Across Connecticut – August 2019 – From Yugos to Yale

If you are going from Boston to New York City you have no choice but to pass through Connecticut. We did, and found two very different stops along the way.

At the edge of the town of Middletown we found the Yugo Ranch!

Just 15 miles, but about 2 light years culturally, is Yale University in New Haven.

It seemed much of the university was under construction but we eventually found what we were looking for – Beinecke Library, one of the most amazing libraries in the world.

Enough stops – on to New York City.

Cambridge, Massachusetts – August 2019 – Insider Tour of MIT

I am fortunate enough to know someone who has spent considerable time at MIT, and she was kind enough to show us around to sights on campus that most visitors don’t realize is there to be seen.

We started out with some familiar sites; the Kresge Auditorium. Designed and completed in the mid 1950s by Eero Saarinen, it is an excellent example of mid-century modern.

Next door is a chapel, also designed by Saarinen.

The Rogers Building serves as the center of MIT. It’s atrium is beautiful.

The windows facing Mass Avenue are equally impressive.

The Frances Russell Hart Nautical Museum is tucked away on an upper floor of the main building. It contains a number of intricately designed model ships.

As you wander the halls you come across all sort of great sights.

While this might look like any other hallway at MIT, it is very special. It is known as the Infinite Hall, running the length of the main building and leading to a second building.

You have heard of Stonehenge, perhaps Manhattanhenge (a posting is available), and even Carhenge.

This otherwise nondescript hallway twice a year is the location of MITHenge – the sun shines straight through the entire distance, lighting up the floor. I need to come back in November!

The outdoor space is enhanced with sculptures. MIT is a very cool place, and thanks to an insider we saw some cool sights (all completely open to anyone, you just need to know where to look).

New York City – June 2019 – Gargoyle Graveyard

City College of New York is located far up in Manhattan, near Harlem. Since the early 1900s their elegant buildings, designed by famed architect George Post, have featured gargoyles. Technically because they do not drain water they are officially known as grotesques, but gargoyles sounds so much better.

Unfortunately by the 1960s many of the gargoyles had fallen into disrepair, at times falling off the buildings. In the 1980s a campaign began to restore the buildings and gargoyles. As part of this the broken ones were taken off, cataloged, and recreated.

The old broken ones then sat in a dumpster for the next 20 years. Eventually they were removed from the dumpsters and placed in the lawn next to the School of Architecture, resulting in a ‘Gargoyle Graveyard’.

Fear not – the new ones and the buildings of CCNY are featured on the next posting.

New Orleans – May 2019 – St Charles Streetcar Line

The St Charles Street Streetcar line is the oldest continuously used street railway route in the world. Streetcars first started rolling down this way almost 200 years ago, in 1833.

The current cars were built by a company called Perley Thomas in the 1920s.

As the route leaves downtown it passes through the Garden District neighborhood, with a number of small shops and cafes.

Some of the homes have been converted into B & Bs.

Further out you pass educational facilities such as Tulane and Loyola.

The Audubon Zoo is along this route as well.

The homes of the Garden District are a highlight. Many are quite large, and all are beautifully maintained.

As you make your way past Riverbend and onto Carrollton Avenue the homes become somewhat smaller, but still nicely maintained.

It takes about an hour and a half to ride the entire distance out and back on the St Charles Streetcar, but it is well worth the time, and the very low fares.

Baltimore – May 2018 – George Peabody Library


George Peabody was one of Baltimore’s first commerce leaders, and as such made a fortune. To give back to the community he funded the Peabody Institute in 1857.

In the 1860s the institute built the impressive library. Today it stands as one of America’s most amazing buildings. The photo below is a panorama of the library.






The library is 6 levels high, with all 6 levels full of stacks. Unfortunately the upper levels were off limits.

2018 05 04 7 Baltimore Peabody Library.jpg




Still used today by Johns Hopkins students, a steady flow of tourists came in and took photos as we did.

2018 05 04 12 Baltimore Peabody Library.jpg


The railings are amazing.

2018 05 04 14 Baltimore Peabody Library.jpg


There are numerous alcoves to study in.




The lighting adds to the overall atmosphere.

2018 05 04 19 Baltimore Peabody Library.jpg



Not to mention the classic old Dewey Decimal System card file. A visit to the George Peabody Library is a must for any architecture, history or book fan.

2018 05 04 21 Baltimore Peabody Library.jpg




Columbus – Ohio State Sports

Throughout the winter, and now into spring we have been catching some Ohio State sports events to fill gaps when there is nothing else to do.


Women’s Rowing – Competition – Notre Dame, Duke and Michigan

2017 04 15 48 Ohio State Womens Rowing.jpg


2017 04 15 11 Ohio State Womens Rowing.jpg


2017 04 15 34 Ohio State Womens Rowing.jpg


2017 04 15 51 Ohio State Womens Rowing.jpg


Baseball – Opponent Purdue

2017 04 02 19 Ohio State University Baseball.jpg


2017 04 02 33 Ohio State University Baseball.jpg


2017 04 02 41 Ohio State University Baseball.jpg


Next door at the basketball arena they had a great mosaic in the floor of a baseball player.

2017 04 02 54 Ohio State University Baseball.jpg


Women’s Soccer – Opponent Kent State

2017 03 05 58 Ohio State University Womens Soccer.jpg


2017 03 05 103 Ohio State University Womens Soccer.jpg


2017 03 05 51 Ohio State University Womens Soccer.jpg


Softball (a scrimmage to start)

2017 03 05 168 Ohio State University.jpg


Women’s Lacrosse – Opponent Cincinnati

2017 02 19 144 Columbus Womens Lacross Ohio State vs Cincinnati.jpg


2017 02 19 155 Columbus Womens Lacross Ohio State vs Cincinnati.jpg


2017 02 19 193 Columbus Womens Lacross Ohio State vs Cincinnati.jpg


Indoor Men’s Lacrosse – Opponent Detroit Mercy

2017 02 11 23 Columbus Ohio State Lacrosse.jpg


2017 02 11 36 Columbus Ohio State Lacrosse.jpg


Men’s and Women’s Swimming

2017 02 11 114 Columbus College Swimming Tournament.jpg



2017 02 11 119 Columbus College Swimming Tournament.jpg


Women’s Volleyball – Opponent Purdue

2016 11 25 37 Ohio State Womens Volleyball.jpg


2016 11 25 74 Ohio State Womens Volleyball.jpg


2016 11 25 142 Ohio State Womens Volleyball.jpg


Women’s Hockey – Opponent Wisconsin

2016 12 10 36 Ohio State Womens Hockey.jpg


2016 12 10 67 Ohio State Womens Hockey.jpg


2017 02 04 69b Ohio State Sports.JPG


2017 02 04 65 Ohio State Sports.jpg


Indoor Track & Field

2017 01 06 66 Ohio State Indoor Track Meet.jpg


2017 01 06 69 Ohio State Indoor Track Meet.jpg


Men’s Volleyball – Opponent USC

2017 01 06 77 Ohio State Pac 12 Big 10 Volleyball Tournament.jpg


2017 01 06 126 Ohio State Pac 12 Big 10 Volleyball Tournament.jpg


Women’s Tennis – Opponent Alabama & Florida State

2017 01 28 30 Columbus OH Women's College Tennis Tournament.jpg


2017 01 28 48 Columbus OH Women's College Tennis Tournament.jpg




Synchronized Swimming

2017 02 04 32 Ohio State Sports.jpg


2017 02 04 42 Ohio State Sports.jpg


Gymnastics – Opponents Michigan and Rutgers

2017 02 04 93 Ohio State Sports.jpg


2017 02 04 130 Ohio State Sports.jpg


2017 02 04 161 Ohio State Sports.jpg


2017 02 04 143 Ohio State Sports.jpg