Warren, Ohio – August 2018 – Packard Car Museum

James and William Packard built their first automobile in Warren, Ohio in 1899. By 1903 the company had moved to Detroit, but Packard remained an important part of Warren business for the next 100 years.

2018 08 05 246 Warren OH Packard Museum.jpg


Packards were always known for their very fancy hood ornaments. Today the museum boasts some scaled up versions.

2018 08 05 297 Warren OH Packard Museum.jpg



The museum has a nice collection of automobiles.

2018 08 05 250 Warren OH Packard Museum.jpg



Packard built cars up until the 1950s.

2018 08 05 252 Warren OH Packard Museum.jpg



They were known as luxury automobiles, rivaling even Rolls Royce at one point.

2018 08 05 256 Warren OH Packard Museum.jpg



Packard maintained a business in Warren – Packard Electric. Today it is Delphi.

2018 08 05 257 Warren OH Packard Museum.jpg



The museum has expanded considerably in the last 10 years, thanks to a government grant.

2018 08 05 259 Warren OH Packard Museum.jpg



Mannequin models add to the feel. Note on the back wall the wiring harnesses that Packard Electric would’ve made.

2018 08 05 262 Warren OH Packard Museum.jpg



The famed hood ornaments.

2018 08 05 264 Warren OH Packard Museum.jpg



They don’t make them like they used to.

2018 08 05 265 Warren OH Packard Museum.jpg



Note the similarity to the earlier art piece.

2018 08 05 273 Warren OH Packard Museum.jpg



While most were private vehicles, they did make commercial vehicles as well.

2018 08 05 270 Warren OH Packard Museum.jpg



I can see Clark Gable driving this down Hollywood Boulevard with the top down.

2018 08 05 274 Warren OH Packard Museum.jpg



The newer rag tops didn’t quite live up to the previous one.

2018 08 05 275 Warren OH Packard Museum.jpg



A final look at the hood ornaments.

2018 08 05 278 Warren OH Packard Museum.jpg



The Packard Museum in Warren is nice, however the privately owned one in Dayton in the former Packard Dealership has a nicer, and larger collection, and the architecture and detail of the dealership adds to it.

However if you find yourself in Warren, this museum is a good place to spend an hour or two.

2018 08 05 281 Warren OH Packard Museum.jpg



























Warren, Ohio – August 2018 – Wings and Wheels

Sloas Airfield in Warren, Ohio is a nice 3,000 foot long grass landing strip that sees occasional use, except for 1 day a year – this day.

This was the day for Wings and Wheels. As we entered we immediately passed by a fantastic Porsche.

2018 08 05 103 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



Hurried by the Cobra.

2018 08 05 106 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



Skipped the Ferrari…

2018 08 05 107 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg


Even blew by the Superbird, because on this day cars were anything but the Superbirds.

2018 08 05 237 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



The ‘Wings’ part of the show were the stars.

2018 08 05 126 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



Taking off and landing throughout the day.

2018 08 05 111 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



With biplanes.

2018 08 05 120 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



We were literally standing next to the runway for the takeoffs.

2018 08 05 122 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



The classic cars lining the far side of the runway.

2018 08 05 123 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



The pilots were showing off their skills.

2018 08 05 127 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



Many completing low passes down the length of the runway.

2018 08 05 132 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



Before gaining altitude and heading out.

2018 08 05 135 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



The weather was perfect, a few big puffy clouds.

2018 08 05 140 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



The ‘crew’ were the volunteers.

2018 08 05 137 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



Old school leather helmets were in order.

2018 08 05 144 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg





Biplanes have a majestic look to them.

2018 08 05 148 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



Another one heads skyward.

2018 08 05 152 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



I would estimate there were about 50 airplanes when we arrived, many parked with their owners hanging out or checking out the rest of the planes and the cars.

2018 08 05 155 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



The noses of the various plans are very distinctive.

2018 08 05 161 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



As well as the tails.

2018 08 05 167 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg




An immaculate Piper Cub.

2018 08 05 164 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



Even a couple of ultra lights.

2018 08 05 169 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg




We spent most of our time in the planes, as we see custom cars all the time.

2018 08 05 171 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



Another one heads out – we were happy we were there fairly early as by noon many had departed.

2018 08 05 176 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



And he takes off for home.

2018 08 05 178 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



While one returns.

2018 08 05 185 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



The symmetry of a small plane.

2018 08 05 190 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



This photo illustrates how close you were allowed.

2018 08 05 192 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



Planes everywhere you looked.

2018 08 05 196 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



An excellent paint job for this biplane.

2018 08 05 199 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



Future pilots perhaps?

2018 08 05 201 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



Even the Porsche pales in comparison to this.

2018 08 05 202 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



Inside the hangar is a museum with numerous models.

2018 08 05 207 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



Most of the models were custom built.

2018 08 05 212 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



Models everywhere.

2018 08 05 213 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



All of the models had amazing detail to them.

2018 08 05 215 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



We headed back out into the heat to check out a few more airplanes. This one is a 7/8 scale Italian WW1 air force plane.

2018 08 05 220 Warren OH Wings and Wheels



The owner of this is an American Airplanes pilot. It must be strange going from 737s to a 2 seater.

2018 08 05 221 Warren OH Wings and Wheels.jpg



Finally it was time to fly on out (ok – drive). What a great event.

2018 08 05 227 Warren OH Wings and Wheels




Pittsburgh – August 2018 – Photo Antiquities Museum

On the North Side of Pittsburgh, near Allegheny Commons, is the Photo Antiquities Museum. Located upstairs near a classic old camera store, this museum is packed with great old cameras and photographs.

2018 08 04 30 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg



As we arrived there was a sign that says ‘buzz here’ – we did and at first nobody came so we went next door to the camera shop. Someone from the shop took us back over and by then Frank from the museum was waiting at the door for us.

He lead us upstairs to a real hidden treasure of Pittsburgh.

2018 08 04 48 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg



After a brief explanation on the history of photography, he showed us where the various rooms were located for each topic – Antique photographs – The Pittsburgh Photo History Room – and finally the Camera Collection!

2018 08 04 49 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg



Their collection is vast. Many have small tags detailing important facts like manufacturer and date.

2018 08 04 50 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg




Many look very different to today’s cameras.

2018 08 04 72 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg




Most have a great look to them – imagine the memories each created over the years.

2018 08 04 75 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg



In addition to the still photography there was an extensive collection of video recorders (aka – movie cameras).

2018 08 04 79 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg



Kodak had a grouping by itself.

2018 08 04 81 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg



Also included were ancillary items such as light meters.

2018 08 04 84 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg



And film (what is film???)

2018 08 04 88 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg




Shelves of cameras.

2018 08 04 87 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg



An early motion picture cameras with a crank.

2018 08 04 90 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg



A Magic Lantern viewer. It was an image projector for transparent plates.

2018 08 04 94 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg



If you are reading this blog you must like photography – and if you like photography you will love the Photo Antiquities Museum for the camera collection alone.

And if you love vintage photographs this is the place – there are plenty to keep you occupied for hours.

A bit thanks to Frank for showing us around.

2018 08 04 105 Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities Museum.jpg





Mansfield, OH – July 2018 – Elektro The Robot

Mansfield, Ohio is a mid sized city in north central Ohio. It is most famous for the historic Mansfield Reformatory, which was used for the filming of Shawshank Redemption.

Also in Mansfield is their local museum, housed in a 1800s Soldier’s and Sailors Home.

2018 07 28 40 Mansfield OH Museum.jpg



Mansfield was once home to a division of Westinghouse that built home appliances. At one point in the 1950s over 8,000 people from Mansfield worked for Westinghouse.

Without a doubt the most interesting thing ever developed and built for Westinghouse in Mansfield is Elektro, the Robot.

2018 07 28 2 Mansfield OH Museum.jpg



Elektro was designed by Joseph Barnett for the 1939 World’s Fair in New York City. He is credited with being the first true robot ever built.

With voice commands he could walk, talk and count on his fingers. Built out of gears, cams, motors, vacuum tubes and a photo electric cell, one of Elektro’s stranger talents was the ability to smoke a cigarette.

2018 07 28 4 Mansfield OH Museum.jpg



When we arrived in Mansfield we were greeted by Scott Schaut the curator of the museum, and expert on Elektro. When I asked why he wasn’t in a museum in Pittsburgh, the home of Westinghouse, Scott replied ‘over his dead body’!

Scott has re-created Elektro with modern resin’s and other components. The original is on the left, with the recreation on the right. There was once a dog named Sparko but he was lost to time.

2018 07 28 8 Mansfield OH Museum.jpg



Also within the museum are some exhibits on the Westinghouse products built in town.

2018 07 28 7 Mansfield OH Museum.jpg



Including a roasting pan.

2018 07 28 27 Mansfield OH Museum.jpg



The museum has other local interest items scattered throughout.

2018 07 28 22 Mansfield OH Museum.jpg



While much of the museum has a military feel to it, they also have some local minerals on display, along with more eclectic items.

2018 07 28 23 Mansfield OH Museum.jpg



As part of their military display they have a very large model airplane collection.

2018 07 28 12 Mansfield OH Museum.jpg



While most are military, they have some of the early airplanes like the Wright Flyer.

2018 07 28 39 Mansfield OH Museum.jpg



The models are very detailed in the presentation. Scott said it best when he said, we are the museum for Mansfield but 90% of the people that walk through the door are looking for Elektro – just like us.

2018 07 28 13 Mansfield OH Museum.jpg




Zionsville, Indiana – July 2018 – A Big Fan of Fans

As you wander through the streets of an industrial park in suburban Indianapolis the last thing you would expect to find is one of the largest fan collections in the world.

So what you think – well look and be amazed at how stylish and functional these antiques are.

2018 07 17 128 Zionsville IN Fan Museum.jpg



Housed in the headquarters of a fan company called Fanimation, the museum has over 2000 desk and ceiling fan from more than 140 manufacturers (according to their website)

2018 07 17 130 Zionsville IN Fan Museum.jpg



Most are from the first few decades of the 20th century, and show that classic 20s and 30s style.

2018 07 17 132 Zionsville IN Fan Museum.jpg



When we arrived we asked if we could see the collection. The receptionist told us we were more than welcome to check them out, and lead us to the display room. She also indicated she would get Kim to tell us about them.

Kim is a retired Indianapolis firefighter who has been collecting fans for a long time. He is an excellent restorer of fans, having refurbished many of those in the collection.

The fan below however is in it’s original condition, after more than 80 years.

2018 07 17 141 Zionsville IN Fan Museum.jpg



The fans are owned by various members of the Antique Fan Collectors Association (of which Kim is a member with many of the fans in the collection being his personal ones).

2018 07 17 148 Zionsville IN Fan Museum.jpg




The oldest electric fans in the museum are from the 1890s, while they have non electric ones (steam and water powered ones) from the 1880s.

The Dayton fan company, represented below, is still in business today.

2018 07 17 157 Zionsville IN Fan Museum.jpg



They have numerous fans of different shapes.

2018 07 17 160 Zionsville IN Fan Museum.jpg



Fanimation was founded by Tom Frampton in Pasadena, California in the 1980s. They relocated to Indiana in the mid 1990s, opening this facility in 2003.

2018 07 17 164 Zionsville IN Fan Museum.jpg



Most have extensive use of brass, which adds a classic beauty to practical use of the fan.

2018 07 17 166 Zionsville IN Fan Museum.jpg



Numerous specialty designs are represented, such as this airplane fan – a cool way to stay cool.

2018 07 17 167 Zionsville IN Fan Museum.jpg



More of the collection.

2018 07 17 170 Zionsville IN Fan Museum.jpg



One of the non electric fans

2018 07 17 171 Zionsville IN Fan Museum.jpg



As a fan manufacturer their lobby fans are stylish as well.

2018 07 17 183 Zionsville IN Fan Museum.jpg



Even the replica terracotta soldier in the lobby has a fan! If you ever find yourself in Indianapolis, skip the art museum (although it is nice too) – check out the fan museum – ask for Kim!

2018 07 17 184 Zionsville IN Fan Museum.jpg




















Elkart, Indiana – July 2018 – RV Capital of the World

The town of Elkhart, Indiana is where an amazing 80% of the world’s RV production occurs. What Hollywood is to movies, and Wall Street is to finance, Elkhart is to campers.

As a result the RV Hall of Fame is located here.

2018 07 16 122 Elkhart IN RV Museum.jpg



While I was questioned why I would want to see the RV Hall of Fame, as soon as we entered it was obvious. The first one we saw was one of the earliest ever, built in 1913.

2018 07 16 131 Elkhart IN RV Museum.jpg



The inside has a simplistic beauty.

2018 07 16 129 Elkhart IN RV Museum.jpg



Next door is a Model T with a structure on the back that contained storage, but when expanded had a bed. Built on a 1915 Model T, it was a one off build known as the Telescope Apartment.

2018 07 16 133 Elkhart IN RV Museum.jpg



Many of the campers were from the 1930s through the 1950s. The one below is a ‘Yellowstone’ 18 foot travel trailer from 1954.

2018 07 16 167 Elkhart IN RV Museum.jpg



The vintage ones had a lot of woodwork.

2018 07 16 168 Elkhart IN RV Museum.jpg



The 1937 Hunt Housecar was built by a Hollywood cinematographer named Roy Hunt.

2018 07 16 185 Elkhart IN RV Museum.jpg



The Hunt Housecar has a great interior.

2018 07 16 186 Elkhart IN RV Museum.jpg



Another example of the detailed woodwork.

2018 07 16 189 Elkhart IN RV Museum.jpg



This weird looking camper is on a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado base. Many refer to it as the Star Trek Camper.

2018 07 16 214 Elkhart IN RV Museum.jpg



The 1931 Chevrolet Housecar was built by Paramount Studios for Mae West.

2018 07 16 223 Elkhart IN RV Museum.jpg



It was at this point I came to realization that there many of the numerous manufacturing facilities in the area offered tours. A bit of internet surfing revealed that the Heartland RV company was located a few miles down the road, and had tours starting in 30 minutes.

Before you knew it we were touring their facility. The outdoor inventory included these axles used for the ‘bump outs’.

2018 07 16 296 Elkhart IN Heartland RV Manufacturing Tour.jpg



With the number of campers built daily, they go through a lot of toilets.

2018 07 16 294 Elkhart IN Heartland RV Manufacturing Tour.jpg



We toured the factory that builds ‘Fifth Wheels’, huge campers that are towed by a ‘wheel’ in the bed of pickup trucks.

Interestingly they build the interior components, then add the shell of the camper.

2018 07 16 258 Elkhart IN Heartland RV Manufacturing Tour.jpg


Once the sides are on, the roof is added and secured by workers using this yellow catwalk.

2018 07 16 267 Elkhart IN Heartland RV Manufacturing Tour.jpg



A bump out ready to be installed.

2018 07 16 276 Elkhart IN Heartland RV Manufacturing Tour.jpg



The massive backs of these campers are one large component.

2018 07 16 243 Elkhart IN Heartland RV Manufacturing Tour.jpg



Indiana – home of mobile homes and campers.

2018 07 16 301 Elkhart IN Heartland RV Manufacturing Tour.jpg




Bucyrus, Ohio – July 2018 – Time Warp Travel for Gas Stations Continued

Another weekend of travel has allowed us to check out not 1 or 2 restored gas stations, but 3. Two of the stations are in the same small Ohio town of Bucyrus.

First up is a Sinclair Station.

2018 07 14 4 Bucyrus OH Restored Gas Stations.jpg



This station is next door to a repair shop owned by Carl. We stopped by at 7 AM on a Saturday morning and Carl was just opening his business up for the morning, and invited us in. Carl has a large collection of auto related items – so much in fact that the TV show American Pickers once paid him a visit.

2018 07 14 5 Bucyrus OH Restored Gas Stations.jpg



Just outside of town is a small restored Marathon station called ‘Mom and Pops’. We saw someone walking out of the driveway as we drove up and asked him it if the station was his. He replied no – but yelled at ‘Bob’ who was outside the house next door if it was ok if we took some photos. Bob yelled back ‘ yep thats what it is there for’.

2018 07 14 10 Bucyrus OH Restored Gas Stations.jpg



In the early days the stations were tiny little buildings, unless they did service.

2018 07 14 12 Bucyrus OH Restored Gas Stations.jpg



This station was well restored.

2018 07 14 13 Bucyrus OH Restored Gas Stations.jpg



As our weekend continued we found ourselves back in Plymouth, Indiana for a stop for dinner. We have previously visited this Mobil station, but in the rain. This gave us a chance to get some photos in better weather.

2018 07 16 322 Plymouth IN Restore Gas Station.jpg



And the time warp gas station travel continued.

2018 07 16 324 Plymouth IN Restore Gas Station.jpg



On our way home from Pittsburgh we stopped in Steubenville at a auto repair shop that is actually a fully restored Sohio station.

When John Rockefeller had grown Standard Oil to be a monopoly the government forced them to break up – as a result there were a number of Standard Oil companies in different states (not a full list):

Standard Oil of New Jersey – Esso, which became Exxon

Standard Oil of New York – Socony, which became Mobil

Standard Oil of California – Socal, which became Chevron

Standard Oil of Indiana – Stanolind, which became Amoco

Standard Oil of Ohio – Sohio. In the 1980s BP bought Sohio and converted all the stations to BP.

2018 07 08 348 Steubenville OH.jpg


There are many people who are collectors of ‘petroliana’, old gas station items. Barry Robb must have been one of those people. According to their website Barry was an assistant manager of a former owner, and he took over the station in 1986, operating it as a BP station.

In 2011 their agreement with BP ran out. They restored the look of the original Sohio station, and continued in business as a repair shop only (as well as a museum).

As a side note Sunset and Wilshire looks nothing like the one in California, but still a nice neighborhood.

2018 07 08 351 Steubenville OH.jpg



Out front is a collection of pumps from various eras.

2018 07 08 349 Steubenville OH.jpg



While inside (it was closed this day – photos taken through the glass) is a collection of smaller items.

2018 07 08 359 Steubenville OH.jpg



Interestingly next door is a modern gas station/mini mart.

2018 07 08 358 Steubenville OH.jpg




After checking out my photos I realized that we have recently came across 3 fully restored stations, and all 3 times we had the same car with us.

2016 11 11 34 Winston Salem NC.jpg



This spectacular Shell station is in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

2016 11 11 30 Winston Salem NC.jpg



Today it serves as a tourist information center.

2016 11 11 31 Winston Salem NC.jpg



Shaped like a giant scallop shell, it is the last of a handful that a local oil company owner had built in the 1930s.

2016 11 11 32 Winston Salem NC.jpg



Another restored gas station – another shot with the GTI in it. This one is a Mobil station in Plymouth, Indiana.

2016 10 16 3 Plymouth IN.jpg



To add to their atmosphere they have a restored police car in the parking lot.

2016 10 16 1 Plymouth IN.jpg



Much like the Sohio station in Steubenville their interior has a collection of smalls for Mobil.

2016 10 16 4 Plymouth IN.jpg



They also have a restored tow truck.

2016 10 16 6 Plymouth IN.jpg