Mt Vernon, Ohio – August 2020 – Random Views of Knox County

The tour of Central Ohio counties continues with Knox County, with more photography approaching abstract.

For a classic car find the ultimate is to find a ‘barn car’. Basically a car someone owned then stored it in a barn for 40 years forgetting about it. The result is an original condition ‘gem’.

Look closely you will see a 1960s Chevy tucked into the side barn.

The small town of Gambier is home to Kenyon College. This small college has produced a number of famous people including President Rutherford B Hayes, Paul Newman and others.

Most of the buildings have a strong Gothic and Romanesque look.

Nearby Mt Vernon has a couple of well restored train stations, including the one below that serves as a (currently closed) visitor center.

A great stone bridge with a ghost sign on an old building is just across the river from the visitor center.

Aerial Foundation Park is on the grounds of a former glass factory, with some remains of the buildings left behind as art.

A perfect red barn with the flags flying in the breeze.

Just across the county line into Delaware County is the small town of Kilbourne. While most of the town appears to be abandoned it is making a comeback as someone has purchased the block and is in the process of restoring. It appears it will take some time to finish.

Mt Vernon, OH – May 2017 – Ariel Foundation Park

The small city of Mt Vernon, Ohio was the home of the largest plate glass factory in the world until 1979 when PPG closed it. Sitting dormant for 30 years it has recently been recreated as a park, with industrial ruins and sculptures as the features.

2017 05 27 2 Mt Vernon OH Ariel Foundation Park.jpg


The centerpiece is the 280′ high former smokestack, now an observation deck with 244 open steel stairs leading to the 140′ level.

2017 05 27 4 Mt Vernon OH Ariel Foundation Park.jpg


From the top you get an excellent view of the park, and the town.

2017 05 27 7 Mt Vernon OH Ariel Foundation Park.jpg


The grounds have been graded to numerous terraces to add to the aesthetics.

2017 05 27 12 Mt Vernon OH Ariel Foundation Park.jpg


For those who have a problem with heights (me) the stairs can freak you out!

2017 05 27 14 Mt Vernon OH Ariel Foundation Park.jpg


Back on terrafirma, you can tour the various sculptures including river of glass, which is made up of millions of small clear glass pieces, along with the larger blue ones.

2017 05 27 26 Mt Vernon OH Ariel Foundation Park.jpg


The Coxley Building Ruins

2017 05 27 41 Mt Vernon OH Ariel Foundation Park.jpg

Mt Vernon, OH – August 2015 – Car Show/Art Show

The next day was a bit slim on choices so we headed to Mount Vernon for what was supposed to be a major arts festival with a minor car show. It turned out to be a nonexistent art show with a nice car show.

On the way to Mount Vernon we stopped in the little town of Gambier to check out Kenyon College, famous for being a liberal arts college in the middle of nowhere. Paul Newman even went there. But it was small, and after about 15 minutes we had seen it all and headed over to Mount Vernon.

As mentioned we found little in the form of arts, and the first music act we saw was a Christian rock band with little skill. As we walked towards the center of the festival we did find a local Rotary club selling pork chop dinners, and they were very good, so at least I was fed.

2015 08 16 86 Mt Vernon Ohio.jpg


When we did get to the center of the festival we found a very nice car show that went for a couple of blocks in 3 directions. At the center was a classic rock cover band who was pretty good, with music that went with the classic cars.

At the Ye Old Mill we made our way into the Velvet ice cream shop to get some of their finest, which was good, but not Handels. Still it was a nice way to spend an hour on a Sunday afternoon.

Generally one of the more disappointing days of the summer.