Cleveland – September 2017 – A Super Library

Two teenagers growing up in the Glenville neighborhood on the east side of Cleveland came up with the idea of Superman in the mid 1930s. From this humble beginning they launched the most famous superhero of all time, which the Main Cleveland Library is now celebrating.

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were friends from the neighborhood when they partnered to come up with Superman. As children of Jewish immigrants the idea of Superman coming from another land was close to their experiences, as well as their influence from the pulp fiction of the day. And the rest as they say is history….


Small steel statue

2017 09 30 144 Cleveland Main Library.JPG


Original sketches.

2017 09 30 145 Cleveland Main Library.JPG


Cleveland – proud true home of Superman – take that Metropolis!

2017 09 30 146 Cleveland Main Library.JPG


Phone booth – complete with a cape left behind.

2017 09 30 152 Cleveland Main Library.JPG


The 1950s Superman costume, apparently these colors filmed better in black and white than the more well known red and blue.

2017 09 30 153 Cleveland Main Library.JPG


Large statue – eventually headed for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

2017 09 30 161 Cleveland Main Library.JPG


A Superman telephone.

2017 09 30 160 Cleveland Main Library.JPG





Tacoma, Washington – September 2017 – LeMay Auto Collection

Harold LeMay made his fortune hauling garbage in Tacoma, Washington, but his passion was cars. At his death he owned a record 3000 cars. Today the collection is split into two separate museums.

The first is housed at a formers boys school with a number of buildings.



The gymnasium make a great setting.



Sliding doors!





The had cars stacked 3 high in some places.



The second museum was in downtown Tacoma and was more formal.





A Rambler with a Ferrari engine.


Seattle – September 2017 – Museum of Pop Art

The Museum of Pop Art in Seattle started life as a tribute to Jimi Hendrix by Paul Allen, one of the founders of Microsoft. Recently they rebranded themselves and have some nice other exhibits.


The guitar collection was amazing.









The Hendrix area





A large area for sci-fi














Grove City, OH – July 2017 – Flashlight Museum

As I research various unique places to see I sometimes come up with one that doesn’t really appear to exist. One such place is the ‘Flashlight Museum’ in Grove City, a Columbus suburb. There is a website for it (, as well as a contact page, but no actual address, so I entered some information in a contact page of the website and a couple of weeks later received an email.

After a phone call I realized the museum itself is actual one person’s (Steve Giterman) personal collection. Steve was more than happy to have us stop by for a visit to see his collection.

In his home he had ‘thousands’ of flashlights, virtually all in working condition.

In addition he had a great collection of peripherals and advertising.

2017 07 08 16 Grove City OH Flashlight Museum.JPG


Who knew that flashlights came in so many different looks.

2017 07 08 22 Grove City OH Flashlight Museum.JPG


They were loosely grouped together by age and style.

2017 07 08 25 Grove City OH Flashlight Museum.JPG


All were in excellent condition, including the advertising.

2017 07 08 29 Grove City OH Flashlight Museum.JPG


Steve had many unique flashlight accessories, including these stamps.

2017 07 08 34 Grove City OH Flashlight Museum.JPG


Of particular interest are the ‘novelty’ flashlights.

2017 07 08 41 Grove City OH Flashlight Museum.JPG


2017 07 08 42 Grove City OH Flashlight Museum.JPG


The older, standard flashlights have a great streamlined look to them.

2017 07 08 43 Grove City OH Flashlight Museum.JPG


More novelty flashlights.

2017 07 08 44 Grove City OH Flashlight Museum.JPG

In addition Steve does flashlight repairs. If you have a classic old flashlight that doesn’t work, contact Steve at┬á, he will be more than happy to help you, and welcome you to see his fantastic collection.

Pittsburgh – July 2017 – Carnegie Science Center

The Carnegie Science Center, like most science centers, is geared towards children, but with an excellent railway model of the highlights of Pittsburgh I wanted to check it out.

An added bonus was the Robot Hall of Fame, as well as a submarine docked on the banks of the Ohio River!

2017 07 01 74 Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center.JPG


2017 07 01 79 Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center.JPG


An interesting display showing the stress high heel shoes put on a woman’s ankle and foot.

2017 07 01 111 Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center.JPG


Forbes Field

2017 07 01 126 Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center.JPG


Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

2017 07 01 136 Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center.JPG


Danger Will Robinson….

2017 07 01 148 Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center.JPG

Pittsburgh – June 2017 – Andy Warhol Museum

Andy Warhol was born in Pittsburgh in 1928, living there until he went to New York in his 20s to find fame and fortune. After his death he was returned to Pittsburgh for burial along with the other members of his family.

The Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh is the largest museum in North America dedicated to a single artist. Situated over 7 floors and 88,000 square feet, there are hundreds of paintings and thousands of photographs throughout on display and in the archives, covering his work chronologically starting with his earliest work on the 7th floor.

2017 06 30 105 Pittsburgh Warhol Museum.JPG


2017 06 30 108 Pittsburgh Warhol Museum.JPG


2017 06 30 113 Pittsburgh Warhol Museum.JPG


2017 06 30 119 Pittsburgh Warhol Museum.JPG


2017 06 30 121 Pittsburgh Warhol Museum.JPG


2017 06 30 135 Pittsburgh Warhol Museum.JPG