Virtual Travel – Rhode Island

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Time for a brief stop in the smallest state – Despite the name, most of the 1045 square miles is not in an island, rather it is on the U.S. Mainland. It is thought the name came from a Dutch explorer who passed by and noted one of the islands was reddish in color, and the Dutch name for red island is ‘Rood Eiland’.



The Capital

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The State Capital and largest city is Providence. The Rhode Island State House dates from 1904. It is amazingly the 7th state house in the history of Rhode Island (they must have rented before they could afford to own)!

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State Symbol of the Day – Official State Appetizer – Calamari, because the state produces 54% of all the squid/calamari in the northeast. (photos from


State Drink – Coffee Milk. It is made from coffee syrup and is more like chocolate milk, only coffee flavored.



The Ocean State

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By far the most popular tourist town in the state is Newport. To get there from the west you cross the Newport Bridge, aka the Clairborn Pell Bridge. It climbs to a height of 206′ above the water.


In the early 1900s Newport was the summer home for many of the wealthy New Yorkers. It still maintains some of that mystique.

The famed Cliff Walk passes by many of those early 1900s mansions.

Newport is a major sailing community, with the Museum of Yachting located here.





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Founded in 1636, Providence has a metro population of 1.6 million people. It is in some ways an extension of the Boston metro area.

The largest employer in the city is Brown University.









Virtual Travel – New York

Welcome to the Empire State – New York. While there is some doubt as to where the nickname came from, most attribute it to a comment from a George Washington letter to New York City mayor James Duane where he referred to it as ‘The Seat of the Empire’.

While the state is dominated by New York City, the capital is Albany. The entire center of the city is known as the Empire State Plaza, and is surrounded by government buildings.

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Unique State Symbols

State Beverage – Milk. The state ranks 3rd in the amount of milk produced. (photos from


State Muffin – Yes, we have another state muffin, the Apple Muffin. As you may recall we featured the blueberry muffin of Minnesota, however I missed the Massachusetts state muffin – corn muffin.

New York also has a state snack – yogurt. The state is the leading producer of yogurt, likely as an offshoot of that dairy business.


While most states have a slogan – New York’s is ‘official’

2018: Summer of I LOVE NEW YORK | Empire State Development



Highlights of the State

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While all the maps on these postings have been road maps, transit in New York is much more. New York City has a long subway history that is celebrated at the Transit Museum in downtown Brooklyn.



If you are lucky enough you can get a tour of the vacant, but fantastic City Hall Station in Manhattan. This was one of the original stations, but because the platform is curved when they introduced new, longer trains in the 1940s it became obsolete.



New York has a plethora of great bridges – including the Verrazzano Narrows Bridge (top row). Other bridge featured below include the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls, the Thousand Islands Bridge, the South Grand Island Bridge near Buffalo, and of course the Brooklyn Bridge.



No trip to New York City can be complete without admiring, and photographing the great architecture.



Back upstate is the Watkins Glen Racetrack. This legendary track hosted the U.S. Grand Prix for 20 years, and has continued to host racing for over 60 years.





Beyond the City

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Long Island – Land of endless suburbs and massive estates, Long Island’s most famous residence is likely Sagamore Hill. This was President Theodore Roosevelt’s home.

But there are many more estates, thanks to the ultra rich looking to have country homes outside the city.



When most people refer to Long Island they think the area beyond Queens, but the reality is both Brooklyn and Queens are on Long Island – making it one of the most populated islands in the world with over 7 million people.



Woodstock – Well technically it is nowhere close to the actual town of Woodstock, it is near Bethel since Woodstock. The festival, with 400,000 spectators, took place on Max Yasgurs farm in 1969. Today the site has an amphitheater, arts center and museum.



Back to Watkins Glen – only this time to the actual Glen. This picturesque park and gorge is just at the edge of town.



Niagara Falls and other great tourist attractions of the state.

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Niagara Falls – One of the world’s greatest waterfalls.

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Buffalo – Just upriver from Niagara Falls. This once great industrial city has some great relics like the Buffalo Central Station (bottom photos).



Western New York is home to a number of Frank Lloyd Wright design structures. The Martin House is featured in the top photos, the boathouse on the left middle was from a FLW design. The gas station on the middle right is in Pierce Arrow Museum, and finally the lower house is Graycliff, located along the shores of Lake Erie south of the city.



New York City has a number of major tourist attractions. Featured here is Times Square, Citi Field, Yankee Stadium, The High Line, Radio City and others.



Public Art abounds in the city. My favorite is the collection from Tom Otterness located in the 8th Avenue/14th Street subway station.



Public Art is scattered throughout the city. While we could go on for a long time on great sights of New York, we will end here.