Lexington, Kentucky – May 2019 – A Damp Quiet Morning at Keeneland

Keeneland Race Course is located just to the west of Lexington. It is known as one of the most beautiful facilities in the country.

Much like Claiborne Farms everything is done in an understated, but in a posh way.

The stables area are well kept, albeit somewhat quiet on this cool, damp morning.

There was some activity as the horses wait for no man.

At Keeneland the horses always have the right of way.

There is a practice track in addition to the main track.

Returning from the stable area we passed by the library.

A view of the main drive through the facility.

Most of the primary buildings are built from stone.

While this gate was closed, others were open. The styling keeps with the simple elegance.

I am not certain if a Rolex clock keeps better time, but it fits the environment.

The jockeys quarters near the main track.

The entrance to the paddock is closely guarded on race days.

Even the paddock has a nice stone wall surrounding it.

A collection of small statues display the silk colors for some of the major farms.

The main grandstands. This isn’t your county fairgrounds.

Inside the grandstands they had a horse shoe display – Nikes for Thoroughbreds.

A track side view of the main grandstands.

The morning fog gave a surreal feeling to the track.

The finish line – the ‘dirt’ track is in the foreground, the turf track is just behind it.

Attending major sporting events are always a great time, but sometimes the best photography is when nobody is there.

Lexington, Kentucky – May 2019 – Scenes of the City

Two things are important in Lexington – horse racing and bourbon!

Even some of the public art – including giant sculptures of books often depicts horse racing.

A number of artistic horse sculptures are scattered around town.

A downtown sculpture area is called Thoroughbred Park – depicting the finish line in great detail.

The best ‘ghost sign’ in town is for Horse Racing Oats.

But there is more to Lexington that just horses and bourbon – there is the University of Kentucky, and their stunning library.

For a city this far off the east coast there are a number of early 1800 or older buildings and homes.

A former courthouse is now the main visitor center – as well as other civic offices.

The area has been growing, and there is evidence of new investments downtown with government buildings and plazas.

The main library is newer as well, and features this 5 story pendulum clock – reputed to be the largest in the world.

We visited Transylvnia University and an art fair that was occurring there. The college was the first institution of higher learning west of the Allegheny Mountains. It is named for the Transylvania Colony – a proposed 14th colony that never really came to be – but the university name stuck.

Our final stop was the arboretum shared by the University of Kentucky and the city of Lexington. On this spring day there were a number of groups using the setting for their backdrops – homecoming groups, weddings, engages, and others…

Our final stop was a memorial to 49 people who lost their lives in a commuter airline crash in 2006. They are represented by 49 birds in flight.

For a mid sized city Lexington has a lot to offer – a good place to spend a day or two.

Lexington, Kentucky – May 2019 – Mural City

The city of Lexington, Kentucky like many cities has some murals around town. Unlike anywhere we have ever seen, they seem to have them everywhere – and most are very well done.

In addition they aren’t all the traditional history based murals – rather many have artistic statements. Below is an extensive view of many of the murals – if you are interested in more details behind them I recommend checking out the two links below:

http://www.lexarts.org/participate/public-art/lmp/ using the hashtag #sharethelex


We spent a few hours on a mural scavenger hunt and found most of them. This posting is quite long with around 40 photos in it.

Bowling Green, Kentucky – National Parks Road Trip – Day 24 – Corvettes on the way back to Ohio

It is a six-hour drive from Nashville to Columbus, but I had a couple of stops planned. First up is the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This is the museum where eight classic corvettes fell through the floor because a 60-foot-long, 45-foot-wide, 30-foot-deep sinkhole opened up in February 2014. The museum recovered and rebuilt the museum to display six of the eight cars.

2015 09 27 8 Bowling Green KY.jpg

One Corvette was restored and five are shown in their state of wreckage. Another Corvette is being restored. The sinkhole area is now a tall cylindrical building as a tribute tower for all who have contributed to the creation and promotion of the Corvette and exhibiting the fallen corvettes at the spot of the sinkhole. The museum also presented a history of the corvette of its development, design, and engineering.

2015 09 27 46 Bowling Green KY.jpg


We were caught in a construction zone after Bowling Green on Interstate 65. This detour prevented us from seeing the Stonehenge of Kentucky in Munfordville, so we continued on to Lexington.

We reached Keeneland, a horse track, that was to host the Breeder’s Cup Race  in 2015, a month or so after our visit. The grounds are perfectly manicured and this facility has grass and dirt racetracks. The stands were open so we explored all, taking the elevator to the top floor of the grandstand to see the full view of the surroundings.  We drove around the grounds that encompassed acres of land and found the stables and then the library that has the largest collection of horse information in the country. We also saw statues of jockeys represented by their colors for the horse owners in the Breeder’s Cup.

2015 09 27 119 Lexington KY.jpg


Our plans were to take us to the Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky but we were ready to go home and continued driving until we made it to Columbus. We spent 24 days together on the road without a minute break from each other; most people would call this a true test of marriage and we aced it while having one of the best vacations of our lives.

2015 09 27 134 Cincinnati OH.jpg