Northern Arizona – June 2022 – Vermillion Cliffs National Monument

The Vermillion Cliffs are an eroded escarpment across far northern Arizona, rising as high as 3000′ above the nearby valley. It provides a very scenic drive from the Grand Canyon North Rim to Page, Arizona.

The Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is at an area where the cliffs meet the Colorado River in Marble Canyon.

In the 1800s this area was known as Lee’s Ferry, with some historic structures situated along the river.

Many rafting trips depart from here and head down river.

Back at Marble Canyon is the Navajo Bridge, the last crossing of the Colorado River downriver for almost 300 miles (until you reach the Hoover Dam near Las Vegas).

There is an impressive view of the canyon from the bridge.

A bit further up the road, just before reaching Page, is the famed Horseshoe Bend. While impressive, it is not in my opinion as impressive as Gooseneck State Park in Utah (visited earlier in this trip).

Boulder City, NV – June 2005 – Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is a massive dam that blocks the Colorado River on the Nevada/Arizona border. Built during the 1930s at the cost of over 100 lives, it has provided electricity and water to the southwest ever since.

The dam’s upstream reservoir is Lake Mead, one of the largest reservoirs in America by volume.

2005 06 27 Hoover Dam 1.jpg


2005 06 27 Hoover Dam 2.jpg


2005 06 27 Hoover Dam 13.jpg


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2005 06 27 Hoover Dam 17.jpg


2005 06 27 Hoover Dam 25.jpg


2005 06 27 Hoover Dam 33.jpg


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2005 06 27 Hoover Dam 65.jpg