Las Vegas – October 2022 – Fremont East Murals

Fremont Street was the first paved street in Las Vegas, and since the beginning of gambling in the 1930s, was the original center of entertainment until the Strip came along a couple of decades later.

Today Fremont Street has a massive cover (more in a later posting) essentially connecting the downtown hotels. Just to the east, outside of this cover, is an area far less glittery known as Fremont East.

A number of the buildings in Fremont East have large murals.

One building was covered on all sides.

Las Vegas – October 2022 – Random Sights

A stopover in Las Vegas….

A 14 floor tall mural on the side of the Plaza. It is difficult to tell from this angle but the Plaza was used as the model for Biff’s Hotel in Back to the Future II.

Private Cabanas at the Golden Nugget.

The Giant praying mantis outside the Container Park art colony.

Vegas Vic without working Neon.

Need a lit up liquor store at 6 AM – no problem.

Giant showgirls on the Strip.

The Circus Circus has been along the Strip since 1968.

How to combine a band that broke up 53 years ago along with a circus in a casino in the middle of the desert surrounded by palm trees. True Las Vegas

New York in the desert

And on to Egypt – which actually is in a desert.

Our final stop is Mandalay Bay and their Griffins.

Virtual Travel – Nevada


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Unusual State Symbol of the Day.

Official State Locomotive of Nevada – Engine #40 of the Nevada Northern Railway. (photo from Flickr/State Symbols).



1946     1958     1961     1970     1979


Nearly the entire state of Nevada is in desert, offering numerous interesting landscapes.

All photos from Internet sources

Calico basin red rock cumulus mediocris.jpg      Nevada Humanities

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This satellite view of Las Vegas illustrates the vastness of the desert.





Lake Tahoe

1952     1960     1975     2009     2013


One of the more beautiful places in the United States is Lake Tahoe, on the California/Nevada border.

2016 05 25 10 Lake Tahoe.jpg


2016 05 25 7 Lake Tahoe.jpg




Situated high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains the area is a ski destination (photo from Freestock photos)

Skiing Down the Slopes of Lake Tahoe image - Free stock photo ...




Uniquely Nevada

1953     1972     2017


Without a doubt Nevada has their fair share of unique places.


Hoover Dam – Completed in 1935, this dam cost over 100 workers their lives, but has provided the water and power that has allowed the massive expansion of population in Nevada, Arizona and California.

Over 3 million cubic yards of concrete was used in the dam, with another million yards used in the power plant. This is enough concrete to build a 2 lane road from San Francisco to New York.

2005 06 27 Hoover Dam 3.jpg


Since we visit 15 years ago they have completed the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, routing all the non tourist traffic directly across the canyon. (photo from Wikipedia).

The bridge is silhouetted against the sky with the Colorado river far below



Las Vegas – Love it or hate it there is no other place like it.

2005 06 27 Las Vegas 35.jpg



Area 51 – Long rumored to be a site where the U.S. Government has made contacts with Alients, Area 51 is a secret Air Force base. It has a strong following of ‘believers’

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Burning Man is a massive event that occurs annual in the northwest Nevada desert.

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Nevada State Capitol – Carson City

This quaint building is the Nevada State Capitol. It was built from sandstone obtained from the Nevada State Prison.

Nevada State Capitol.JPG




Cowboys in the Desert

1965     1968     1985     1987

Government State Nevada 1965.jpg

Government State Nevada 1968.jpg


A number of ranches in Nevada cater to the tourist trade.

Jersey Valley Cattle Company, Nevada - COWBOY SHOWCASE



Outdoors in Nevada

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There are a number of beautiful state parks in Nevada (photos from Wikipedia).

Panaca Formations In Cathedral Gorge State Park Nevada Greeting ...



Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of fire State Park.jpg

Fire Wave Valley of Fire | Earth Trekkers



Ward Charcoal Oven State Historic Park

Ward Charcoal Oven State Historic Park







Las Vegas – December 2011 – Imperial Palace Auto Museum

The Imperial Palace Hotel houses an Auto Museum on the 5th floor of their parking deck. While it is not the most elegant of auto museums it has a nice eclectic collection.

Apparently the display changes since all the cars and trucks there are for sale, even though they charge admission to view them.

2011 12 08 Las Vegas 4.jpg



2011 12 08 Las Vegas 6.jpg



2011 12 08 Las Vegas 8.jpg



2011 12 08 Las Vegas 14.jpg



2011 12 08 Las Vegas 17.jpg




2011 12 08 Las Vegas 21.jpg



2011 12 08 Las Vegas 22.jpg



2011 12 08 Las Vegas 26.jpg



2011 12 08 Las Vegas 24.jpg




2011 12 08 Las Vegas 37.jpg




























Las Vegas – December 2011 – Two Days in Vegas (Day 1)

2011 12 04 Las Vegas 1.jpg


A conference took me to Las Vegas for a few days. I have never been a Las Vegas fan, but since I was there when I would finish for the day I would walk up and down the strip for photo ops…

2011 12 04 Las Vegas 3.jpg




2011 12 04 Las Vegas 4.jpg



2011 12 04 Las Vegas 5.jpg



2011 12 04 Las Vegas 7.jpg



2011 12 04 Las Vegas 9.jpg



2011 12 04 Las Vegas 10.jpg



2011 12 04 Las Vegas 12.jpg



2011 12 04 Las Vegas 14.jpg



2011 12 04 Las Vegas 17.jpg



2011 12 04 Las Vegas 18.jpg



2011 12 04 Las Vegas 22.jpg



2011 12 04 Las Vegas 27.jpg



2011 12 04 Las Vegas 30.jpg



2011 12 04 Las Vegas 33.jpg



2011 12 04 Las Vegas 35.jpg



2011 12 04 Las Vegas 45.jpg




2011 12 04 Las Vegas 52.jpg



2011 12 04 Las Vegas 55.jpg



2011 12 04 Las Vegas 53.jpg