Logan, Ohio – June 2018 – Washboard Music Festival

Each year the Columbus Washboard Company (detailed on another posting) sponsors a Washboard Music Festival.

2018 06 16 116 Logan OH Washboard Music Festival.jpg


In addition to the music they had a parade.

2018 06 16 222 Logan OH Washboard Music Festival.jpg



Which featured mostly vintage tractors.

2018 06 16 241 Logan OH Washboard Music Festival.jpg



Vendors selling an assortment of unusual items, including box guitars.

2018 06 16 210 Logan OH Washboard Music Festival.jpg



As well as observing the local way of securing criminals?

2018 06 16 113 Logan OH Washboard Music Festival.jpg


But we were here for the music.

2018 06 16 120 Logan OH Washboard Music Festival.jpg



Artists from the various groups joined in with the other bands, including this fiddle player from Canada.

2018 06 16 122 Logan OH Washboard Music Festival.jpg



Ira the somewhat cynical banjo player from Philadelphia. For the most part he had an audience of 1 (me), and had to play in front of a payday loan store, so I can see why he is cynical.

2018 06 16 173 Logan OH Washboard Music Festival.jpg



Meanwhile on the main stage a collection of washboard players gathered…

2018 06 16 202 Logan OH Washboard Music Festival.jpg



Bringing their strange instruments.

2018 06 16 203 Logan OH Washboard Music Festival.jpg



Coming from far and wide.

2018 06 16 204 Logan OH Washboard Music Festival.jpg



To join the legendary Washboard Hank, from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. I am not sure why but a number of the performers were from Canada!

2018 06 16 179 Logan OH Washboard Music Festival.jpg



Hanks helmet is also an ‘instrument’

2018 06 16 184 Logan OH Washboard Music Festival.jpg




The collection of washboard players joined Hank and his band on stage for a few songs.

2018 06 16 200 Logan OH Washboard Music Festival.jpg



But we had to catch the Hillbilly Bus…

2018 06 16 220 Logan OH Washboard Music Festival.jpg




It was time to leave the laundry hanging across the street and get out of town.

2018 06 16 212 Logan OH Washboard Music Festival.jpg




Worthington, Ohio – June 2018 – Come for the Produce, Stay for the Art

The town of Worthington, Ohio was settled in 1803 by settlers from Connecticut. As a result the center of town resembles a New England town, complete with the village green. Long an affluent Columbus suburb, Worthington has a year round farmers market, with the summer season held in the village green area.

This farmers market is nice, with an interesting selection of produce (when in season), meats and a collection of hipster booths like artistic chocolate and little bags of pasta from Cleveland. Still we enjoy going down to buy local honey and other items.

This week though we had a surprise in that the annual Worthington Arts Festival was being held.

2018 06 16 2 Worthington OH Arts Festival.jpg



Over 100 artists had booths set up offer a variety of mediums including ceramics, paintings, photography, fiber, glass, jewelry, metalwork, leather work, and sculptures.

A local art teacher makes Bruce the Garden Shark – whose role is in theory to be like a scarecrow. We brought one home to ward off the groundhogs and skunks.

2018 06 16 3 Worthington OH Arts Festival.jpg




While the much larger Columbus Arts Festival attracts artists from all over the country this one was mostly local artists, including this one who did a mixed media sculpture.

2018 06 16 9 Worthington OH Arts Festival.jpg



There were a number of wood carvers making sure we know we are in Ohio.

2018 06 16 12 Worthington OH Arts Festival.jpg



A clay ceramics artist had great skill in his use of paints and approaches to his firings to make interesting pieces.

2018 06 16 13 Worthington OH Arts Festival.jpg




Interested in the steam punk look?

2018 06 16 15 Worthington OH Arts Festival.jpg




A husband and wife team had a wood/glass mix.

2018 06 16 16 Worthington OH Arts Festival.jpg




Finally a basket of funky little characters.

2018 06 16 18 Worthington OH Arts Festival.jpg



New York City – May 2018 – Manhattanhenge

Most people in the world know about Stonehenge in England. Less known, but still amazingly cool and very popular is Manhattanhenge.

With most of Manhattan built in a grid street system in a general east-west pattern twice a year the sun sets directly down the east-west streets. Because it is not exactly due west it does not occur on the equinox’s, rather slightly different dates. We were fortunate enough to be there for the May event.

We chose to watch the event from Park Avenue and East 34th Street, as it is a wider street and lined with tall buildings. With sunset scheduled for 8:13 PM we arrived around 7:45 to already find people gathering.

2018 05 30 180 New York.jpg




While we waited we noticed there was some light fog around the Empire State Building. The fog made some interesting streaks into the sky (which was even more visible to the eye).

2018 05 30 183 New York.jpg




As the sun continued to set the crowds grew. Each time the light would change for Park Avenue people would crowd into the street for the view west on 34th Street.

2018 05 30 186 New York.jpg




Literally ever minute the view changed.

2018 05 30 190 New York.jpg





Eventually the crowds were blocking the street long enough the taxis and other cars would blast their horns to get through – further adding to the atmosphere.

2018 05 30 198 New York.jpg




While a few clouds obscured the event it was still amazing.

2018 05 30 205 New York.jpg




With a 600mm zoom the views were intense.

2018 05 30 211 New York.jpg




When the sun is just right it will also reflect off of the street.

2018 05 30 197 New York.jpg




Finally at 8:13 the last of the sun set over the buildings in New Jersey.

2018 05 30 217 New York.jpg

Baltimore – May 2018 – Kinetics Race

Baltimore hosts the largest Kinetics Festival/Race on the east coast. For the 20th consecutive year human powered works of art have taken over the streets of the city.


2018 05 05 114 Baltimore Kinetics Festival.jpg




While not quite as large as the one in Humboldt County, California, the Baltimore race still featured a number of well done sculptures, as well as coordinated racers.

2018 05 05 8 Baltimore Kinetics Festival.jpg




Even the spectators were interesting.

2018 05 05 15 Baltimore Kinetics Festival.jpg




Many dressing for the occasion.

2018 05 05 17 Baltimore Kinetics Festival.jpg




While the teams got ready for the 15 mile race around the streets, into the bay and through a mud pit.

2018 05 05 43 Baltimore Kinetics Festival.jpg




Eventually they were off and made their way up Federal Hill.

2018 05 05 117 Baltimore Kinetics Festival.jpg




Which provided a nice backdrop of the skyline.

2018 05 05 121 Baltimore Kinetics Festival.jpg




The machines had all sorts of designs, some better than others (although this one used their arms and hands, not their legs, which proved troublesome).

2018 05 05 147 Baltimore Kinetics Festival.jpg




Eventually they made their way into downtown.

2018 05 05 162 Baltimore Kinetics Festival.jpg




With a highlight being Patterson Park and the mud pit. The crowds were 5 deep on both sides.

2018 05 05 169 Baltimore Kinetics Festival.jpg




And the mud was deep.

2018 05 05 180 Baltimore Kinetics Festival.jpg




But with 48″ alien wheels the mud was no problem.

2018 05 05 186 Baltimore Kinetics Festival.jpg




Which made for happy aliens.

2018 05 05 193 Baltimore Kinetics Festival.jpg






Columbus – March 2018 – Women’s Final Four Bounces into Town

College sports is a big deal, both socially and financially, and every city longs to host the finals of the basketball season. This year the NCAA Women’s Final Four was held in Columbus, and as with all major sporting events now they have a festival to accompany the games.

One of the highlights for this weekend was an event called ‘Bounce’, which gives thousands of kids a free basketball and T Shirt and allows them to dribble along the street next to Nationwide Arena up to the Convention Center where there was a number of activities for them (as well as adults).

2018 03 31 9 Columbus Womens Final Four Festival.jpg




To coordinate such an event takes lots of volunteers, who all seemed to be having as much fun as the kids.

2018 03 31 7 Columbus Womens Final Four Festival.jpg




But eventually they were set loose – the sound of basketballs dribbling reverberating off the buildings.

2018 03 31 34 Columbus Womens Final Four Festival.jpg




The little ones even maintained their focus.

2018 03 31 30 Columbus Womens Final Four Festival.jpg




Soon the street was filled with the kids and their parents.

2018 03 31 35 Columbus Womens Final Four Festival.jpg




Once they reached the convention center there were unique skills tests waiting for them.

2018 03 31 48 Columbus Womens Final Four Festival.jpg




A highly energetic host lead a game of ‘basketball musical chairs’, requiring them to dribble around the circle in the middle of the court – when the music stopped they had to run down, make a basket and head back. Easily the host was the most amusing part of the day.

2018 03 31 52 Columbus Womens Final Four Festival.jpg





I am not certain the city makes the money back they invest in the games, but it does draw some attention to the city, for a few days at least.


2018 03 31 57 Columbus Womens Final Four Festival.jpg




Chicago – December 2017 – Architecture Biennial

The Chicago Architecture Biennial purpose is to “provides a platform for groundbreaking architectural projects and spatial experiments that demonstrate how creativity and innovation can radically transform our lived experience.”

As part of that this years exhibit includes an exhibit called “Make New History”. This exhibit features a number of architectural interpretations of a redesign of the iconic Tribune Tower.

Interestingly the venue for this very modern exhibit is the classic Chicago Cultural Center, including the stunning stained glass dome in the Grand Army of the Republic rotunda.

2017 12 26 51 Chicago.jpg




Before arriving at the main exhibit room we visited some displays of miniatures.

2017 12 26 21 Chicago.jpg




The details on most were amazing, although some of the more abstract ones looked like a discarded toy box. This model was an Asian interpretation of the Tribune Tower.

2017 12 26 28 Chicago.jpg




Full view of the Serie Architects ‘Far Eastern Headquarters’ model.

2017 12 26 34 Chicago.jpg




The Tribune Tower is a Neo Gothic building completed in 1925. The various interpretations varied greatly from that design.

2017 12 26 26 Chicago.jpg




6a architects view was meant to resemble a totem pole of stacked artifacts.

2017 12 26 30 Chicago.jpg




Architect and ‘urbanist’ Charles Waldheiim went even further with a number of interpretations of famous Chicago buildings including the John Hancock Center, Willis Tower, Marina City and the Thompson Center.

Called Heliomorphic Chicago it is set up in the classic Chicago grid street system.

2017 12 26 37 Chicago.jpg





Columbus – December 2017 – Krampus

This year I learned something new, the legend of ‘Krampus’.  According to the legend (and Wikipedia), Krampus is a half goat- half demon who during the Christmas season punishes children who have been bad. Over time the legend coupled Krampus with Saint Nicholas to encourage children to be good.

For a full description please see the Wiki link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krampus

Krampus celebrations are a big deal in Germany, Austria and other countries in the region. This was the first I had seen any celebrations in the states, and while small, was entertaining.

The group gathered in the a parking lot in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus.

2017 12 03 3 Columbus Krampus.jpg




Noise makers and elaborate costumes were the order of the day.

2017 12 03 6 Columbus Krampus.jpg




Apparently the Grinch and Mrs Grinch fit the bill as well. The costumes were great.

2017 12 03 7 Columbus Krampus.jpg




Three horned ladies.

2017 12 03 13 Columbus Krampus.jpg



The legend says they use sticks to ‘whip the children into behaving’. Clearly not a 21st century approach.

2017 12 03 16 Columbus Krampus.jpg


The parade went down the sidewalk for about 3 blocks.

2017 12 03 19 Columbus Krampus.jpg


I behaved myself.

2017 12 03 22 Columbus Krampus


Another Krampus monster.

2017 12 03 25.JPG



Mrs Claus has a new look, along with apparently a Clint Eastwood fan. Hopefully this celebration catches on and grows larger each year – it is a nice change from the repetitiveness of the usual Christmas celebrations and festivals.

2017 12 03 28 Columbus Krampus.jpg