Columbus – July 2018 – No Whining at the Winery

The Wyandotte Winery is located in what looks like a large house at the end of a residential street in northeast Columbus. In existence since the mid 1970s, it is currently owned by Robin and Valerie Coolidge.




On Saturday’s they offer tours of their winery. It is not a massive winery like you see in the movies or on TV, rather a small ’boutique’ winery that exists in the lower level of the building in about 4000 square feet (a guess).

Valerie was our tour guide, and it ended up being 1/3 technical discussion of wine making, 1/3 history lesson and 1/3 stand up comedy routine. Valerie was a hoot, and informational at the same time.

It helped (I think) that the predominately female group had been tasting for some time upstairs!

The first display was a vintage machine for taking the impurities out of the wine before bottling. It is not currently used in production.




On the bottom of the risers for the stairs is a history of the labels that the winery has used since the 1970s.




The winery names some wines after local landmarks.




Another vintage machine was a grape press.





There are no vineyards on site (just suburbs) – they try to purchase their juice from within Ohio, but will source some from California and as far away as Peru in the winters.

Some of the grapes are grown on their other winery in Fairfield County, Ohio, just southeast of Columbus.




Valerie explained much of the science that goes into wine making.





All of her information was delivered with a lot of humor and informative anecdotes.




More vintage wine making devices





High School science was never like this.





Some test bottles – some fail, some succeed.




The bottle filling station. They can fill 6 at a time.




The original corker – it takes a lot of manual labor and is slow.




The modern corker – works great, but she said the instructions were in Italian.




Once the wine is ready to be aged they go into large vats.




Most of the wine making equipment comes from Italy or France. The American made equipment kept breaking down, so they bought the quality equipment from Europe.




Wine has to bleed off CO2 in the process.




The newer vats have taps at the bottom. Valerie said she enjoys checking out to make sure everything is going ok.




Finally when the wine is bottled and ready – it needs a label. Back in the 1970s the original owners would use Elmers Glue to stick the labels on, often crooked.




The label applicator puts them on perfect every time. The Wyandotte Winery will make you a custom label for your wine for only $5 – how cool.




Valerie was a great tour guide and host – providing an amusing 90 minutes of wine making. Cheers!


Columbus – July 2018 – It’s Doo Dah Time Again

July 4th in Columbus can only mean one thing – It’s Doo Dah time again – let’s have a parade.

As usual there is some political satire.

2018 07 04 4 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



Some play on words (read the sign)

2018 07 04 15 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg




2018 07 04 19 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



Apparently now since Mexico is off limits we now get our weed from Canada

2018 07 04 33 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



The block party was going full tilt.

2018 07 04 42 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



More characters

2018 07 04 50 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



Primed for the parade.

2018 07 04 52 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



The toaster car lady in a moment of reflection.

2018 07 04 54 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



Clearly the saddest thing this country has recently done is the separation of children at the border – you knew this would be called out today.

2018 07 04 64 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



More characters.

2018 07 04 67 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



The wrestlers are here every year, but always welcome.

2018 07 04 68 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



For some it was just too much.

2018 07 04 85 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



The Grand Marshal.

2018 07 04 86 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg




An eclectic band.

2018 07 04 88 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



I think we missed her at the washboard music festival a few weeks back.

2018 07 04 95 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



One of the ‘art cars’

2018 07 04 116 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



Miss Liberty made an appearance.

2018 07 04 117 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



An alien made it across the border to join the band.

2018 07 04 121 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg




Even more characters.

2018 07 04 131 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg




Mixing sci-fi and political satire.

2018 07 04 141 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg




Mixing middle aged hula dancers with zombies.

2018 07 04 156 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



The neighborhood (Short North) is undergoing tremendous growth where they are tearing down 2 floor buildings along High Street and replacing them with 8-12 floor buildings. All of the construction is causing much chaos in the area, and making just walking around tough with all of the closed sidewalks.

2018 07 04 163 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg




Not really sure.

2018 07 04 175 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg




The whole stupid MAGA thing has spawned a number of parodies.

2018 07 04 183 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



They may protest but they are as patriotic as the rest of the country – they just believe it could be better for all.

2018 07 04 197 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



A dancer from the Rocky Horror Picture Show burlesque group.

2018 07 04 205 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



Even the Swing Dancers of Columbus were making statements this year.

2018 07 04 208 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg



And with that the zombies headed home and the parade was done.

2018 07 04 215 Columbus Doo Dah Parade.jpg