Hite Crossing, Utah – September 2022 – Lake Powell (What’s Left of It)

The comments of the severe drought in the west is true, check out Lake Powell at Bullfrog, Utah. Those white lines on the mountains on the other side of the water – that should be the water level.

In normal times there is enough water to take a ferry across, but we ended up going the long way around and crossing at Hite Crossing. While the Colorado River is present, the area between the lower canyon walls should be filled with the water of Lake Powell.

The drive up Utah Highway 95 was impressive.

Rock formations near Lake Powell at Hite Crossing.

Further north on Utah 95 is the Hog Springs Canyon rest area. The hiking trail was overgrown with grasses from recent monsoon rains, but these rains are far too little to help Lake Powell.

The rocks along Hog Canyon also had great erosion holes.

The drive back south to the town of Bullfrog passed the Henry Mountains, again with some of those classic Southern Utah looks.

The mountains in the background are highlighted with the Aspen tree leaves changing to their bright yellow.