Chicago – December 2018 – The Field Museum

Our major museum visit this trip was to the Field Museum of Natural History. It is known as one of the premier natural history museums in the world, and attracts millions of visitors per year.

We were here to learn about natural history.

As we entered the lobby we stopped by a small kiosk with a display of bugs.

Our first hall major exhibit we toured was the Hall of Ancient Americas. This wing covered both North and South America.

Each region featured pottery, sculptures, jewelry and more, and started with South and Central America cultures such as the Aztec and Inca (and many more)

The final section included the Northern Cultures. While similar to the southern cultures, these featured more large scale sculptures like the totem poles.

The second level featured Griffin Hall – a large dinosaur exhibit.

The most famous is Sue – the most complete T Rex ever discovered. For some reason there was unusual lighting on Sue when we were there.

One the main display the head is a cast of the original, which is in the next room in a display so you can inspect it closer.

We paid a brief visit to the cultures of the Pacific

Our final stop was an Egyptian display, including mummies.

Vancouver – September 2017 – Museum of Anthropology

The University of British Columbia in Vancouver is the home of the Museum of Anthropology. This museum is known for it’s extensive collection of world arts and cultures, but mostly for it’s First Nation (Native Canadian) collection.

Words don’t do justice to how impressive they are.

2017 09 09 5 Vancouver MOA.jpg




2017 09 09 18 Vancouver MOA.jpg



2017 09 09 38 Vancouver MOA.jpg




2017 09 09 75 Vancouver MOA.jpg





2017 09 09 120 Vancouver MOA.jpg





2017 09 09 128 Vancouver MOA.jpg





2017 09 09 146 Vancouver MOA.jpg





2017 09 09 159 Vancouver MOA.jpg