Columbus – August 2017 – Viewing the Eclipse

With the buildup to the Solar Eclipse I had read, among other things, about filters for the cameras. After trying to take some photos of the actual eclipse I realized that the filters are most important for blocking out all of the other light to focus on the sun itself, otherwise it just looks like a sunny day. My poor man’s option was to stick my eclipse glasses over the lens of my point and click, which I did as it neared the end.

2017 08 21 4 Columbus OH Viewing the Eclipse.JPG


The acquisition of the Solar Eclipse glasses was an adventure of it’s own. The local Science Museum donated thousands of pairs to the local library, but they waited until 1 PM to give them away, resulting in long lines – fortunately we were about 100 back from the front and got them in no time.

2017 08 21 6 Columbus OH Viewing the Eclipse.JPG


After realizing my options of photographing the actual eclipse was minimal I turned to the next best subject – the people enjoying the moment. We had found a spot outside of the state capital so all of the office workers made their way outside about 2 PM for the show.

2017 08 21 39 Columbus OH Viewing the Eclipse.JPG


2017 08 21 41 Columbus OH Viewing the Eclipse.JPG


2017 08 21 44 Columbus OH Viewing the Eclipse.JPG


2017 08 21 51 Columbus OH Viewing the Eclipse.JPG


2017 08 21 54 Columbus OH Viewing the Eclipse.JPG


2017 08 21 61 Columbus OH Viewing the Eclipse.JPG

Columbus – August 2017 – Not the Normal Tourist Photos

The Scioto River runs through the middle of Columbus, and recently they have completed some fantastic improvements where the riverbanks are usable by people. This has lead to it becoming a favorite for residents and visitors alike. While downtown we took a long hike, which I focused on the less than standard tourist photos.


Symmetry in the supports for the freeway bridge across the river

2017 08 12 13 Columbus  Coffee & Cars.JPG


A wildlife preserve just south of downtown

2017 08 12 15 Columbus  Coffee & Cars.JPG


A railroad bridge crosses the path about 10′ above it.

2017 08 12 18 Columbus  Coffee & Cars.JPG


One of my favorite subjects is photos of people taking photos – especially in strange places such as on the railroad bridge (or in this case, just off since the train was coming through)

2017 08 12 21 Columbus  Coffee & Cars.JPG


South entrance to the Scioto Mile.

2017 08 12 27 Columbus  Coffee & Cars.JPG













Columbus – July 2017 – Ohio State Fair

The Ohio State Fairgrounds has been at the same location since 1886, when the land was north of town. Now it is in the  middle of the city, between Ohio State University and some inner city neighborhoods, along the flight path for the airport.

It is in this setting that each year thousands of Ohio youth (and adults) bring their prized animals for show.  Nothing like a morning in Columbus with about 1000 rooster cackling, airplanes blasting over, and the smell of 1000 fried food stands. Still it seems to have become an annual event for photography.

2017 07 30 21 Columbus Ohio State Fair.JPG


2017 07 30 31 Columbus Ohio State Fair.JPG


2017 07 30 33 Columbus Ohio State Fair.JPG


2017 07 30 44 Columbus Ohio State Fair.JPG


In addition to the animals there is the always fascinating ‘butter sculpture’. Imagine the cholesterol.

2017 07 30 37 Columbus Ohio State Fair.JPG


Also featured are crafts.

2017 07 30 68 Columbus Ohio State Fair.JPG


Prize winning cake.

2017 07 30 76 Columbus Ohio State Fair.JPG


Throughout the midway are rides, and other attractions including the ‘Wild Monkeys’ show.

2017 07 30 62 Columbus Ohio State Fair.JPG

Columbus – July 2017 – The Ohio Theater

The Ohio Theater is a grand old theater downtown that was built in 1928 in an exceptionally ornate style to ‘separate the patrons from their everyday life’; it was originally built as a movie theater. It currently has seating for over 2700 people in the main level and the balcony, and features a massive ‘Robert-Morton’ organ.


201 07 22 36 Columbus Landmarks Foundation Historic Tour.JPG


While the theater hosts the symphony, opera and ballet we were there for a screening of the movie classic ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. The screen is massive, and the sound quality was superb.

2017 07 22 22 Columbus The Ohio Theater.JPG


The impressive ceiling has a more impressive chandelier.

2017 07 22 23 Columbus The Ohio Theater.JPG


The lobbies are equally ornate.

2017 07 22 28 Columbus The Ohio Theater.JPG


We chose a seat in the balcony.

2017 07 22 29 Columbus The Ohio Theater.JPG


The loges are no longer used for seating, rather they serve as lighting structures.

2017 07 22 33 Columbus The Ohio Theater.JPG


The maestro served as the organist, performing for 30 minutes prior to the movie, during intermission, and during the exit period after the movie. A visit to the Ohio Theater is worth it just to see the building; to see a classic old movie is even better.

2017 07 22 34 Columbus The Ohio Theater

Dublin, OH – July 2017 – Hey Elvis, It’s a Car Show

As we headed out for a Friday evening drive we came across an unexpected event, a car show in Dublin, Ohio (in an office park of all places). Even better, Elvis was there!! Ok it was an Elvis impersonator (of course), but his voice and singing were dead on (no pun intended), his look was average. Still how can you pass up Elvis on a Friday evening with cool cars.


A fantastic Porsche with a matching trailer.

2017 07 14 18 Dublin OH Car Show.JPG


Classic 50’s Buick grill

2017 07 14 23 Dublin OH Car Show.JPG


Cobra’s always look great.

2017 07 14 27 Dublin OH Car Show.JPG


One awesome 50’s T-Bird.

2017 07 14 29 Dublin OH Car Show.JPG


No Pink Cadillac’s for Elvis, but a Pink Continental.

2017 07 14 37 Dublin OH Car Show.JPG


There were a few customized cars, but most were restored to original condition.

2017 07 14 40 Dublin OH Car Show.JPG


GM Futureliner – a showcase for GM in the 1940s and 1950s. This one came over from the Automotive Museum in Auburn, Indiana.

2017 07 14 49 Dublin OH Car Show.JPG