September 2018 – Auf Wiedersehen to the Audi

Over the last couple of years the cars have become frequent subjects in my photos. After 4 years of loyal service, and fantastic adventures, the Audi S5 was traded in.

This posting highlights the Audi’s trips it took us on.

First trip was to Western Ohio – and a giant fiberglass bull.

2015 03 21 124 Gilboa Ohio_LI.jpg



Most of the time the birthplace of Presidents are honored locales, but not for Rutherford B Hayes – his is a BP station in Delaware, Ohio.

2015 04 04 138 Delaware Ohio.jpg



A covered bridge in Fairfield County, Ohio – The car was not allowed to cross it, but we were.

2015 04 05 Fairfield County Tour 52.jpg



Utopia has been found (along the Ohio River).

2015 05 10 44 Utopia Ohio_LI.jpg



The settling of America – on the right is a famed S bridge of the original National Road. Overhead is US Route 40 – the main route west from the 1910s through the 1960s. A 1/2 mile to the left (not shown) is Interstate 70.

2015 05 24 National Road in Ohio 34_LI.jpg



A riverboat in Cincinnati.

2015 07 12 12 Cincinnati All Star Sunday.jpg



867 feet above the Audi the New River Gorge Bridge. They offer tours where they connect you to the beams underneath and you cross – I passed.

2015 07 26 16 New River WV.jpg



Polo anyone. 3 horses in the field and 340 under the hood.

2015 08 09 27 Granville Polo_LI.jpg



After Utopia, come Paradise – in the Northern Peninsula of Michigan. I find it ironic that somewhere that gets 200 inches of snow a year is considered Paradise…

2015 09 05 11 Paradise MI_LI.jpg



The Audi is not on a runway – it is an abandoned air force base in Michigan – with some random Jets parked around town.

2015 09 06 6 Sawyer Air Base MI.jpg



Welcome to Minnesota doncha ya know.

2015 09 07 18 Akeley MN_LI.jpg



Big Horn Canyon National Recreation Area Montana/Wyoming.

2015 09 10 38 Big Horn Canyon National Recreation Area WY MT_LI.jpg



Yellowstone. That is not the radiator overheating 🙂

2015 09 11 53 Yellowstone National Park WY.jpg



One of the funniest moments in our travels was the day we ran into a cattle drive on a road in Idaho – this cow spent 5 minutes licking the bugs off the front of the Audi.

2015 09 14 10 Lava Hot Springs ID.jpg



We drove 9 miles out a dirt road at the Golden Spike National Historic Site (where the transcontinental railroad met in the 1800s). Wondering who was dumb enough take an Audi out this dirt road, until a Tesla pulled up.

2015 09 14 101 Golden Spike National Historic Site UT_LI.jpg



Devils Rocks Utah

2015 09 16 188  Devil's Rocks UT_LI.jpg





Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The hotel was filled with a Corvette Club and us.

2015 09 20 1 Pagosa Springs CO_LI.jpg




Bonjour from Paris – Texas

2015 09 23 242 Paris TX_LI.jpg



We went down to the Crossroads….Clarksdale, Mississippi.

2015 09 25 39 Clarksdale MS.jpg



We have seen Utopia and Paradise, and now the Center of the World

2016 03 11 2 Warren Ohio_LI.jpg



The original Model T factory in Detroit. They let my German car go along with all the classic American cars on the Woodward Dream Cruise all the way through the city to the burbs where the other 100,000 cool cars were cruising.

2016 08 20 61 Detroit Piquette Avenue Model T Factory_LI.jpg



Plymouth, Massachusetts – National Monument to the Fore Fathers.

2016 08 31 72 Plymouth MA.jpg



The Marine Atlantic Ferry to Newfoundland. A 600 car ferry and a 18 hour ride!

2016 09 04 55 Ferry to Newfoundland_LI.jpg



Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, Canada

2016 09 06 49 Gros Morne National Park NL.jpg



The Audi and a large basket – but there are larger basket buildings in Ohio.

2016 12 24 7 Dresden OH.jpg



The historic Cincinnati Observatory and the Audi.

2017 06 11 171 Cincinnati Observatory.jpg



Watkins Glen Race Track. They were having club racing with little Mazdas, etc – if I had the safety equipment to go on the track I could’ve taken them – I think.

2018 05 25 280 Watkins Glen NY Racetrack_LI.jpg



Age of Steam Roundhouse in Sugarcreek, Ohio.

2018 06 09 184 Sugarcreek OH Age of Steam Roundhouse_LI.jpg



The Auburn/Cord/Dusenberg Festival in Indiana. That car is sooo much cooler than mine.

2018 08 31 52 Auburn IN Car Show_LI.jpg



The final road trip for the Audi – Downtown Chicago with the El in the background. While the Audi is gone – the adventures continue…..

2018 09 02 215 Chicago_LI.jpg












Northern Minnesota and North Dakota – National Parks Road Trip – Day 4

Our trip west continued with much cooler weather after the previous night’s storms. This was a day to mainly make good time, but find sights along the way – a real Roadside America kind of day, which Northern Minnesota seems to specialize in.

These included  a Giant Muskie and Bald Eagle in Floodwood; a yard full of cement sculptures (Wolf, dog on a leash, cow by a barn, eagle, bison, and more) in someone’s yard in Jacobson, and a giant statue of Paul Bunyan as well as another giant Muskie in Ankeley)

2015 09 07 7 Floodwood MN.jpg


Along the way we crossed a small creek, or rather the Mississippi River. The Mississippi begins north at this point and is not very wide at the point of our locale.

2015 09 07 11 Jacobson MN.jpg


Arriving in Moorehead, Minnesota we went to the Norwegian Heritage Center. The highlight of the Center is a replica of a Viking Hjemkomst ship. The ship was built by Bob Asp who dreamt of sailing an ancient ship to Norway. He and his family built the 76 foot replica based on a Viking ship excavated in Norway. Asp died before the ship was completed so his family finished its construction. Then the ship was sent to Duluth, Minnesota so that it can sail from Lake Superior to Norway. The ship is stationed inside the Center.

2015 09 07 40 Moorhead MN.jpg


2015 09 07 44 Moorhead MN



Also at the center is a replica of a Norwegian church, the church had no pews, worshippers had to stand. The roof is made of wood staves, with the church being made of white pine with expertly carved designs of dragons made of California Redwood and were skillfully carved by Guy Paulson. On the side the church had a leper window, which allowed the infected to attend service and receive a blessing from the reverend without infecting the rest of the congregation.

2015 09 07 76 Moorhead MN.jpg


Moorehead is just across the river from Fargo, North Dakota.

2015 09 07 81 Fargo ND.jpg


2015 09 07 90 Fargo ND.jpg


2015 09 07 88 Fargo ND




After crossing into Fargo we stopped for lunch at the Old Broadway Restaurant. The building that housed the restaurant was nicely renovated and the food was good.

2015 09 07 86 Fargo ND



After lunch we toured downtown Fargo a bit, as well as making a stop at the Fargo Tourist Center to see the wood chipper from the movie “Fargo.” A leg juts out from the hopper of the wood chipper, which I had to pose with!

2015 09 07 93 Fargo ND.jpg



The Visitor Center has a club for anyone who visits North Dakota as their 50th state. North Dakota is usually the last or least visited so the Center makes a big deal when someone mentions it is the 50th state for them. The Center presents a T-shirt, magnet and certificate, all saying “Best for Last Club,” emblazoned with a silhouette of North Dakota then entered into the book with other members of the special 50th club. North Dakota for me however was number 46.

2015 09 07 91 Fargo ND




2015 09 07 136 Bismarck ND.jpg


In Bismarck, the state capital, we walked around the grounds since the capitol building was closed for the Labor Day holiday.

2015 09 07 133 Bismarck ND



2015 09 07 125 Bismarck ND.jpg



2015 09 07 129 Bismarck ND



2015 09 07 138 Bismarck ND.jpg




We were able to get into the North Dakota Cultural Heritage Museum for the last fifteen minutes before closing for the day. The museum had fossils that were real and also casted skeletons of dinosaurs.

2015 09 07 99 Bismarck ND.jpg



2015 09 07 104 Bismarck ND



2015 09 07 112 Bismarck ND.jpg







After cruising through town and ate dinner at the Olive Garden. Our meal was not that great but it was the best option available.







Michigan UP, Wisconsin and Minnesota – National Parks Road Trip – Day 3 – Abandonded Air Force Base, Marquette, MI and Duluth, MN

2015 09 06 214 Duluth MN.jpg


We started our day in Marquette, Michigan at the abandoned Sawyer Air Force base. There are literally hundreds of vacant buildings scattered about, with a few in use. We went past entire apartment complexes boarded up after the military left in the 1990s. It looks like it could double for Chernobyl.

2015 09 06 3 Sawyer Air Base MI.jpg


Interestingly though, as a tourist attraction, are a number of jet airplanes parked around town. They seem to be in good shape, just parked in fields and parking lots. At the edge of town is a new, small terminal that is used for the Marquette International Airport. We walked in to check it out and the board has one destination written permanently, ‘Detroit’.

2015 09 06 5 Sawyer Air Base MI.jpg



2015 09 06 11 Sawyer Air Base MI



It was about a 15 minute drive into the middle of Marquette, the largest town in the U.P It is also home to Northern Michigan University. Given the tough weather, over 200″ of snow per year, they have a domed stadium, the Superior Dome, however theirs is unique in that it is made of Douglas Fir beams and fir decking. This geodesic dome arena is the world’s largest wooden dome and is in the Guinness Book of World Records.

2015 09 06 25 Marquette MI.jpg



We made our way inside the Wildcat football arena, walking onto the cushioned Astroturf, with a beautiful smell of wood used to build the arena. The ceiling was stained wood inside and had white panels for the exterior designed in a sloping fashion to funnel snow off the domed stadium into large wells positioned on the ground at points around the structure.

2015 09 06 44 Marquette MI.jpg


2015 09 06 31 Marquette MI




We saw another amazing item in the arena. It is the World’s Tallest Trophy at 22 ft 6.5 inches tall given for the largest skateboard parade and this trophy is also in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Along the Marquette Harbor we stopped at the Marquette Maritime Museum but it was closed, however there was a torpedo stationed outside that was perfect for sitting on and waving my arms as if I were Slim Pickens in the movie Dr. Strangelove while I had my photo taken. Just across the parking lot is the Marquette Bay Park, with a massive abandon ore dock.

We met a person in the parking lot of the park who told us how it was used; there was a massive train bridge that spanned across downtown Marquette, crossing overtop the buildings, and onto the ore dock. Trains would pull in with loads of ore, and dump them directly into the boats headed down the lakes. Given the fact we were along the Lake Superior shore at an ore dock brought to mind the Edmund Fitzgerald disaster, along with the accompanying song.

2015 09 06 52 Marquette MI.jpg


Leaving Marquette we stopped in Ishpeming to see the U. S. Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame, but it was closed. The building was designed with a steep roof modeled as a ski slope. An old ski lift chair provided seating in front of the building and international flags and an Olympic torch stood in front outside to complete the scene. We checked out the items outside the building and the well painted murals on a nearby bridge.

2015 09 06 78 Ishpeming MI.jpg



Also in Ishpeming is Da Yoopers Tourist Trap, a store I found on the Roadside America website. Large strange and unusual contraptions were placed on the store property along the road, including an 18 foot long chain saw called Big Gus.

2015 09 06 64 Ishpeming MI


Another ‘feature’ was an old pick-up truck with a rifle mounted to the bed that stuck up over the cab of the truck and extended about 8 feet beyond the front of the truck. Amazingly both the chain saw and the gun actually work.

2015 09 06 61 Ishpeming MI.jpg


Lower Michigan becomes the butt of humor due to the dislike from Da Yoopers of Upper Michigan which is seen in many of the items for sale. Some items emphasized a local affection for beer and pasties- pronounced with a short “a” sound not long “a”. Pasties are dough sandwiches stuffed with beef, rutabagas, or other vegetables, not what I was expecting when I first saw the signs.

Our route this day took us across the western half of the U.P. across the M28. As was our goal we tried to find something interesting to stop for every hour or two, including Agate Falls Park, located in southeastern Ontonagon County, Michigan. What appears to be a basic roadside rest is actually the park for this 39′ high waterfalls, coupled with a classic old highway bridge crossing just above.

2015 09 06 79 Ironwood MI.jpg


2015 09 06 80 Ironwood MI


Wakefield, Michigan was our next stop to see the Peter Toth carved Native American. We were disappointed to see that the carved head of a Native American was only half the size and not as intricately carved as a similar wooden statue in front of the Judith Resnik Community Learning Center in Akron, Ohio.

We continued on through Bessemer, Michigan to find the giant ski bum noted on Roadside America. The Ski bum was at the entrance to a ski resort called Big Powderhorn that claimed to be the Ski Capital of the Midwest.

2015 09 06 83 Ironwood MI.jpg


Finally we arrived in Ironwood in the early afternoon, and found the railroad station built in 1893 listed on the National Historical Places. In front of the depot is a memorial carved of three miners from an old tree. This town also has a mural painted the length of a downtown building of every miner with his name and the name of the mine he worked.

2015 09 06 84 Ironwood MI



In addition, this town boasts the “World’s Tallest Indian” as is noted at the foot of a 52 foot tall Hiawatha. The statue is made of fiberglass and erected at the top of Suffolk Street next to a neighborhood. This statue towers over the houses. You really cannot miss it even though we asked someone where to find it.

2015 09 06 102 Ironwood MI.jpg




2015 09 06 108 Hurley WI


Just across the border into Wisonsin we found another Roadside America classic, a giant large corkscrew in Hurley, Wisconsin. Appropriately it stands in front of a liquor store. Thank goodness Roadside America kept us entertained with oddball items like this to see along the way. You may interpret this mishmash of oddity as rambling fun, weird education, or just plain stupidity to fight boredom.

2015 09 06 111 Hurley WI.jpg



Ashland, Wisconsin was our next stop, to see the murals on buildings throughout the town. There are murals painted on the sides of downtown buildings on most of the blocks. The murals paint life of downtown businesses and life through the decades. Nearly all the murals depict people who were residents of the town.

2015 09 06 123 Ashland WI.jpg



2015 09 06 115 Ashland WI.jpg


2015 09 06 118 Ashland WI




Just outside of town we visited the Northern Great Lakes Center. The center displayed dioramas and murals of native tribes, wildlife, geology and life history of the area. It also exhibited professional photographs of Apostle Islands and Pictured Rocks. It was interesting to see these photos of Pictured Rocks which hung here in the Center because these photos were taken at different times of day and season to show so many beautiful captured scenes of the same landscape that we photographed while on our cruise. The winter scenes of Pictured Rocks and Apostle Island were especially outstanding.

2015 09 06 146 Ashland WI.jpg



2015 09 06 155 Ashland WI.jpg


Dark clouds appeared with expected storms so we made our way to Superior, Wisconsin. Unfortunately, the accordion museum there was closed and so we moved on to Duluth, Minnesota.

2015 09 06 159 Superior WI



Welcome to Minnesota.

2015 09 06 171 Duluth MN.jpg


We drove around Duluth and were surprised to find steep hills within the city, which of course we headed up. I had read there was an overlook but I was having trouble finding it.Eventually in one of my efforts to find it I ended up in a parking lot of a Catholic Church where there was some guy just hanging out in his dingy old mini van. When I asked him where it was he said ‘follow me, I will take you there’. Knowing this violates every rule of every slasher movie, we did follow him, far enough I knew where it was and I turned and took off the other way, leaving Freddy Kreuger to himself. The overlook was at Engel Park, with a 80′ tower at the top.


2015 09 06 183 Duluth MN



The view from the top was spectacular, with a 360 degree view of the city, bay and lake. We spent quite  bit of time watching an ore boat leave the harbor under the lift bridge, as well as many ore docks, some still in use. On the Superior, WI side there were massive grain elevators.

2015 09 06 178 Duluth MN.jpg


2015 09 06 188 Duluth MN.jpg


2015 09 06 181 Duluth MN



Our hotel was near the harbor in a restored area with restaurants and parks. Returning we walked to one of the more popular ones, Grandma’s Saloon & Grill (that is really the name of the restaurant) then walked through town and later walked the boardwalk along Lake Superior for amazing photos of the incoming storm, before retreating to the cover of the large porch of our hotel to watch the storm blow through. Afterwards we walked again for more great photos trying to capture lightning and ships through the fog. We got some great photos to end our day here.

2015 09 06 215 Duluth MN.jpg


2015 09 06 212 Duluth MN.jpg



2015 09 06 204 Duluth MN


Lightning on the Lake

2015 09 06 232 Duluth MN.jpg



2015 09 06 226 Duluth MN








Minneapolis – 2012 Road Trip – Day 15

Friday the 13th found us still in downtown Minneapolis. Our first stop was the Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens, one of the largest urban sculpture gardens in the country. The centerpiece of the garden is the Spoonbridge and Cherry fountain as well as the Cowles Conservatory, which has more flora and sculpture inside.

2012 07 13 43 Minneapolis.jpg



Leaving downtown we went to an area of older neighborhoods surrounding Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriot, even stopping at an estate sale in a great old house. The views across the lakes towards downtown were nice, as was the residential and commercial districts of the area.

2012 07 13 80 Minneapolis.jpg



2012 07 13 86 Minneapolis.jpg



Going back to the center of downtown we spent a few hours wandering through all of the buildings and walkways that allow you to go between them in the wintertime without freezing your ass off.

2012 07 13 93 Minneapolis.jpg



2012 07 13 94 Minneapolis.jpg



2012 07 13 101 Minneapolis.jpg



2012 07 13 113 Minneapolis.jpg



Of all the public art in Minneapolis the most unusual must be the statue of Mary Tyler Moore, doing her signature move that was in the opening of a 1970s TV show set in Minneapolis.

2012 07 13 97 Minneapolis.jpg



A work colleague of mine has lived in Minneapolis, and invited us meet with them when we were in town.   We decided to go out to dinner, then attend a Minnesota Twins baseball game at Target Field. They chose a restaurant called Bar La Grassa in a restored warehouse district just north of the stadium. Clearly Minneapolis is a very trendy city.

2012 07 13 124 Minnesota Twins game.jpg



After dinner we walked over to the stadium for the game. Target Field was completed in 2010. The architectural design firm, tried to avoid creating a replica of the old-style brick Camden Yards or modern urban design of the new Nationals Park, instead, the design for the stadium employs local limestone, heated viewing areas and a heated field. The stadium is integrated with a light rail train station.

2012 07 13 140 Minnesota Twins game.jpg



While the stadium faces some of downtown, and you have views of skyscrapers it does not have the same dramatic view as stadiums like PNC Park in Pittsburgh Nevertheless it is a nice stadium, it was a comfortable night, and we enjoyed spending the evening with them.

2012 07 13 126 Minnesota Twins game.jpg



2012 07 13 129 Minnesota Twins game.jpg



2012 07 13 150 Minnesota Twins game.jpg



2012 07 13 130 Minnesota Twins game



2012 07 13 126 Minnesota Twins game.jpg



2012 07 13 154 Minnesota Twins game.jpg



2012 07 13 133 Minnesota Twins game.jpg


Minnesota – 2012 Road Trip – Day 14 – Across the State

The following morning we crossed over into Minnesota taking a more or less direct route to Minneapolis/St Paul. This route took us through a small town called New Ulm, a town very proud of their German heritage. We stopped at a small restaurant for lunch, which was ok, but nothing memorable, so much so I don’t even recall the name of the restaurant.

2012 07 12 2 Minnesota.jpg



After a brief stop in a St Paul suburb of Hastings to tour a historic house, we headed into the middle of the city.

2012 07 12 69 St Paul Minnesota.jpg



While in St Paul we stopped and toured the Minnesota State Capital, as well as the park grounds, which had a Lindbergh statue.

2012 07 12 64 St Paul Minnesota.jpg


2012 07 12 74 St Paul Minnesota.jpg


Having seen well over 20 state capitals at this point, the Minnesota one looks pretty much like all the others, although they did have some nice gold statues on the outside.

2012 07 12 56 St Paul Minnesota.jpg


2012 07 12 70 St Paul Minnesota.jpg



Leaving St Paul we drove along the Mississippi River road through the neighborhoods into Minneapolis. This route took us into the University of Minnesota campus. The area had a feel much like Ohio State, as it is in a large city, but still maintains a distinct college campus feel.

2012 07 13 24 Minneapolis.jpg



Closer to downtown we stopped in a neighborhood of refurbished flour factories and other post industrial chic type of places. Being directly on the river across from downtown it has a very hipster vibe to it.

2012 07 12 100 Minneapolis.jpg



Connecting it to downtown is a footbridge called the Stone Arch Bridge, is a former railroad bridge crossing the Mississippi River at Saint Anthony Falls. It is the only arched bridge made of stone on the entire length of Mississippi River, and also the second oldest next to Eads Bridge, which we saw in St Louis at the beginning of the trip.

2012 07 12 90 Minneapolis.jpg



Returning to our car, we drove across the river and cruised around downtown, passing Target Field, the Metrodome, and other landmarks. Again crossing the river on the Washington Avenue Bridge. The bridge has two decks, with the lower deck designated for cars and light rail trains and the upper deck used for pedestrians and bicycles.

2012 07 12 85 Minneapolis.jpg