Dublin, OH – July 2017 – Hey Elvis, It’s a Car Show

As we headed out for a Friday evening drive we came across an unexpected event, a car show in Dublin, Ohio (in an office park of all places). Even better, Elvis was there!! Ok it was an Elvis impersonator (of course), but his voice and singing were dead on (no pun intended), his look was average. Still how can you pass up Elvis on a Friday evening with cool cars.


A fantastic Porsche with a matching trailer.

2017 07 14 18 Dublin OH Car Show.jpg


Classic 50’s Buick grill

2017 07 14 23 Dublin OH Car Show.jpg


Cobra’s always look great.

2017 07 14 27 Dublin OH Car Show.jpg


One awesome 50’s T-Bird.

2017 07 14 29 Dublin OH Car Show.jpg


No Pink Cadillac’s for Elvis, but a Pink Continental.

2017 07 14 37 Dublin OH Car Show.jpg


There were a few customized cars, but most were restored to original condition.

2017 07 14 40 Dublin OH Car Show.jpg


GM Futureliner – a showcase for GM in the 1940s and 1950s. This one came over from the Automotive Museum in Auburn, Indiana.

2017 07 14 49 Dublin OH Car Show.jpg