Milan, Ohio – May 2018 – Unexpected Architecture at the Library

For decades I have heard that Thomas Edison was born in Ohio. Finally since we were in the area we decided to visit.


2018 05 19 224 Milan OH Edison Birthplace




While they did have a small display of some of Edison’s inventions, overall the home is exactly that – a small home from the 1800s with period pieces. Nice – but not our speed.

2018 05 19 214 Milan OH Edison Birthplace




As we were leaving town we noticed the really cool library – so we stopped to take some photos. Outside were a number of people playing Pokemon and as we were checking out the building one of the group walked over to speak to us.

It turns out we had the good fortune to meet the Director of the Library – James. He is rightfully proud of his library, and was more than welcoming in showing us around.

2018 05 19 227 Milan OH Public Library



The library was built from a Carnegie Fund in 1912. The detail they gave this library in this small Ohio town is stunning.

2018 05 19 231 Milan OH Public Library




Later additions have stayed true to the original architectural styles.

2018 05 19 233 Milan OH Public Library




It is virtually impossible to tell the difference between old and new.

2018 05 19 237 Milan OH Public Library




Inside is interesting as well.

2018 05 19 239 Milan OH Public Library




Artwork is display on the bookshelves …

2018 05 19 243 Milan OH Public Library




… and walls – a tribute to Edison.

2018 05 19 244 Milan OH Public Library




In my opinion the entire building has a Frank Lloyd Wright feel to it. If you find yourself in Milan, Ohio the best building in town is not Edison’s birthplace – it is the local library – ask for James 🙂  (thanks James!)

2018 05 19 246 Milan OH Public Library