Cumberland, Maryland – Late Fall 2016 Road Trip – Day 1

With the Veterans Day holiday I figured out I had enough vacation time for a week long road trip, deciding to take a road trip visiting Washington, D.C., the Eastern Shore, the Outer Banks, and back through North Carolina, Tennessee and eastern Kentucky.  We were able to leave home mid afternoon, making it to Cumberland, Maryland by 7 PM. As we were checking in the Fairfield Inn we asked the desk clerk for a restaurant recommend; his was the Ristorante Ottavianni on Center Street

2016 11 04 6 Cumberland MD.jpg

After a nice walk along the canal trail to the restaurant we enjoyed scallop pesto linguine with the best scallops ever, along with a chicken parm meal. After dinner we returned along the canal trail seeing an old canal boat docked behind our hotel.

2016 11 04 14 Cumberland MD.jpg

Historically, Cumberland was known as the “Queen City,” as it was once the second largest city in the state.  Due to its strategic location on what became known as the Cumberland Road through the Appalachians, it served as a staging point for westward migrations after the American Revolution into the settlement of Ohio Country.

For us it meant it was a good place to stop for the night just a couple of hours from DC.

2016 11 04 11 Cumberland MD.jpg

Antietum, MD – February 2006 – Battlefield visit

Antietum, Maryland was the site of the worst battle in American history, with over 20,000 casualties. The battlefield is now a National Historic Park, with numerous monuments in tribute to those who fell.

2006 02 25 Antietum 1.jpg


2006 02 25 Antietum 5.jpg


2006 02 25 Antietum 7.jpg


2006 02 25 Antietum 9.jpg



2006 02 25 Antietum 10.jpg


2006 02 25 Antietum 24.jpg


2006 02 25 Antietum 28.jpg


2006 02 25 Antietum 32.jpg


2006 02 25 Antietum 34.jpg


2006 02 25 Antietum 35.jpg


2006 02 25 Antietum 40.jpg



Nearby is another significant location from the Civil War, Harpers Ferry.

2006 02 25 Harpers Ferry 3.jpg


2006 02 25 Harpers Ferry 5.jpg


2006 02 25 Harpers Ferry 8.jpg


2006 02 25 Harpers Ferry 9.jpg


2006 02 25 Harpers Ferry 15.jpg


2006 02 25 Harpers Ferry 17.jpg


2006 02 25 Harpers Ferry 20.jpg