Clermont, KY – October 2013 – Jim Beam Factory Tour and Mammoth Caves National Park

Our cold Saturday October morning in Kentucky started out near the town of Clermont, at the Jim Beam Factory Tour. After gathering in the visitor center we took a bus to the factory, starting in the area where the ingredients are mixed together for mash.

2013 10 26 19 Jim Beam Tour Clermont KY.jpg



From there it was off to the fermentation area

2013 10 26 25 Jim Beam Tour Clermont KY.jpg



Next up was the bottling line – where I bottled my own – even though I rarely drink whiskey. The bottle is still nearly full 4 years later.

2013 10 26 38 Jim Beam Tour Clermont KY.jpg



For most though, they go into barrels where they are aged for years in large barns.

2013 10 26 57 Jim Beam Tour Clermont KY.jpg



Resulting in a finished product.

2013 10 26 36 Jim Beam Tour Clermont KY.jpg



From there it was back to the visitor center for a tasting event.

2013 10 26 6 Jim Beam Tour Clermont KY.jpg



Our afternoon was spent at Mammoth Caves National Park, where we went on two tours.

2013 10 26 94 Mammoth Cave KY.jpg



The first was the standard tour, with electric lighting throughout (I had yet figured out how to photograph low light without a tripod)

2013 10 26 85 Mammoth Cave KY.jpg



Our second tour was a smaller group, using the old fashioned lanterns.

2013 10 26 101 Mammoth Cave KY.jpg



This tour was much more interesting, and really gave a different feel with the even lower levels of light. We were able to see where people ‘smoked’ their names of the ceiling in the 1800s.

2013 10 26 98 Mammoth Cave KY.jpg