Chicago – December 2017 – Christmas Sunset

Christmas Day in Chicago, 2017 was a cold one, with temperatures near 10 Fahrenheit.  But it was mostly clear, with a beautiful sunset coming, so it was time to go back up the John Hancock Tower.


From here you had a great view of the snow covered, empty Navy Pier.

2017 12 25 29 Chicago.jpg




The marina in Lincoln Park is vacant as well.

2017 12 25 18 Chicago.jpg




But as the sun set the lights came on.

2017 12 25 38 Chicago.jpg




Looking back toward the Navy Pier and Lake Michigan. Of note in the far distance top center is a bright light. One of the steel mills in northern Indiana was having a ‘burn off’ of gases causing what is known locally as the Pilot Light of Northwestern Indiana.

2017 12 25 43 Chicago.jpg





The view southwest toward the Willis Tower (aka – Sears Tower) and beyond.

2017 12 25 65 Chicago.jpg




The view down Michigan Avenue as the darkness approached from the east.

2017 12 25 52 Chicago.jpg





The beautiful Wrigley Building. Built in 1920 as the first large office building north of the river, it continues to be one of the most majestic in the city.

2017 12 25 67 Chicago.jpg

Banff National Park – September 2017 – Canada’s First National Park

Established in 1885 Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest. Set in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, the park itself it a natural wonder surrounding the town of Banff.

The town itself is nice, filled with the typical tourist shops, but kept nicer than most. A visit to Banff is highly recommended.


Views from Tunnel Mountain

2017 09 04 50 Banff Alberta.jpg



2017 09 04 70 Banff Alberta.jpg



The famed Fairmount Hotel

2017 09 04 82 Banff Alberta.jpg



The waters are turquoise due to mineral content.

2017 09 04 88 Banff Alberta.jpg



There were a few hoodoos.

2017 09 04 94 Banff Alberta.jpg



Lake Minnewanka provided the setting for a boat tour.

2017 09 04 149 Banff Alberta.jpg



2017 09 04 161 Banff Alberta.jpg



An eagle kept an eye over the boat tour.

2017 09 04 153 Banff Alberta.jpg









Chicago – June 2017 – 360 Chicago

2017 06 02 120 Chicago.jpg


The John Hancock observation deck has been renamed ‘360 Chicago’. With a sunny day it was a good time to check it out.

South view – Most of downtown including the Sears/Willis Tower.

2017 06 02 121 Chicago.jpg


East view – Navy Pier and Lake Michigan

2017 06 02 122 Chicago.jpg


North along the Gold Coast towards Lincoln Park.

2017 06 02 123 Chicago.jpg


Wrigley Field in the distance

2017 06 02 127 Chicago.jpg


North Avenue Beach and the faux ship/bar.

2017 06 02 128 Chicago.jpg


The former Carbide and Carbon Building – now a Hard Rock Hotel.

2017 06 02 135 Chicago.jpg


Straight down

2017 06 02 141 Chicago.jpg


TILT – for an extra fee you can be scared @#$%less. I passed. It tilts out to about a 45 degree angle so you are looking straight down 1000′.

2017 06 02 149 Chicago.jpg

Chicago – June 2017 – Tourist Scenes of The City

With a few days in Chicago there was time to be a tourist wandering around downtown and beyond.

Some of the highlights;

The merchandisers/retailers hall of fame. Woolworth, Penney and more.

2017 06 02 7 Chicago.jpg


The Chicago River

2017 06 02 11 Chicago.jpg


Water Taxi and the impressive Merchandise Mart

2017 06 02 12 Chicago.jpg


Harold Washington Library

2017 06 02 96 Chicago.jpg


A mix of old and new

2017 06 02 99 Chicago.jpg


Tourist boat going past the touristy Navy Pier

2017 06 02 117 Chicago.jpg



2017 06 02 119 Chicago.jpg


Chicago Cultural Center

2017 06 03 4 Chicago.jpg


Adler Planetarium

2017 06 03 52 Chicago.jpg



2017 06 03 53 Chicago.jpg


Maxwell Street Market – not on Maxwell Street anymore

2017 06 04 1 Chicago.jpg


Chess Records – 2120 South Michigan Avenue (also a great song)

2017 06 04 3 Chicago.jpg


For fans of the movie The Blues Brothers – The East 95th Street Bridge – where they jump the Bluesmobile.

2017 06 04 7 Chicago.jpg

Cleveland – May 2017 – Harbor Views

Cleveland is a major port on Lake Erie, with most of the large commercial ore boats traversing the narrow, crooked Cuyahoga River. There is however a port at the entrance to the river, as well as an old Art Deco Coast Guard station, all with great views of the river, lake and city.

A marina on Whiskey Island (actually a peninsula) is home to the tug boat fleet, as well as some pleasure boats.

2017 05 27 65 Cleveland Harbor.jpg


The vacant coast guard station is a beautiful art deco building that the city is now restoring.

2017 05 27 76 Cleveland Harbor.jpg


The harbor lighthouse leads out from the safe waters behind the breakwater to the often turbulent water of Lake Erie.

2017 05 27 78 Cleveland Harbor.jpg


The mix of huge ore boats and small sailboats is interesting.

2017 05 27 81 Cleveland Harbor.jpg


An amazing collection of bridges cross the Cuyahoga, some are small lift bridges (the foreground is a lift bridge for the railroad), as well as high level bridges.

2017 05 27 93 Cleveland Harbor.jpg


The harbor crane with a background of a downtown skyscraper.

2017 05 27 97 Cleveland Harbor.jpg

Grosse Pointe, MI – May 2017 – Great Lakes Boating Festival

Grosse Pointe, Michigan is an interest place. Situated along Lake St Clair about 10 miles from downtown Detroit, it is clearly old money with numerous mansions located along Lake Shore Drive, while just a mile or so away is the desolation that impacted much of the city of Detroit.

Grosse Pointe is actually 5 different towns, GP Park, GP Farms, GP Shores, GP Woods and the town of Grosse Pointe. The center piece of the area is the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club, and it’s 187 foot high steeple.

2017 05 20 49 Grosse Pointe MI Great Lake Boat Festival.jpg


Each year the GP Yacht Club hosts the Great Lakes Boating Festival. It was billed to have vintage boats (there were 3 that I could find), a couple of classic cars, music (a bad Jimmy Buffet cover guy), and other activities, we found only a few booths of people peddling insurance, a couple home improvements, and a few nautical vendors.

2017 05 20 48 Grosse Pointe MI Great Lake Boat Festival.jpg


The Yacht Club’s dock area however was much better. There appeared to be a couple of hundred boats docked there, and this was where the best views were.

2017 05 20 70 Grosse Pointe MI Great Lake Boat Festival.jpg


A cadet ship, the Pride of Michigan, was docked to offer tours.

2017 05 20 52 Grosse Pointe MI Great Lake Boat Festival.jpg


The cadets all appeared to be high school age, or younger.

2017 05 20 73 Grosse Pointe MI Great Lake Boat Festival.jpg


There were numerous large yachts throughout the marina.

2017 05 20 54 Grosse Pointe MI Great Lake Boat Festival.jpg


Almost every dock had a view of the steeple.

2017 05 20 71 Grosse Pointe MI Great Lake Boat Festival.jpg


The sailing events were well attended.

2017 05 20 58 Grosse Pointe MI Great Lake Boat Festival.jpg


2017 05 20 59 Grosse Pointe MI Great Lake Boat Festival.jpg


Just down Lakeshore was a learn to sail event that from the shore looked like they were dodging the large Great Lakes ore boats.

2017 05 20 78 Grosse Pointe MI Great Lake Boat Festival.jpg