Diné (Navajo) Nation, Arizona – September 2022 – Amazing Landscapes

The drive from Cameroon, Arizona to Mexican Hat, Utah goes through Diné (Navajo) Nation for about 100 miles, with 20 miles of it being in Monument Valley. The landscape along the way is amazing.

On an earlier trip this year we went through the Navajo Park in Monument Valley which can be found here.


As you start the trip north of Camaroon you go through some of the Painted Desert.

Just beyond Tuba City is Elephants Feet Rocks.

Once you are north of Kayenta, Arizona you begin the trip through Monument Valley. The drive along the road is impressive enough.

Eventually you arrive at the town of Mexican Hat, Utah. This small town has 3 motels, 2 restaurants and a gas station, but amazing views. Note the balanced rock in the center of the photo – giving the town it’s name (more on this in the next posting)

The Painted Desert – April 2022 – Colorful Badlands

The Painted Desert is a result of siltstone, mudstone and shale containing iron and manganese compounds, that erode easily. The result is a very colorful landscape, void of vegation.

While the Painted Desert goes for about 100 miles north of the Petrified Forest National Park, you get plenty of examples within the park itself.