Chicago – February 2020 – Spring Comes Early at a Flower Conservatory

Lincoln Park and Garfield Park are both city parks in Chicago that have impressive glass conservatories. This time of year both are having their spring flower shows.

We start with Lincoln Park.

And now it was on to Garfield Park

Garfield Park’s is larger, with more rooms, including an impressive cacti collection.

Chicago – May 2017 – Cloudy Views from the Lincoln Park neighborhood

With some time to check out the Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago I found two places for some quick photos.

First is Oz Park – with Wizard of Oz statues.

2017 05 24 1 Chicago.jpg


2017 05 24 2 Chicago.jpg


2017 05 24 6 Chicago.jpg


The second were the views from the lakeside in Lincoln Park itself. The hazy, low clouds day made it tough to get clear shots, but with the view it is hard to mess them up.

2017 05 24 14 Chicago.jpg


2017 05 24 16 Chicago.jpg


2017 05 24 18 Chicago.jpg


2017 05 24 24 Chicago.jpg