz related trinkets. There were however some people from the local community theater dressed as characters from the movie.

2018 09 29 195 Macedonia OH Wizard of Oz Festival.jpg




The people from the theater embraced their parts, doing a good job of staying in character.

2018 09 29 182 Macedonia OH Wizard of Oz Festival.jpg




In addition there were a couple of other people who came dressed for the occasion, but very few. Perhaps we timed it wrong as earlier in the day they had a ‘Dorothy 5k’, but I am unsure if many came in costume.

2018 09 29 179 Macedonia OH Wizard of Oz Festival



One of the Wicked Witches guards was on hand.

2018 09 29 183 Macedonia OH Wizard of Oz Festival.jpg



One guy put on a one person show where he did the entire movie in 20 minutes, changing his hats/hair/etc and doing a brief piece from the movie.

2018 09 29 184 Macedonia OH Wizard of Oz Festival.jpg




The community theater Dorothy.

2018 09 29 173 Macedonia OH Wizard of Oz Festival



The witch.

2018 09 29 175 Macedonia OH Wizard of Oz Festival




The twenty minute Oz wishes everyone a good day. While not the best festival we have ever been to, those in character earn points for effort.

2018 09 29 180 Macedonia OH Wizard of Oz Festival





















Cleveland – September 2018 – IngenuityFest

Each September IngenuityFest occurs in Cleveland. It is tough to explain exactly what IngenuityFest is, but their website describes it as ‘sparking creativity among artists, entrepreneurs and innovators of all types, through job and collaboration, in service to civic progress.

What that means is you will find music, lots of music….

2018 09 29 113 Cleveland Ingenuityfest.jpg



Interesting art….

2018 09 29 118 Cleveland Ingenuityfest.jpg



Unique performances like a belly dancer will lit candles on her head….

2018 09 29 122 Cleveland Ingenuityfest.jpg



A lampshade that looks like a cloud….

2018 09 29 128 Cleveland Ingenuityfest.jpg


A lamp made out of an old drill….

2018 09 29 129 Cleveland Ingenuityfest.jpg



Really cool art….

2018 09 29 132 Cleveland Ingenuityfest.jpg



More music….

2018 09 29 136 Cleveland Ingenuityfest.jpg




A room that you stand in front of a projector and it turns you into a stick person that moves as you move….(a selfie)

2018 09 29 140 Cleveland Ingenuityfest.jpg




More music….

2018 09 29 152 Cleveland Ingenuityfest.jpg




The musicians we heard were all quite good.

2018 09 29 158 Cleveland Ingenuityfest.jpg




The octopus that ate the Terminal Tower.

2018 09 29 159 Cleveland Ingenuityfest.jpg




These guys were demonstrating their robot that can paint lines on roads, but for this they were making a large painting on the parking lot.

2018 09 29 164 Cleveland Ingenuityfest.jpg




Held in a hundred year old former factory (where Fuel Cleveland was held a few months ago), even the venue was re-purposed.

2018 09 29 168 Cleveland Ingenuityfest.jpg




IngenuityFest is one unique event.

2018 09 29 170 Cleveland Ingenuityfest.jpg






Cleveland – September 2018 – US Sailing Championships

A late September sunny, cool & breezy Saturday was the perfect setting for the US Sailing Championships in Cleveland. Held near Edgewater Beach, the event features teams of 6 competing together in 3 boats.

2018 09 29 2 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




The headquarters for the event was the Old Coast Guard Station at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River.

2018 09 29 6 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg



We had visited this location before, but never had the chance to go inside. The boathouse was fantastic, and on this day actually being used as a boathouse.

2018 09 29 12 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




The action took place inside the breakwater.

2018 09 29 15 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




As they would sail around the harbor, the boats would tip steeply, forcing the crew to quickly jump to the other side to balance them out.

2018 09 29 28 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




There were a variety of great backgrounds to shoot. From this view the Edgewater Marina sailboat masts framed the small crafts.

2018 09 29 32 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




A freighter was offloading coal nearby.

2018 09 29 33 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




The apartment buildings along the Gold Coast in Lakewood is directly across the lake from the Coast Guard Station vantage point.

2018 09 29 36 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




While we watched the Nautica Queen passed by.

2018 09 29 47 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




At times it appeared to be more like roller derby than sailing.

2018 09 29 54 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




Their routes around the harbor took them near one of the lighthouses at the mouth of the river.

2018 09 29 60 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




Clearly having the boats pitched side to side was the fastest way around the course.

2018 09 29 62 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




They race identical boats provided by a local sailing group known as the Foundry. Most had sails with a giant Cleveland logo on them.

2018 09 29 66 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




The Chamber of Commerce moment number 1 – Sailboats with Cleveland sails going past the art deco Coast Guard building.

2018 09 29 70 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




Most of the teams were male/female, which is apparently how you get to the ideal maximum weight of 290 pounds for the crew.

2018 09 29 86 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




The Chamber of Commerce moment number 2 – Sailboat with a Cleveland sail going past the lighthouse.

2018 09 29 89 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




The racing was continuous with numerous heats constantly coming and going.

2018 09 29 106 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg



More close action. Amazingly nobody went into the water, but these are some of the best sailors in the country, as the teams came from all over for this event.

2018 09 29 107 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg




This event was one of the best photography moments I have had in some time.

2018 09 29 108 Cleveland US Sailing Championships.jpg





Cleveland – July 2018 – A Day in Town

Having come to Cleveland for the Fuel Cleveland event, we had enough time to check out a few other sights.

I had recently read they had a velodrome in the Slavic Village neighborhood, so on the way into town we went to check it out – only to find that the freeway was closed due to construction.

Never fear – we eventually made it there.

2018 07 28 47 Cleveland Velodrome.jpg



Amazingly there are only 28 velodromes in all of America.

When we arrived late morning there were a few people practicing.

2018 07 28 56 Cleveland Velodrome.jpg



The track had a steel structural frame with what appeared to be layers of plywood for the track.

2018 07 28 57 Cleveland Velodrome.jpg



I was surprised at how steep the banking is.

2018 07 28 60 Cleveland Velodrome.jpg



We watched them run a few laps and headed out.

2018 07 28 70 Cleveland Velodrome.jpg



After the motorcycle event, we headed over to Edgewater Park and Wendy Park, where the restoration of a classic old coast guard house continues.

2018 07 28 256 Cleveland.jpg



With a warm July day watercraft of all sizes were out.

2018 07 28 255 Cleveland.jpg



Many seemed content just to park and hang out.

2018 07 28 258 Cleveland.jpg



The railroad lift bridge was down for an extended time, causing a backup of boats – but the trains over-rule pleasure boats every time.

2018 07 28 263 Cleveland.jpg



A sailboat with the high rise apartments in Lakewood in the background.

2018 07 28 264 Cleveland.jpg



An interesting mix of old an new – the newer apartments and Lakefront Rapid (light rail) framed by the old Shoreway Bridge and some of the older buildings that have been restored.

2018 07 28 269 Cleveland.jpg


A mix of skyscrapers downtown.

2018 07 28 274 Cleveland.jpg



Look familiar? It is the light house on this blog’s home page – just not covered in frozen mist.

2018 07 28 282 Cleveland.jpg



I am always amazed that the kayaks will get in the same water as the massive ore boats. Note a view of a portion of the Cleveland Browns Stadium on the right.

2018 07 28 287 Cleveland.jpg



The top of a Cleveland landmark – the Terminal Tower.

2018 07 28 289 Cleveland.jpg



A lift bridge and a skyscraper.

2018 07 28 296 Cleveland.jpg



From upper Edgewater the view across the harbor shows just how busy it was on the water.

2018 07 28 304 Cleveland.jpg



While on land some artwork makes for an interesting setting for hanging out.

2018 07 28 311 Cleveland.jpg



While we were there 4 different wedding parties came along for their photo opportunity. Running of the Brides Cleveland version.

2018 07 28 300 Cleveland.jpg




Cleveland – July 2018 – “Fuel Cleveland”

Fuel Cleveland is an effort to bring together motorcycle art, culture and design. In existences for just 3 years, the annual event has become huge.

2018 07 28 136 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



Cleveland has always been a center of transportation manufacturing, with the famed ‘Cleveland’ motorcycles being produced between 1902 and 1929.

Today the name has been revived by the Cleveland Cycle Werks.

2018 07 28 150 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



The show has a limited number of motorcycles inside, but is attended by thousands who arrive on their own bikes.

2018 07 28 79 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



The collection on the street where we parked was better than most shows, and that was just the beginning.

2018 07 28 83 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



As previously noted, art is a critical part of this show. This photographer specializes in using the old school camera, developing his own film. He came to the event from New York City.

2018 07 28 97 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



Inside were some of the best bikes. The restorations are amazing.

2018 07 28 102 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



While many are customized choppers.

2018 07 28 111 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



Held in an old factory on the east side, the setting was perfect for this event.

2018 07 28 116 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



Many of the custom jobs had death as a subject matter.

2018 07 28 121 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



The art was mixed in throughout.

2018 07 28 123 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



There were plenty of colorful people as well.

2018 07 28 131 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



Your usual retro living room based on motorcycle parts.

2018 07 28 142 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



Even the vendors had character.

2018 07 28 147 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



While most of the bikes were Harley Davidson’s, I did come across a few others including this great old BMW.

2018 07 28 154 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



Next up was the Skidmore Garage. A working garage specializing in old bikes, most were up on the stands for easier access.

2018 07 28 157 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



This bike, called Junk and Disorderly used random, non traditional motorcycle parts. Note the seat is made out of an old tire.

2018 07 28 163 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg


The mix of the custom bikes and eclectic art of old gas tanks provides a good idea of the atmosphere in the Skidmore Garage.

2018 07 28 166 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



The Detroit Brothers have an interesting approach to gas tank accessories.

2018 07 28 172 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



Hells Angels softer side – a pink chopper.

2018 07 28 174 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



There were numerous helmet design artists on hand.

2018 07 28 183 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



Even the air cleaners looked cool.

2018 07 28 187 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg


This area of the east side of Cleveland was always an industrial neighborhood. While most of the industry has left, there are still a number of buildings remaining. The neighborhood definitely added to the gritty feel with the bikes.

2018 07 28 189 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg


The parking lot was packed with bikes and riders.

2018 07 28 196 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



The classic winged Harley logo.

2018 07 28 202 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



Old bikes and old factories – a perfect combination.

2018 07 28 204 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



Even more – bikes everywhere.

2018 07 28 207 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



Lining the tree lawns along the street.

2018 07 28 228 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



A sweet cherry red chopper by itself in front of the building across the street.

2018 07 28 232 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



Welcome to Cleveland.

2018 07 28 235 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg



By now we were dog tired and headed home, just not in a dog chariot – we took the car.

2018 07 28 249 Cleveland Fuel Motorcycle & Art Show.jpg