Cincinnati – June 2018 – Flowering Competition

One thing is certain, there is competition for everything. On this hot Saturday we found ourselves at the Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati for the annual Daylily competition.

But first we checked out the rest of the historic conservatory.

 2018 06 30 8 Cincinnati Krohn Conservatory.jpg



The building is fairly small for a conservatory, however when it was opened in 1933 it was one of the best in the country. They do make great use of the space they have.

 2018 06 30 19 Cincinnati Krohn Conservatory.jpg



As with most conservatories, it was very colorful.

 2018 06 30 27 Cincinnati Krohn Conservatory.jpg



Normally when you go to a conservatory and go into the tropics areas you feel the heat and humidity, although on this day it was nearly 100 F in Cincinnati so it was actually cooler inside than out.

 2018 06 30 28 Cincinnati Krohn Conservatory.jpg



They had a great variety of plants.

 2018 06 30 33 Cincinnati Krohn Conservatory.jpg



The Daylily competition was held in the Bonsai room. Normally the bonsai trees are the center of attention, but not this day!

 2018 06 30 44 Cincinnati Krohn Conservatory.jpg



There was a separate competition for the centerpieces.

 2018 06 30 21 Cincinnati Krohn Conservatory.jpg



The colors were very vivid, with many reds and oranges not normally seen on daylillies.

 2018 06 30 38 Cincinnati Krohn Conservatory.jpg



While a competition, everyone there were very friendly and anxious to talk to you about growing the flowers, and encouraging you to join their club.

 2018 06 30 48 Cincinnati Krohn Conservatory.jpg



A beautiful start to our afternoon in Cincinnati.

 2018 06 30 53 Cincinnati Krohn Conservatory.jpg





Marion, Ohio – April 2017 – National Robotics Challenge

With the good times we had at the robotics competition in Cleveland, we decided to go to Marion, Ohio for the National Robotics Challenge. This event bills themselves as different from the other robotics events due to the fact that there is no kit, rather they encourage the contestants to find materials and equipment best suited for the problem at hand. This results in a lower cost.

2017 04 08 4 Marion OH Robotics Competition.jpg


In addition this event is open to anyone from 6th grade through graduate school, although we only saw middle school and high school contestants.

2017 04 08 29 Marion OH Robotics Competition.jpg


It was obvious from the start the concept of freelance approach, as they appeared like erector sets with servos, motors and wheels. This is not a slam on the approach, in fact it is a testament to ingenuity.

2017 04 08 19 Marion OH Robotics Competition.jpg


It did seem to lead to very uneven competition though. We watched the finals for ‘Sumo Robotics’, Robot Hockey and very small robots in battle in a glass case. It was clear that one would be far superior to the rest.

2017 04 08 23 Marion OH Robotics Competition.jpg


The only downside to the event was the venue, and more specifically the placement of the rings for competition. They were up against the one side of stands, with a railing that made it difficult to see, and with judges and some contestants standing it was virtually impossible to get a decent view of the action. The judges should recognize this and take into consideration the paying spectators.

2017 04 08 15 Marion OH Robotics Competition.jpg