Lloyds Neck, NY – May 2018 – Caumsett State Park

Caumsett State Park is situated along the North Shore of Long island, with 1400 acres facing the Long Island Sound. Famed retailer Marshall Field built the estate in the mid 1920s, naming it after the Matinecock Native American’s word for ‘Place by a Sharp Rock’

The estate was purchased by the state of New York in 1961 as a park. The mansion itself is in need of some repair, although apparently birds like to live on the chimney.

2018 05 28 41 Lloyd Harbor NY Caumsett State Park



As noted it is along the Sound, with a picturesque view.

2018 05 28 39 Lloyd Harbor NY Caumsett State Park.jpg




Returning to our tour around the outside of the house (it is rarely open for interior tours) you can still see the details, as well as the need for some upkeep.

2018 05 28 43 Lloyd Harbor NY Caumsett State Park.jpg



Nearby a former garage serves as a gathering spot.

2018 05 28 45 Lloyd Harbor NY Caumsett State Park.jpg



Also on the property are other stately homes, although without the water views.

2018 05 28 48 Lloyd Harbor NY Caumsett State Park.jpg



One home is still in daily use.

2018 05 28 49 Lloyd Harbor NY Caumsett State Park.jpg



The estate was used for many equestrian events, as evidences by the many barns. Caumsett State Park is a nice place to hike with natural scenery, but with some investment the property could be brought back to be an impressive setting.

2018 05 28 50 Lloyd Harbor NY Caumsett State Park.jpg

New London, CT – May 2018 – Crossing the Long Island Sound

If you are in New England and you want to go to Long Island you can either make the drive to New York City and backtrack back out the island, or you can take a cross sound ferry.

We made a choice to take the ferry from New London, Connecticut to Orient Point, New York. With a full day in Boston, we showed up in New London in the early evening and spent the night before taking the 1st ferry of the morning.

We spent our evening in New London having dinner (an interesting experience at Tony D’s Italian restaurant) and walked the downtown area, where it was apparent the architectural firm that designed the library was the same one who had designed the Waterworks in Boston, as the buildings had a strong resemblance.


2018 05 27 129 New London CT.jpg




The schooner Amistad is docked in the harbor.

2018 05 27 131 New London CT.jpg




While along the harbor front is a row of American flags.

2018 05 27 140 New London CT.jpg




A fountain celebrates the whaling history of the city.

2018 05 27 141 New London CT.jpg




The New London Union Rail Station was designed by Henry Hobson Richardson in the late 1800s.


2018 05 27 143 New London CT.jpg




A centerpiece for the town is a schoolhouse that Nathan Hale taught at before the Revolutionary War.

2018 05 27 144 New London CT.jpg




The next morning we caught the ferry out of town. It offered a nice overview as we left.

2018 05 28 3 New London CT Cross Sound Ferry.jpg



Including the impressive interstate bridge over the Thames River.

2018 05 28 6 New London CT Cross Sound Ferry.jpg




Past the lighthouse and into the Long Island Sound.

2018 05 28 13 New London CT Cross Sound Ferry.jpg




We were on the slow ferry since we had the car with us. Soon the passenger only Sea Jet ferry caught us and passed us in their 40 minute crossing, whereas ours took 80 minutes. But soon we were on Long Island and continued our trip.

2018 05 28 22 New London CT Cross Sound Ferry.jpg