Nephi, Utah – September 2022 – Nebo Loop Scenic Byway

The Nebo Loop Scenic Byway skirts the 12,000′ high Mount Nebo, going from the town of Nephi to Payson, Utah.

The route peaks out at 9000′ elevation, and is paved the entire distance. Having completed the Beaver Canyon Scenic Byway earlier in the day, this route was somewhat disappointing in the lack of color in the leaves, the relative ease of the drive and the amount of traffic – far more traffic here.

Still had we not been on Beaver Canyon earlier this would’ve wowed us with the scenery.

As we neared the end closest to Payson we had a great view of Utah Lake and the valley near Provo.

Our final few miles went through Payson Canyon. Overall a nice drive but if you can only choose one I would strongly recommend Beaver Canyon, even though it is about 100 miles further from the larger population centers of Utah.