Igauzu Falls Argentina & Brazil – January 2020 – One of The Worlds Best Waterfalls

We spent two wet days in the rain forest of Argentina and Brazil at one of the world’s natural wonders – Igauzu Falls. Generally considered one of the two or three best waterfalls in the world, it is in reality 250+ separate waterfalls.

The challenge of photographing such a vast scene, in the drizzle and mist, was daunting. In the end the lighting and coloring provided many interesting views. – resulting in a long posting of 40 photos.

We also met a few new friends.

Columbus – July 2018 – Testing the New Lens at the Zoo

Lens envy hit me enough I picked up a new Canon EF 100-400 F/4.5-5.6 lens. With an hour or so we buzzed through the zoo so I could play with my new toy.

2018 07 29 154 Columbus Zoo.jpg



Taken through a dirty window. This new lens is much faster than what I had.

2018 07 29 156 Columbus Zoo.jpg



Another taken through dirty windows.

2018 07 29 165 Columbus Zoo.jpg



The 400mm is enough to pull in some shots.

2018 07 29 166 Columbus Zoo.jpg



The clarity is so much better than my Tamron 150-600mm, although the 600mm does get some really distant shots this won’t.

2018 07 29 169 Columbus Zoo.jpg



Wildebeests from about 100 yards.

2018 07 29 171 Columbus Zoo.jpg



The zoo worker was enjoying feeding the giraffe.

2018 07 29 174 Columbus Zoo.jpg



Vervet monkeys through more dirty glass.

2018 07 29 177 Columbus Zoo.jpg



More shots through the same dirty glass (a recurring theme).

2018 07 29 179 Columbus Zoo.jpg



Camels – finally a non obstructed shot.

2018 07 29 183 Columbus Zoo.jpg



In the bird section.

2018 07 29 186 Columbus Zoo.jpg



An eagle taken through the netting (shown as well).

2018 07 29 190 Columbus Zoo.jpg



With that the last train out of the zoo was leaving. This new lens is great, I am looking forward to sharing better shots on this blog.

2018 07 29 185 Columbus Zoo.jpg