Virtual Travel – British Columbia

Our last province, British Columbia. As the saying goes, we saved the best for last!

2017 09 06 34 Rearguard Falls BC - Copy



We start out in far southeastern BC at the town of Sparwood. Named for the lumber that went into making spars (poles) for ships, Sparwood is a mining town. As you enter town you can’t miss Terex Titan, one of the largest trucks in the world, now retired in front of the visitor center.



Eastern BC has a number of great waterfalls including those below: Helmcken, Dawson and Rearguard Falls.

2017 09 06 50 Helmcken Falls BC - Copy



The town of Lake Country BC is home to a Kangaroo Farm! It was very cool, especially holding a baby kangaroo.

2017 09 07 62 Lake Country BC Kangaroo Farm - Copy



High above the town of Kamloops is the Myrna Canyon Trestle Trail. Once a railway, now one of the best bike paths anywhere.

2017 09 07 111 Kelowna BC Myrna Canyon Tresle Trail - Copy



In Hope BC there is another path, much lower that goes through the Othello Tunnels. Nearby is the Bridal Veil Falls.

2017 09 08 23 Hope BC Othello Tunnels Trail - Copy



The Vancouver suburb of Burnaby has a great park with these native statues. The persistent rain and fog added to the atmosphere.

2017 09 08 60 Burnaby BC - Copy



Capilano Park in North Vancouver has an amazing bridge (that bounces!) and a forest canopy walk, along with more totem poles.

2017 09 08 121d Vancouver Capilano Park - Copy



Vancouver is one of the world’s great cities. Situated on a bay, with islands and the mountains, the views are fantastic. They have height limits on the buildings so that they don’t block the views.



The Museum of Anthropology has the largest native sculpture collection anywhere.

2017 09 09 16 Vancouver MOA



Vancouver is even better from the ‘Lookout’, especially after a nice walk along the harbour.

2017 09 09 293 Vancouver



Vancouver has character!




Our final stop is Victoria, on Vancouver Island (which Vancouver is not). BC Ferries will get you there.

2017 09 10 25 Ferry to Victoria BC




The city is the capital of the province, and has a great history.

2017 09 10 233 Victoria BC



It is also home to numerous gardens, including Hartley Castle and Gardens.

2017 09 10 50 Victoria BC Hatley Castle & Gardens




Our virtual trips across North America has come to an end, but there is more coming – up next Chicago – History through Maps and Photos…. stay tuned.



Lake Country, BC – September 2017 – Kangaroos in Canada

In the town of Lake Country, British Columbia there is a Kangaroo Farm. The people there seem very caring about the Kangaroos, and are welcoming. They have an area where you can hold baby kangaroos (they take them from the mothers early as the environment with so many mothers in a small space causes issues).

2017 09 07 17 Lake Country BC Kangaroo Farm.jpg



The rest are roaming around, and you are free to interact and feed them.

2017 09 07 9 Lake Country BC Kangaroo Farm.jpg



In addition to the Kangaroos they have other animals including goats.

2017 09 07 30 Lake Country BC Kangaroo Farm.jpg




2017 09 07 34 Lake Country BC Kangaroo Farm.jpg



2017 09 07 40 Lake Country BC Kangaroo Farm.jpg


Small horses

2017 09 07 84 Lake Country BC Kangaroo Farm.jpg



The World’s Largest Rodent – Capybara (they were very friendly)

2017 09 07 24 Lake Country BC Kangaroo Farm.jpg



But mostly – Kangaroos

2017 09 07 45 Lake Country BC Kangaroo Farm.jpg




2017 09 07 70 Lake Country BC Kangaroo Farm.jpg